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  1. Good point on the oil filter. We did prelubricate the pistons by soaking them the first in oil and then in WD40. On a positive note, the removal of the fuel tank took less than 10 minutes. The PO had already tried to fix them, so I think I'll get new ones...
  2. Tried to start the engine for the first time in six years. Turned over the engine on starter and with no plugs. Checked the plugs for ignition. And then noticed that the car was leaking coolant and fuel... So, back to chasing leaks. I was a bit suprised that the oil pressure gauge didn´t move at all while turning the engine over on the starter.
  3. We tried it with two, but needed three.
  4. Slow progress, but getting closer to first start up in six years. Overhauled the front brake calipers, installed the fuel pump and new fuel lines. Interior is getting there and filled the coolant (yes, is is leaking from an inconvinient place). but interior looks nice..
  5. Not a good day at the office. Bled the clutch and tried to bleed the brakes, put the PO´s bleed nipple (or bolt!) f*ckwittery ended up with at partially threaded caliber...
  6. This might take a while. How I wish Lotus had added some weight in the form of longer wires..
  7. Plenty of mystery black wires had to be grounded. I think I've got them all by now... Some final checks, then I will install the steering column before the dash and the pod.
  8. I fully agree. The only part I had to change in the wiper system was the wiper arm. All other parts were the same as in RHD, just assembled in a different order. The way Lotus designed the car is mostly the work of a genius. It´s just a shame that the way it was built is not at the same level. Whose idea was it mix metric and UNF nuts and bolts in the same car? Or even the same parts assembly?!?!
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