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  1. This might take a while. How I wish Lotus had added some weight in the form of longer wires..
  2. Plenty of mystery black wires had to be grounded. I think I've got them all by now... Some final checks, then I will install the steering column before the dash and the pod.
  3. I fully agree. The only part I had to change in the wiper system was the wiper arm. All other parts were the same as in RHD, just assembled in a different order. The way Lotus designed the car is mostly the work of a genius. It´s just a shame that the way it was built is not at the same level. Whose idea was it mix metric and UNF nuts and bolts in the same car? Or even the same parts assembly?!?!
  4. Turning on the ignition might help... Wipers work perfectly...
  5. Conneted the battery for the first time in five (or was it six?) years. No fires, lights work, but the winshield wiper does not. Better trouble shoot that before installing the dash..
  6. I think I'm starting to know what Capt. Willard thought when he started his trip to the heart of darkness. The horror, the horror...
  7. What a difference... A cleaning and a chrome rings make..
  8. Cut the leather and installed the dash vents. Scary, but happy with results.
  9. Tony, I am facing this same problem with leather retrim right now. Did you use washers behing the clips, or did you solve the problem in some other way? -Jani
  10. Thank you for your comment. In any case the new set up should be a vast improvent over the old, as the firewall used to have two big (speaker?) holes and the sound deadning was loose. The floor had multiple extra holes and no sound deadning at all. Just loose carpets from who knows where. I'll probably start with two layers of dampening mat on the firewall and see how that works. If not happy, then will add foam.
  11. Parking brake is now working and the trunk mechanism has been changed to LHD spec. Still need to fix the striker from the rear hatch. Started to install the noise suppression material. Should I put two layers on the firewall and more importantly, will the itching ever end?
  12. Not quite.. 2mm steel, that will be bonded and screwed to the sill and bolted through the sill in to the lower seat belt bolt mounting plate, that was replaced with a new part when the car was converted back to S2 spec (from the Turbo look). The mounting plate was built with the eventual LHD conversion in mind.
  13. One way to transfer the parking brake to the left side. Test fitting before attaching it to the sill.
  14. New leather for the dash top. Thanks to slewthty for his blog about this task.
  15. Thanks for the comment, Dan. I am planning to fuse the small section chemically to the main section and to the body.
  16. Installed the parking brake cables to the LHD configuration. Routed the cables over the fuel tank mount, unlike the PO who had jammed them between the body and the fuel tank. Still remebering the task of getting them off from the right side... Then removed deadwood from the firewall plywood and cut replacement pieces to fill the holes. Working with wood gave flashbacks from last years sauna renovation! 😄
  17. Small details make difference. Something original and something with a twist. Speakerholes on the doorcard leather and chrome rings on the gauges.
  18. The motor is the same. You just mount it on the drivers side. The wiper arm is different . I just did this conversion to my RHD to LHD conversion.
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