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  1. I think the engine is too high not tilted enough towards the exhaust side. Does anyone have any photos of their engine mounts, so I could figure out what I´m doing wrong? -Jani
  2. Well.... Started to install the exhaust, but ran into trouble with the third cylinder. Major interference with the lower chassis tube. :-( It looks like I made a mistake with he engine mounts, and the engine sits too high. Question for anyone that can help: Which way around should the engine mounting rubber plates be installed? I am talking about the plates that are used to attach the rubber mounting to the chassis. The plate has four holes symmertically from left to right, but not from top to bottom. Mine were installed so that the hole with the bigger gap to the edge of the plate were on top. I am wondering should I have installed them the other way around, as this would lower the engine a bit. Help! -Jani
  3. Got the old mounts off finally. While installing the new one I learned about the existance of fine inch threads.. Fitted the exhaust side with a heat shield AND covered the mount heat protective material. Twice. We´ll see how it will work. Stared to install the Lotusbits exhaust, but noticed immediately, that the gear chage mechanism interferes with it. Called it a day and will modify it another day. Mount with heat shield; Lotus quality control works obviously in a higher plane that I can fathom. These bolts are all for the same purpose in my understanding (attching the engine mount bushing plate to the chassis). Quite a variety in lenghts, don´t you think?
  4. Progress.. Valves adjusted, cam carriers sealed and timing belt changed. The Lotusbits exhaust has arrived, and it+s a work of art.. Before I can install it, I have to change the engine mounts. This was easier said that done. The PO has had a charming habit for bodges and there doesn´t seem to be much in common with the part that I took off from the car, and the ones I am supposed to install in it. Multiple mounting holes on both surfaces... Any hints on how these should be fitted? Had enough for tonight, so I will continue with removing the other mount tomorrow...
  5. Just got a call from Lotusbits. The Lotusbits exhaust system is on it´s way to Finland...
  6. Just took off the cam carriers. Funnily enough I did not find any traces of any kind of sealant between the cam carriers and the head. Might explain the leakage...
  7. Progress.. The pedalbox montings have been switched to the left side and the chassis is back in the home garage. Now it´s time to clean up the chassis and to start replacing engine hoses, mounts, install the new alternator, water pump, etc. Oh, and the minor issue of re-sealing the camshaft towers... Uploaded with
  8. Just had a quote for a full re trim in black leather. Not cheap... Then again, this car has been designed arguably by the best car designer and the best car concept engineer ever. It deserves the best.. -Jani
  9. Disregard... My reading was influenced by wishful thinking. The have only S4 patterns.
  10. I saw a pretty cheap carpet deal from Australia on ebay. They don´t have pattern for a S2, but have one for S1. What is the difference, if any? -Jani
  11. My mind was made up after I saw these photos.. Lotus Esprit S2 - a photoset by Døgen on Flickriver
  12. Steve from SJ´s and Mike from Lotusbits have invaluable for me. Both have been extremely patient with me and my car problems, even giving roadside assistance via mobile to Finland.. My preference is Lotusbits for used and upgraded parts, SJ´s for new standard parts. -Jani
  13. I´d love to see video of your car. Love the colour! -Jani
  14. Thank you. I was torn between S1 (a better investment) and S2 (IMVHO better looking), but when I saw these pictures, my mind was made up...[email protected]/sets/72157612524070778/ -Jani
  15. Well here is one of mine.. It was made as a promo for an event in Finland. There are some continuity problems (chopper footage vs. the rest), but otherwise I thought it worked out pretty well. Hopefully I get my RHD to LHD conversion done for next summer, so I can do a proper video with sound (Lotusbits exhaust..)!
  16. Hi, I´m doin the RHD to LHD converion on my S2. I´ve got a thread about it in the restoration blogs: I´ve got the LHD rack, pedal box, wiper and the steering column. I just got the chassis off, and now is the time to modify the pedal box mountings, and get the parts to fix everything that is easier to fix when the body is off the car (timing belt, exhaust manifold, etc..) -Jani
  17. Can´t edit the first post, which has a dead link. Here is the current one: From RHD Frankenturbo replica on a way to LHD S2.2 HC something..
  18. Parts to get: Lotusbits exhaust system. Engine mounts Timing belt and tensioner kit Camshaft carrier seals (leaking ATM) Every coolant hose that would be PIA to change when the body is back on chassis. Pre cautionary water pump overhaul Sound deadning material to replace the foan the PO had used.
  19. Thanks! Today we took off the chassis. Chassis looks rust free, which is not that suprising, since the previous owner had the chassis off in the noughties.
  20. After a long break took the body off this weekend. Did not take the front suspesion bolts off, as adjusting the body´s location with a crowbar while lifting was enough to clear the body. Next step is to double the lifting heigh (and widening it) and roll off the chassis.
  21. I have to say that so far the project has been far easier than I have expected. Í am sure that I´ll jinx it by saying so... My luck has a lot to do with the fact that the car has been dismantled once in the past decade, so no rusted stuck bolts for me! Steering rack and pedal box is off. emergency brakes, body/chassis bolts and grounding bolts next..
  22. Ok, here we go... I am planning to change my Esprit from RHD to LHD. I have the LHD steering rack, heater cables, windshield wiper arm, steering column and the steering rack. The rest will be modified from the RHD parts (dash, support beam, etc.). I started dismantling on saturday. This is how it looked like on sunday: I just managed to get off the four bolts locating pedal box.
  23. Sorry, here is the link for the rings: -Jani
  24. Managed to get in touch with the owner, and I now have the source for. Thank you again for the tip. -Jani
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