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  1. Hello again. I was wondering if anyone knew any body on the east coast selling an S4 or a under 35 thousand V8 in good shape. Thank you in advance.
  2. You make a good point freshcut, for that price i would want it in tip top condition. No questions if the clutch or manifold are gonna puke on me. . I heard that when pulling an engine on these, you should leave the trans connected?? Remove both as one unit??
  3. Man, 30 grand for a 1994 that i will have to travel to see, have flatbedded home, and i might have to remove an engine. plus the cost of the clutch and manifold. Even being an automobile technician i dont want to remove an engine out of a midengine car, or any for that matter. It just shuldnt have to be done, but i guess it is what it is. Dont get me wrong im not giving up on this dream at all but, u cant blame me for being a little upset. Well ill have to keep my eyes open for one closer to home, and with less work needed. (records of stuff like clutch and manifold being done recently) But
  4. Christopher, thank God you didnt get hurt in the accident. Did i read that right, these cars have 2 radiators? Or is that a typo. I live in norwalk Ct near greenwich, darien, westport, fairfield. Thats cool to hear that your going to Aruba, even if it is for work. It seems you do a lot of traveling, thats awesome. The man emailed me today about that black s4 today. He said the clutch was never done nor was the exhaust manifold. Hey, at least he honest. Im still a little nervous about the clutch, you know if probaly needs one(maybe one reason hes selling it, after they told him what its gonna c
  5. cjtpb13 i hope you had a nice Easter as well. Thanks so much for the offer. I'll have to take you up on that. You say your car is at the dealer. What is wrong with it? I hope nothing major.
  6. You know what, you all are right who cares about a corvette or an m3. I cant believe i am talking about them, but you can probaly see where im coming from just a little. Im sure before everyone bought there esprit the thought crossed thier minds at least once about buying something else, but im positve you made the right decision in picking the esprit. You guys ALL seem very happy with your cars. And taking your time to help out a young confused esprit enthusiast really means a lot to me. I just just thinking though having driven a few porsches, corvettes and bmws, i dont know what its like to
  7. Heres the thing. After i told my friend i was considering a 94 for around 25-30 thousand dollars, he says are you crazy, you get get a fairly new m3 or even an m5 for that much with an extended waranty. Obviously the list goes on but my hands are kinda tied. As much as a lotus fan as one can be you have to admit he makes a good point. I mean this is a 16 year old car for 30 grand. I still really want one but im confused now. Even the new body style 05 corvette can be picked up for 30 grand and they are blistering fast. And im sure youll get just as much looks in that as a lotus. I guess the pr
  8. The black s4 i was considering i guess is no longer available (no answer on phone or return email.) Oh well. I guess ill just have to weight. I wish there was one closer to where i live. Does anybody know anyone selling one on the east coast?
  9. Ifly i appreciate the offer. FRESHCUT was right, you guys are a tight knit group here, thats awesome. but in your opinion( i no its hard without phyicaly seeing the car in person) but is a 94 s4 with 40k miles and asking 29k a lot? I mean theres no blue book on these(not kbb at least). In the descripition you would think they would of named that the clutch was recently done, or timing belt, or the exhaust manifold was replaced, but nothing like that. It was a nice add with a lot of pics, but i think its been on the site for close to a year. i called once but no answer. Maybe they sold it and a
  10. You know as far as the transmission is concerned, i had a old VW golf wit the 1.6 diesel and they used brass syncros in the gearbox and mine were original with 230,000 miles. I guess its just the way people "romp" on these esprits. I mean obviously i didnt drive this golf like a maniac, it had 48 horsepower, but still no problem with the syncros. cjtpb13- man it must be nice to take one of these things on the merrit, nice twisty roads, not all chewed up like most of i-95. Its just where i live they dont pave the roads( i guess to stop people from speeding or a poor town who knows but, everyda
  11. Great info guys, REALLY appreciate it. As far as the transmission go, has anybody had any problems or heard of second gear faults in these things. I did some reading on here and it seemed to be alot of topics on gearboxs. Most of which you see second gear shift problems. This could be a potential nightmare. There was a was a black 97 on ebay, (best wheels in my opinion, better than the 2004 spokes) Man what a nice car, i mean REALLY. they wanted $37,000 for it, with 20k miles i think. But its still for sale so it makes me wonder. not bad considering that 1997 1998 porsche 993 are ALL rip of
  12. Yes i have checked out Lotus esprit world, great site. I was told by a friend why dont you just get a 2005 or 2004 corvette for the same price. In a way he makes a good point. I didnt really see many corvettes come in to the dealership and even though they have a bad rep, i would say they are reliable,(compared to other sports, super cars,) and man they are scary fast. But i want an esprit. One problem is the town in live in CT has horrible roads pot holes, chewed up roads from the winter salt, and they dont reapir them. I am a little worried, as these may be west coast cars. I know of a bunch
  13. I live in CT. Yeah that does sound kinda expensive. its been on for a while and it makes ya think why is it still there? I was thinking of calling the guy but its in colorado. Gonna be a big thing to fly out and look at it. and i obviously woulnd tdrive it home. Probaly cost a lot to get it flatbedded back. But definitly worth it. I just wish there was a nicce one around here. But its a rare car. Have you seen it on autotrader?
  14. thank you for your help superdave. Yes i am in the US and i dont know of anybody who works on these things.I would really like to work on it myself being a gm tech for 6 years. But i also understand this isnt a chevy 350. there used to be a dealer about a half hour from my house but they turned into like a maserati and bentley dealer. I went there one day and talked to one of the techs and he didnt really have to much time to talk. As far as driving one goes im about 6'1 and this would probly be a little akward huh? Also i heard there a little sloppy in the gear change. Thats a shame. Thats s
  15. Thanks guys. I was looking at a black 94 S4 but would have to travel over a thousand miles to see it. they want 29k and it has 40k miles on it. The pictures really seem nice. I am just worried if something big goes wrong. I dont know how to pull an engine out of a esprit nor do i want to. But man this thing looks realllll good in black. I dont no why on earth they stoppped making such a great looking car.
  16. Hello everyone.Iv'e wanted an esprit for years. I was considering buying a 94 s4. It makes more sense than the V8 because of the engine failures in the V8. I was a mechanic for years but worked on american cars. As far as buying one goes, should i lean towards an s4 or a v8. I want the most reliable but it seems that working on the 4 cylinder would be easier. As far as parts go, i went on google for a good half hour and couldnt really find parts for these things. I guess the dealer is the way to go. I dont want a 911 because i no there not that reliable and they are dime a dozen. If anybody c
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