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  1. ok guys .My car  got picked up today by its new owner .Bit more room in the garage .Little 1600 crossflow Marcos running better .took alarm out .Took out luminition .Now running better on points dizzy .sad to see the lotus go .but it needs a  few more jobs done Mike

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  2. Hi Stuart .Thanks ,feel a bit of a let down .Very close to finishing the car moted etc,just needs a few things sorted .But two cars on the go is enough for me .Of Course I will still be around .As I have said many times great bunch of guys here ...Mike 

  3. Hi guys .Still here .Had a temperature control box fitted .That gives me  a 2nd  temperature reading . The box reads lower lower than the dash gauge .it cuts the fans  in and out .But for some reason they seem to be taking a load at idle .allowing the car to stall sometimes .i know I can up the idle speed .as you know my car has a 3.9 rover v8 engine fitted ..Not done away with fan shroud yet .but spoke to the guy that I bought the 3 spall 9 inch fans .He said to mount fans approx 50 mm from rad .we will mont them  on new brackets welded to rad frame ....Thanks all .Mike

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