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    Esprit S2.2HC, Maserati Zagato Spyder, Alfa Spider coda tronca, Jaguar XJ-S V12 5-speed, Alfa Spider Coda Tronca V6
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    S2 upgraded with 912 HC engine and Lotusbits exhaust
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  1. A film I made about my road trip from Finland to Italy (and a bit more)a couple of summers ago. Twists and turns, childhood dreams and a bit of mid-life crisis included! 😄 Maybe I´ll do the next one with my Esprit! If you like, please share and follow my channel. More stuff to come..
  2. U/J changed and car is back on the road. PNM was very quick with the delivery of the parts.
  3. Took off the whole assembly. Broke my bench vise in half while trying to press off the inner u/j. Went to a nearby garage to finish the job with their press. It definately was due for a new u/j...
  4. Fuk... heard the sound of an UJ on it’s way out. Started the dismantling, but the drive shaft seems to be stuck to the bearing...
  5. I was thinking about the transmission noise and was planning to place the mic in the luggage area, as close as possible to the exhaust outlet. In any case, I thought that it would be childs play the record an Esprit, compard to an Alfa, but it seems that is not as simple, as I thought initially.. 🙂
  6. Good stuff! I have recorded with audio-techinca mics, omni dirctional for the cabin and barrel one for the exhaust + Olympus recorders. As my previous projects have been in convertibles, the windshielding issues have been quite intresting. In my Alfa Spider I had one mic in the cabing and the other one above the rear bumper. With proper protection this worked pretty well. I will try that again with Esprit and the other option that I was thinking was precisely what you suggested, by putting the other one to the rear luggage area.
  7. Normally aspirated HC engine with Lotusbits exhaust. The sound on the video is with an external mic directly to the camera. The end result is tinnier than reality and because of the mic location, the cambelt sound of more prominent than it is in real life. For the next try I will use two mics and two sound recorders an mix those tracks together.
  8. Posted this little clip already at the restoration room. I was testing some new equipment and how to record Esprit engine sounds. Not there yet, but I have a plan...
  9. Little test of new equipment.
  10. Ok. Mike from Lotusbits recommeded to use copper grease in the slip joints, to ensure a flexible, leak free joints.
  11. Success! After full day of working on the exhaust system, the leaks are gone and the sound is great. A royal pain in the posterior to work on, but the Lotusbits exhaust sounds great!
  12. They really should update their facebook page, as now it gives the impression they are taking orders, but will not make deliveries. SJ´s is pretty reliable with fast deliveries, so it would´ve been my first choice.
  13. Really? Their facebook page says that they are taking orders, but will not make deliveries at the moment.
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