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  1. Hi, Will keep the car full gold,or are you going to paint the sills black? I haven´t seen any full gold S2s. My S2 was originally gold, and I will change the color of mine from bluetosomething else, but I don´t like the black sill look..
  2. A funny coincidence: Both De Tomaso Longchamp and Lotus Esprit had their unveiling at the Turin Auto Salon in 1972. Both were painted silver too. -Jani
  3. F**k... I bought one. A project one... Will post pictures when I get it home. Here we go... Had a couple to celebrate.. -Jani
  4. I think that the best / cheapest way for you to get the performance you need, is to sell your LHD S3 to me, and buy an US turbo Esprit from the States... I
  5. Hi Jukka! The problem is that I like the G-Turbo shape, but I love the S2 shape. The interior detailing of the S1 and S2, with the freaky seventies vibe is right up my alley. LHD S3 turbos are availble from the states, and are quite reasonably priced too. My friend has a RHD Jag XJS, and he says it
  6. Hi Wayne, S3 would seem a better starting point, but I am a bit worried about the availability of LHD versions. Does anyone know how many S3s were made in LHD? How many of them with the glass roof? How about retro fitting the glass roof? Starting with a S3, I would need to get a S2 interior, Speedline wheels (weren
  7. Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I have been lurking around for a while, as the desire to find a stable mate for De Tomaso Longchamp prototipo clone has directed me to all things Esprit. Unfortunately, I
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