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  1. As above from Dans post ....Thanks John there are a lot of greAt people into cars ....Mike
  2. Hi Leweelyn .Bummer .Sounds like you how to fix the problems .which is good ..Have a good weekend ...Mike
  3. Hi Paul .Hope it all goes well for you ....Enjoy .Good to have Sparky on board ....I am in a similar position .With my rover engined. Car Mike
  4. Hi Mark ....Hope you had a great birthday .....Mike
  5. Mark thanks for my stickers ..They look cool ....Mike
  6. Hi Vanya .Hope you find good homes for both cars ...Mike
  7. Hi all .My rover v8 engined car .temperature gauge is not working .was ok ...Messed about taking battery in and out .Now nothing .If we Earth the spade from sender the gauge goes to high .Sent off for another sender from eBay ...waste of time did not arrive ..Please tell me I hope it's just the sender ...Mike
  8. hHi Neal .wow fantastic job .love the .Mike
  9. Hi Ian .Hope alls well mate ...Mike
  10. Hello and welcome ...Car is in good hands. Looks great enjoy .Mike
  11. Hi all .My car uses the late renault gear box as fitted to the v8 .mines a g car rover powered v8 .Could some plese tell me what oil I should use .75/90 is that ok ...Don't know which brand ...?due to change oil .Thanks Mike
  12. Nice work well done the fans .....Mike
  13. HI Stuart .Hope it goes to a good home Yes I agree you can have too many cars .lots to maintain .Best wishes ....Mike.Also not enough hours in. The day .......
  14. As above ...Hope you had a good one .....Mike
  15. Bibs my Mrs loves that clip .Barry had rats ...not good .All clear for now ....Mike
  16. Wow me and Mrs Brewer .just jumped out of our skin .Bat flying around our front room .Secound time this has happened .never ducked so much ..Open all windows doors took him a while to get out ...Mike
  17. My god Mr K .. Is there no stopping you on your quest to help assist fellow lotus owners .Your poor wife must never see you .....Mike
  18. Hi Chris .Welcome hope you enjoy your new car ...looks great ....Mike
  19. Hi Neil .Thanks for posting ....Fine looking car that road test ......Mike
  20. Hi Dan .And Mark both your cars look fantastic ....Dan. Almost thought you had pinched my old girl ...the car that is ....Great story ref the lotus cortina ...Cool ....Mike....
  21. cbclotus

    At Last

    Thanks guys .Mike.Might be able to sleep better .I will post some pictures over the weekend .Barry still love our Marcos ...hehe..... .But also love the the esprit .Very happy .Mike
  22. cbclotus

    At Last

    Thanks guys ....Mike
  23. cbclotus

    At Last

    Well forum members it's been a very long struggle .Not enjoyed it if I am honest .But at last good news .My car has an mot! πŸ‘.few things not working fuel gauge,temperature gauge, sods law stopped working. It's a relief .Here are a few snaps of the old girl ....Thanks for all your help through this journey ....Mike 🍾🍺
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