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  1. Hi all just bought a print from e bay of a essex turbo .number 619 .signed by the artist 1000 prints printed .fantastic car .also bought a conference publication written by tony rudd on the history of the 907 engine from conception to origional spec even shows thevehicles used in the road test programme . vauxhall viva also victor cf van used by lotus for parts delivery .as mentioned in the report the vecicle was trouble free and covered 222000 km.also shows a lotus 62 fantastic looking car .thats enough of me hope you are still awake . my daughter claudia has just nodded off . i will try to print this paper if possible on the forum cheers mike .

  2. Hi all just hoping that lotus will get it right .the original is a styling masterpiece from s1 to turbo .the stephens cars in my opionion are stunning .might not have been such a stunning car if it was not based on the orignals lines .no body seems to be styling great cars anymore such as lamborghini miura countach etc i rate oliver winterbottom as a great stylist who deserves more credit for his work at lotus tvr etc . sorry its a long one but once i get started cheers mike

  3. hi all,a friend of mine has bought a large quanity of Shell Transaxle 75w90 for his Ferrari,(no counting for taste) ;) The speck is sae 75w90 api gl4/5,could i use this in my S3? ;) He says it costs a fortune but then he is as tight as they come.....Or should i stick to Castrol same speck as recommended.Cheers Mike.

  4. Hi again all,i was recently lucky enough to have met Mike Kimberley at Castle Coombe.Have been in corespondence with his son Tony,really decent guy with alot of really interesting stories about his childhood in relation to his dads time at Lotus.Felt in awe at meeting Mike Kimberley having read so many books etc and knowing of his involvment at Lotus through the years.Who have you guys met and have you any stories to tell? :)

  5. hi all as i have said just bought my 1982 s3 esprit BNE771Y looking very sorry for its self very faded red paint work . just polished the rims on the bbs wheels myself looking good . the interior is black velour .now faded green colour velour .any idieas for re colouring the velour etc. been busy wax oiling the chassis . just had anew exhaust manifold made by a friend from scratch in stainless steel and fitted . the last owner did not mention that it was cracked on the phone .did not pay a fortune for it 3750 knowing it needed a repaint etc love it thanks for a warm welcome mike .

  6. sorry nothing left.................. :D only memories(.computer working for now, :huh: driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!post prints tomorrow to your home address.Will include telephone no. of garage that dealt with the car before i owned it,very helpful.Might be able to give you more info in the set up etc,Mike

  7. Thanks Wayne for putting pics on the forum,just a few minor points,the car is still black,when i bought it ,it was in the racing colours shown but still with full race speck.The only thing missing was the roof console stereo.This car was a dry sump Turbo and proved to be very reliable.Car was very low and a hard ride but was tremendous driven at high speeds.The picture shown of the car when red was in Car Magazine 81',with about five page road test.This road test is shown on Lotus Esprit World,road test section.Cheers once more Wayne,Mike

  8. Hi Paul,i'm from Exeter so not sure if we have met?Realised the car was a part of Lotus history and so when i finally had to part with it i contacted Haynes,who were more than happy to add the car to their collection.Love your SE Turbo ;) Mike.

  9. I'm sorry but i seem to have posted same thread twice.( ;) not completly computer literate,or as my daughter who is eleven tells me not literate at all! ;)

    Back to the car,when purchased the car looked tatty,still in it's racing colours but looking the worse for wear.Mechanically sound,which is the better option but harsh ride due to lowered suspension.The car was fully resprayed black with red decors and then i had a rethink and changed them to gold.Stunning car and much fun to drive with its added power,approx 275bhp.Recently lucky enough to meet Mike Kimberly and his son(really genuine and down to earth)he remarked on the pictures i showed him of the car that it reminded him of the car Lotus gave to Mario Andretti,which i presume is the car you own?Great car! :) Have loved each and every Lotus i have owned and have also owned a Europa,three Excels and an Elite and Eclat but my favourite is the Esprit from S1 to Turbo,they are all fantastic.

  10. Yes it was the ics race car.I have a few photos of the car sprayed black when i had it but i also have a couple of prints of the car racing at Silverstone,where it broke the lap record.My screen saver is the car at Haynes,this picture can be found on this car is featured on the front cover of Car Magazine 81,which is showed on Lotus Esprit World road test section.The car was red full black leather,roof console,which was moved when it was set up for racing.The car had lowered suspention and a full roll cage.I will get a copy of the prints i have and send them to you if you can send your details :D

  11. Hi all, great to say hello finally. Just bought a seris 3 esprit ,bne771y, love it,owned four esprits before family commitments etc . Sold the last one, dry sump turbo opw679w ex lotus test car , also one of the first esprits to be raced when new.This car was raced by Pete Hall and Andy Rouse in 81, also was owned by the late great Gerry Marshall .Car is now in the Haynes motor museum (next reg to james bond turbo) miss it but love my s3, so good to own one again! :D cheers mike brewer

  12. Hi all just bought a seris 3 esprit reg bne771y love it not owned an esprit for eleven years . family commitments etc . had four esprits before s1 s2 s3 and owned a dry sump turbo opw679w ex lotus road test car also used as a race car when one year old x pete hall andy rouse also owned by gerry marshall great car sold it to haynes motor museam also next reg to james bond turbo good to say hello regards mike brewer

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