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  1. Guys I value your input.Filip sold the Jh ..The reason being the esprit has taken so long with my mates help .Just could not wait another two years of weekends .Dont think Mrs B would be best pleased .I have not given up on the car ....still need to sort a few things .As you know a lot has been modified s4 hubs and wheels, later Renault box, yes a lot of effort has gone into the car. Mainly because of faults found after purchase ,which did not show on its last mot fail sheet ..I wonder what became of the original engine?.This car might have been the first car to have a rover conversion.Thanks all .Mike
  2. Any thoughts on value welcome ....Got a guy local to me with a Jensen Healey looking poss px .not a straight swop might be Diffacult to agree on value of both cars .Mike
  3. ok Guys a few pictures for you
  4. ok Barry .i will consider your kind offer .Might have to up it ....Mike
  5. ok .Will take a few over the weekend .Going to change gear oil Sunday .Rad cowl to come off soon . Just thought a price .from you guys might help .Mike
  6. Well forum members Hope it ok to ask .What do you guys think I should ask price wise .for my car .As you know it's now fitted whith a 3.9 rover v8 engine .Ex dry sump turbo. Long mot lots of work done ...still needs a few jobs doing .Any thoughts .Thanks Mike
  7. yes .Had a mk1 stag many years ago .Saw one yesterday .... ....Cheers Filip.Mike
  8. Thanks Filip Hope you are well .If I sell I want a soft top car .Mike
  9. Hi Stephen .Great news .Have a good drive ... Fab looking car ....Mike
  10. Fine looking hounds Mr K ....Mike
  11. Good idea ....need to change gearbox oil .then a few more jobs .Mike
  12. Better hide that from Mrs B .....
  13. Hi Alan .yes I know what you mean .Had a nice tvr 350 wedge ....nice car dog had plenty of room roof up or down .we will see .A lot of effort has gone into my car .frustating at times ...very ....modified or not I will not give it away .Mike
  14. Paul our hound is Our Baby .....we never go any where with out her .lol .Would not change it ....Mike
  15. No Iam in Exeter Devon ....Mike
  16. Well forum members .I am thinking of selling my v8 rover engined car .one of the reasons our hound little Jack Russel gets to hot in the car .Also own a Marcos 1600 which has been like a oven .she lies below the rear window .Mrs B ...Loves the Marcos .Does not feel the love for the v8 ...if I selll I will get a convertable for the hound ...Still a few things to sort ....Mike ....
  17. cbclotus

    World Cup

    yes really deserved to win .Cant stand the low level of crap refs .Very bad dirty play by the Columbias .Ditry team .Mike
  18. Way to go Barry my hero .....Do you fancy a nice weekend in Devon .Got a few jobs lined up for your good self . Mrs B asked if you were available .....Mike
  19. Thanks for all your replies .Right spoken to my mate .We will drop the rad don't know when .....As he has limited time ....The spal fans I have fitted are fitted with is it Rivi fixings ..he said to retain these fixings then take material from shroud .Then add strength to fixings when material removed ........Mike .i will post some pictures when we do it .but it won't befor a while .Mike
  20. Owner might not sale .who knows....But please put it I. The garage .if there is any room .reminds me of my s3 HC na I bought sadly sold it before we moved .A farmer owned it and left it outside for approx 9 years's now being restored by sw lotus ......the bottom paint below the waistline was good .red also ....Mike
  21. Thanks ....Steve .As I said mate made a new fan shroud out ot alloy sheet .but the ford fans might let more air flow through rad .but I have not put the cover fibreglass tray back below rad yet ....Mike
  22. Thanks Filip.Thanks for your advice .My wife .Allways said I should of kept the SE .Looking back she was right .As allways lol.Glad it went to a good home .Mike
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