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  1. Guys both s3 cars look stunning .As you both know rare as well .Mike
  2. Stunning .Great picture .wow.Mike
  3. Looking good Mr K .Hope you have more luck than me ...he he .....Mike
  4. Hi Filip.Thanks yes like stags .had a mark 1 early twenties .long time ago .yes tough .But not a lot of fun dog freaking out no where to sit .not much fun going out on my own without Mrs if and when it sells I will be on the lookout .Mike
  5. Yes they rule your days .Fine looking hounds ..... Mike
  6. Thanks guys .the hound likes tvr Tasmins .covertable roof where you can leave up the rear section .so it will be another tvr or a Jensen Healey that's up and running with no work needed .just going to put a ad up later .....Mike
  7. As above Bill .....Mike
  8. yes I get that Paul .But I spend every minute of my time when not at work .with Mrs b and the hound .apart from when. We have been working on the car which feels like a lifetime ....My Mrs has put up with a lot ref cars over the years .There is no room for the hound in the car it's also quite noisy with the v8 just behind you .Being honest I have not really bonded with the car . Mike
  9. Thanks Stephen .Mike.i will give it a go ....
  10. Guys well after taking Mrs b out for a spin with our hound in the car .Dog not happy .mrs not happy .So my car will be up for sale again along with the Marcos ...our daughter has moved out so will not leave the dog and go for a spin .So back to plan a convertable with room for the hound .I really enjoy the forum and I get that you all might think make your mind up lol .But I will advertise in the morning Mike
  11. Sorry to hear that .Thats bad .poor old girl does not deserve that .What a country we live in .Not good ...Mike feeling angry .....
  12. Thanks again guys. Our home is a few hundred years old and luckily damp is not a problem. Considering half the house in underground! We only have a large multi burner in the living area which is 12kw. In the rest of the property we have just German manufactured electric wall mounted heaters which work just fine. However our daughter bought her first house and it's approx 30 years old and the night storage heaters look like they have seen better days. There is no gas in her area or indeed ours and no chance of Lpg due to her house being mid terrace with small garden and no back entrance. It has been interesting reading your thoughts and particularly Andyj007. Thanks for the offer of the cameras but we are in the sticks of Devon. The search continues.......
  13. Thanks Barry and Pete. Apparently infrared heating is more economic because 750w would be equivalent to around 1.5kw ? But yes looked at new night storage heaters as an option but according to Eco sites after the demise of coal electricity companies will look to do away with dual tariffs ? We ourselves have a multi burner which itself is no cheap option. Maybe because Mrs B is at home all day and when she goes to work I come home. Difficult decision.
  14. Has anyone looked into or had dealings with Infrared heating? Our daughter has just purchased her first house and it has old night storage heaters. The house is all electric. There is no gas nearby and installing a wood burner is not really an option. Have read a little on infrared but because its relatively new I am unsure? Any thoughts or first hand experience ? Thanks Mike and Mel
  15. Hi Adrian .stunning car .good luck with the work ....Mike
  16. Hi Phil .Fantasic car .very rare .Fab ....Mike
  17. Hi John .i have seen similar wheels on a Marcos mantula factory car .i think they were called turbo vec .?might be wrong .Hope you are well .Mike
  18. Hi Marc .welcome and good luck with the car ...Mike
  19. Happy birthday Mr .K.Hope you have a great day .Thanks for the cars ....Mike and family .
  20. Hi Chris .Good luck with the work ahead .Fine looking car great colour .Mike
  21. Very smart job .Fab .....Mike
  22. Thanks guys .Dan I got them made up local to me .i thought if I put the turbo decals on fine ....But it's a v8 engined car .now to sort a few more gremlins .Mike
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