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  1. The MOT for LHD conversion passed. The normal roadworthiness stuff had few minor items that need to fixed. Esprit is now legally a lhd car. This feels like the goal line and the remaining stuff is just details. Can't stop smiling....
  2. Emissions cheked. Had to hardwire the fans as the otter switch didn't... switch them on. New switch, but something is wrong. On the return trip the alternator belt was slipping so bad that I couldn't switch on the headlights. Luckily there were street lights all the way home and the car is white. Not quite finished yet.. Love the interior, though...
  3. I had a three year total break, so it´s about time I got cracking! Every project has it´s peaks and valleys, you´ll get there. Currently I am on a berserker run to the finish.. Trying for the MOT by the end of the week. Luckily I´m off work for the week. Especially, as I have to reserve thursday for helping to take the engine off from the Maserati.
  4. Indicators work again. Gave the hazard switch a good bath in WD-40, which helped with calming down the hazards, but no effect on the indicators. Going through the indicator relay contacts extinguished the indicator light at the dash, but still no indicators. The reason for no indicators was embarrasingly simple. The power wire from the stalk to the relay had no connection. It apperead ok from the outside and had been checked twice, but male connector was actually on the outside female connectors insulation. Silly f*cking me..
  5. Very intresting. Have to check is some wd-40 makes any difference...
  6. Shifter adjusted and now I have all the gears. Indicators are perplexing. Indicator light at the dash is on when the ignition is on, but the indicators themselves do not work at all. Hazards kind of work... When I switch the hazards on, the indicator light at the dash goes off and the indicators flash very rapidly all around the car. Thank you. Saw some of you photos earlier and figured it out via the workshop manual.
  7. First "unofficial" drive on a road. The indicators have stopped working and the coolant system has to be purged. First gear is missing. The gear mechanism was bent a bit to make sure it clears the Lotusbits headers. Could that be the reason for it? Testing the gear change while stationary gives the impression that all gears are there, but when selecting the first, it feels like you hit the travel limiter before the gear is engaged.
  8. It has taken me only nine months less to complete the lhd conversion than the Beatles did to record their entire cataloque. But here it is. First time out of the garage under it's own power since 2013..
  9. Intresting... Haven´t had yet a chance (or motivation) to do an autopsy to the alternator. Hearing about your experience raises my curiosity about the reason for the seizure in mine. Will have to look at it when I have the time. Now all my efforts are in getting the car road worthy and registered as a LHD car here in Finland. I am racing against time, as the first snow is approaching. Although, I might get some studded winter tires for drifting on the ice..
  10. New alternator fitted. Part cost, 58 eur. While I am happy to support the Lotus specialists who do immensively important job in remanufacturing new parts and providing for us to keep our cars on the road, I have to say that 58 eur for a very common (if you know what it is) part vs. 200 pounds + VAT + shipping (takes a week) for the same part from a specialist makes me think... I truly don´t mind paying more for the knowledge and the parts availability, but in this case I have to say I feel a bit taken for a ride. And not in a good way...
  11. This one is seized solid. If the replcement is only 60 eur, I'll go for that.
  12. It seems that it´s a Lucas 18 ACR type alternator, which is about 60 eur off the self at the local car parts store.
  13. Fuk... My never used alternator seized as I was planning to drive the car up from it´s garage. I bought it five years ago from SJ´s. My car has an Excel HC 912 engine. What do you guys recommend for the replacement?
  14. First start up in six years... Good oil pressure, a bit of squacking from the alternator belt. Clutch is working and reversed the car a bit. Quite an emotional moment in a project that was quite close to stalling for good.
  15. Hmm... The wire from the inlet sensor goes to the firewall and to the cockpit. Well, first things first. We bled the brakes, fixed the drivers side window that had jumped from the rails. No first start, as the fuel pump had expired. Changed it to a facet fuel pump from my Alfa project.
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