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  1. Posted this little clip already at the restoration room. I was testing some new equipment and how to record Esprit engine sounds. Not there yet, but I have a plan...
  2. Little test of new equipment.
  3. Ok. Mike from Lotusbits recommeded to use copper grease in the slip joints, to ensure a flexible, leak free joints.
  4. Success! After full day of working on the exhaust system, the leaks are gone and the sound is great. A royal pain in the posterior to work on, but the Lotusbits exhaust sounds great!
  5. They really should update their facebook page, as now it gives the impression they are taking orders, but will not make deliveries. SJ´s is pretty reliable with fast deliveries, so it would´ve been my first choice.
  6. Really? Their facebook page says that they are taking orders, but will not make deliveries at the moment.
  7. Need a new gasket. I heard SJ sportscars is closed for Covid. Is anyone else shipping at the moment?
  8. No leaks, I thought... I guess I’ll be doing some exhaust work tomorrow...
  9. I was quite disappointed by the sound that the Lotusbits headers were making. I thought there was a leak somewhere in the system, but it turned out that it was just the sound that the individual combustion pulses made through the pipes, when running the car in with no engine cover on place. Not a problem for a street rod, but I felt it was quite unbecoming for a sophisticated sports car like an Esprit. My engine cover was made out by a PO from a super thin plywood and didn´t suppress the sound that much either. So I covered it with two kilos worth of sound deadning material, and now the initial impressions are much better. All engine bay related sounds are a LOT quieter, and the intake and the deep exhaust sounds are on top, as they shoud be. The final judgement is up, when the snow clears and I can do a proper test run.
  10. Good to see this project moving forward! -Jani
  11. Just completed my S2 RHD to LHD conversion. I would recommend getting a LHD car from the states...
  12. It´s a big job to convert a Turbo looker back to stock. Ask me how I know... 😄
  13. No, you should sell it to me... 🙂
  14. Esprit is an iconic shape. There are not many cars that this could said about. Therefore, if there is a new Esprit, it has to look like an Esprit. Not a carbon copy of any of the previous generations, but like a current 911 is clearly related to it´s predesessors. The problem is that Esprit was created to be a part of certain design philosphy for the whole range. Evija, Evora, etc. are based on completely different disign priciples that the wedge thinking that the Esprit and Elite/Excel. The worst solution would be to bring back the name, but having it look like another variant of the Evija/Evora.
  15. I think it says quite a lot about the car (and also about the man) that this car is being saved. Ten years ago that would have been a parts car.
  16. Lotusbits should have some Excel 912 HC engines available. Putting Excel engine in an Esprit is a well known procedure.
  17. I have 2.2-litre HC engine in my S2. No gear linkage issues, although I had to bend it a bit after I installed the Lotusbits 4-2-1 exhaust.. I really don´t think 2.2-conversion would have a negative effect on value. I think my S2 with a 2.2 HC and the Lotusbits exhaust is worth more, than a comparable stock S2. With S1 the value question might be a bit different. If you are looking for more power, the 2.2 HC is the solution that was designed by Lotus engineers. As far as the transmission goes... If it can cope with Turbo Esprit power, Maserati Merak power/weight and Citroen SM weight, I see no problems with a S2 that has less weight, power & torque than a Turbo Esprit. I feel that I almost have it all. S2 looks and weight, Turbo performance and naturally aspirated intake sounds. Only thing I am missing is the S3 glass roof...
  18. I can´t see why a S3 wouldnt fit. Mine had a S3 Turbo tailgate that I changed for a S2 one. I still have the Turbo tail gate in storage.
  19. The MOT for LHD conversion passed. The normal roadworthiness stuff had few minor items that need to fixed. Esprit is now legally a lhd car. This feels like the goal line and the remaining stuff is just details. Can't stop smiling.... 🙂
  20. Emissions cheked. Had to hardwire the fans as the otter switch didn't... switch them on. New switch, but something is wrong. On the return trip the alternator belt was slipping so bad that I couldn't switch on the headlights. Luckily there were street lights all the way home and the car is white. Not quite finished yet.. Love the interior, though... 🙂
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