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  1. Had the steering rack refurbished (was leaking like crazy). Rack, new front brake calipers and winter wheels are on the way from Lotusbits. The car will go to the paint shop for repaint in pearlecent white and the wheels will get the same treatment. As the car has been such a total package, I sold my daily driver and will use the Excel as a daily driver this coming winter. Will fit 195/55R15 studded winter tires, and will have a great time drifting on snow..
  2. Don´t do it.. I had to fix my S2 after someone had decided to make it a Turbo look-a-like. Besides, you´d probably have some serious overheating issues with S1 body in a Turbo. It would be financial suicede and PIA for the next owner. Think of all those guys who modded their chrome bumper 911´s to look like 930 turbos. Here are some pictures about my build.
  3. This was in my understanding the usual pre SE widebody dash ( and what appeared in all the Oct 84 press clippings:
  4. ^Really? Mine is from time before the SE models introduction, and every other one that I have seen has VDO Instruments and curved dash top. Even the Oct. ´84 press cars had the curved dash top with VDO gauges, as in the basic structrure of the dash is the same as in the year narrow body ´84 , but gauges are VDO instead of Smiths and the top of the dash has been curved and not flat.
  5. ^Never really understood why Excel did not get the v8. Esprit did not have a transmission to handle the v8, but Excel did. P.s. Has anyone seen another widebody Excel with Smiths gauges/flat instrument cluster top like mine has?
  6. Progress! I did an unconventional solution to the proble, and there is a distinct possibility that I can get the exhaust to fit. I do have question again, though. Hope I get a better response than the last time. Can you adjust the engine location longitudinally? It would help, if could get a bit forward..
  7. Pretty much ready to slash my wrists.. Got the mounts fixed. The number 3 manifold still doesn´t fit!!!! F***, **"#?/%%&%&/&%¤&¤&%!!!!!! Measured the engine height and now the engine oil pan is 15 mm instead of the 22 mm from the reference level. Mike says it should be 10mm. Just cracked open the Scotch...
  8. Back to engine mounts.. I´ve installed them many different ways and the engine still sits too high. My engine mount bushings do not have the locating tabs. Before starting to drill them I would like to know have I positined the bushings correctly. Can anyone help?
  9. Been browsing my books trying to find out what stereos Lotus installed in Excels when they were new. The October 1984 test drives in the Brooklands book had some kind of Blaupunkts. Does anyone have more specific info? P.s. BTW, old Blaupunkts are great, as they have the Aux pin, so you can hook an Ipod to the really easily..
  10. ^A little video from another Finnish winter event..
  11. Nope. We have long winter up here, and we want to play!
  12. Holy Batman, Kimbers! Thank you, this make´s it even better. Great pictures and great addition to my experience with the car. Gotta love the community that you get to know around this hobby!
  13. No OZ wheels for me, I wanna party like it´s 1984!
  14. Hi Jukka! It´s easy to make it original, as it will require only painting and replacing the casette player. Give me call and we´ll arrange the inspection of the car..
  15. HI, Wasn´t planning a F1-wing :-). The standard wing seems to have been made thinking more about fiberglass molding than aerodynamics in mind. I was thinking was that I would trim the leading and trailing edge bottom lips off, so that it would actually work as a wing instead as spoiler. Well... a long list of other thing to do before, I´ll probably think about that in 2018! Originally I was set on white, as it was pretty unique look for the 80`s. If it wasn´t offered as an option from the factory... Might have to reconsider. In any case I will have to get another set for the winter, as I am organizing a winter event here in Finland and I need studded tires for ice racing!
  16. Is pearl white that rare? When was the widebody introduced? My car is registered as a 1984 model, but the date of first registration is 4/4/1985. I was thinking of modifying the rear spoiler to a bit more wing like shape, but perhaps it would be wiser to just restore it to it´s original glory. Were white wheels a Lotus option, or were they all done later on? P.s. Sorry for the question deluge..
  17. Well, I´m sure you agree that giving a classic car project to a person who doesn´t have the means nor the skills to restore it is not a good idea. Especially as if she has just had her second baby and has to arrange and pay for the storage..
  18. Started the first full day at home with the Excel By giving Mike a ring. Ordered cooling fan, timing belt and tensioner, shop manuals and the drivers handbook. Got a great tip about tires (Toyo Proxes 205/50 VR15). Here are some more photos. Haven´t seen many widebody Excels with the flat dash top. The a pillar picture shows the lacquer peel.
  19. Thanks. It´s crap picture, but the only one I´ve got... Instead of thinking about the important bits, I am debating with myself, should I paint the wheels white or gold?
  20. Imageshack is giving me problems. How do I download pictures from my Computer to this topic?
  21. I thought the same. Will post pics when I have the chance.
  22. My Esprit Project has been giving me a hard time lately, so I did what any sane man would do and bought myself an Excel project. Oops, I´m sorry, I meant to say "Insane" It´s an 84 widebody, that had been left off road for a few years By a car collector, before it was given to his daughter as a gift. At this point it must´ve had mould and snails all over the place (I foung cooked snails from the top of the engine). What a gift. I bought the car from the daughter, for pretty much the same money that she had spent trying to recommision the car. The good stuff: Very good leather interior, engine doesn´t seem too bad either (113 000 km). The B.. needs improving bit: Every panel above the join line has lacquer peel. Wheels have bad paint and tires are cracked even in the sidewalls. One of the cooling fans is seized solid, and the other one doesn´t want to work either. The timing belt cover was chafing on the recently changed timing belt. So it was abandoned by the owner who should´ve know how to take care of it, and given as gift to non car person. Doesn´t sound too good, but it was pretty cheap for a LHD car and I bought it with my heart instead of useing my brain.. I have to say that as a car it is a very intresting mix of a GT and a sports car. Even with the death trap tires the handling seems very good. I can´t wait to get it going properly!
  23. Thank you for the comments. Been in touch with Mike and we are trying to figure out what is the problem. As far as the cam carrier sealing goes, we just resealed the carriers with Loctite 518. The old sealant was pretty much gone..
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