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  1. Jep, all black leather, with chrome instrument dial rings, as in this Esprit:
  2. A picture of the gap between the fuel tank and the body, that the hand brake cables have to travel through. Pretty tight, eh? More evidence of the progress with the brake booster and the clytch master cylinder. Todays tasks have been sanding the dash (and replastering), Dismantling the boot latch mechanism (ordered lhd parts from SJ´s), hooked up throttle and choke cables (and ordered a new choke cable.. ). Ordered a km/h speedo and chrome instrument rings for the gauges (not original, but will look great!)
  3. Thank you, Mike and Scott. A productive day for a change. Installed the brake booster, clutch master cylinder, and the heater. Managed to remove the handbrake cables. That was a bit tricker than I thought. Had to move the fuel tank a bit to get them off! Finished the day with some plastic padding to smooth the bit bitween the windshield and the dash. I blocked the heater vent and instrument holes earlier, now I have to mirror image them to the opposite sides. Tomorrow is just some sanding with Esprit, and off to another side project (yet another Alfa Spider)... Some people never learn! :-D
  4. Absolutely. He´s a real enthusiast, and a great advocate to this hobby. Not to mention he has a pretty good taste in cars!
  5. Harry Metcalfe just bought a Giugiaro Turbo HC...
  6. Just installed the pedal box. I feel like I deserve a medal... or at least a hug. :-D
  7. LHD wiper mechanism installed. The only LHD specific part was the wiper arm. .
  8. I wonder if I could find some help with this issue. My S2 is getting a re-trim, but as the seats were re-trimmed by a PO to a non-original pattern, they won´t be of any use to cut the new patterns. So if any of you would happend to have discarded covers laying around at any condition, I would be happy to have them... :-)
  9. Hmmm.. I think I won´t reuse these chassis mounting nuts and bolts.
  10. Where can you get this tartan. My Esprit S2 is getting a full retrim in black leather, but now I am considering spicing it up with red tartan bits..
  11. Converted the heater to LHD. Just need to attach the LHD cables and put it back to the car.
  12. I have some experience about this, as mine was vandalised to a turbo look. Here´s a link about the bodywork work to return it back to original
  13. ^Good advice, although I have ignored it.. :-D Removed the cross bar and the heater today for convertiong them to LHD.
  14. I sure he is, but as far as I´ve understood it, the rear suspension design is limiting factor, so you won´t be able to go as low a S2.
  15. Long break, as wife and I decided to have an amicable divorce at 2015. This led to a little project called "renovating a house made in 1949". This combined with a little side project (1974 Alfa Spider), meant no time for Esprit. Now the plan is to start cracking again, with the target of being finished by the summer.
  16. 14" wheels might make it look a bit odd with the inherent higher ride height the the S3 has.
  17. Finlandese


  18. Just had a reply from Lotus archives. It appears that my Excel is the first export market widebody car. This explains why it has the narrow body dash. It is also the only pearlecent white non-SE/SA export market Excel. They couldn´t confirm or deny any show car past. My question would be: Does anyone have any recollection of a LHD pearl white Excel in a car show in 1985?..
  19. I am a very happy DriftHd user. Upgraded this summer to Ghost-S, primarily for the low light performance. IMHO if you need a camera for car rigging and external sound, the Drift hd is the the best. P.s. the Goodwood one was filmed mostly with my cell phone.. :-)
  20. I have been resurrecting an old photography hobby by making car videos. It´s been a fun way to combine intrests and quite a learning experiance. Here´s my latest one about my Maserati Zagato Spyder: Constructive critisism is welcomed! WARNING: This video contains silly driving gloves
  21. Thanks! It has become a bit of a hit. Top Gear picked it up as their lead story on christmas: A lot of exposure for the Excel. People have been amazed with seeing a Lotusdrifting in the snow. A rought translation from the Top Gear lead in: "Santa Claus arrives in style in Finland - with a great specialist car! This Lotus Excel suits Santa in northern weather conditions Santa Claus arrives today to many homes and to celebrate this, the Finnish Sports Cars Association sends Lotus-christmas greetings to everyone. Top Gear Finland joins them in wishing merry christmas to all!" 4800 hits in two days and counting..
  22. Still don´t remember how to post YouTube links.. Was feeling silly, so I made a little video about Santa´s secret.. ;-)
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