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  1. There was a bug with youtube, that left it running on sd indefinatly. I re did the uplaod and then replaced the old links with the new one. Facebook doesn´t want to for get the old one, so it keeps loading up the old (inactive) screenshot link, even though the link is new (and working). Maddening...


  2. 8 minutes ago, Sparky said:

    Do not start the engine.  That sprocket must be removed for investigation, but first I'd manually turn the engine to ensure cam timing hasn't slipped with resultant engine damage.  You'll need a new sprocket, possibly repair/renewal of the oil pump/distributor drive, and of course a new cambelt. 

    Thank you for your advice. We checked the timing and it was still correct. The cam markings lined up perfectly at the TDC. 

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  3. 49 minutes ago, Sparky said:

    Please detail how you found it.  Did the engine stop running?  I assume you're not trying to start it!  I imagine you're looking at sprocket failure, and probably damage to your oil pump shaft.  Do not even think of turning the key.

    Had trouble starting the car and when it started, it had an intermittent jerk while driving, that felt like it was ignition related. Noticed that the distributor cover had come loose. After putting it back on car started normally, but now my friend, who was observing the start in the engine bay, noticed a tapping sound coming from the front of the engine. After a while we noticed the chafing ignition sprocket and shut off the engine.

    I remember hearing a similiar sound previously. I assumed it was the hydraulic tappets, but of course I should have remebered that the engine does not have them. I added oil and the sound went away.

  4. 1 hour ago, CarBuff said:

    Still no main beams?


    You either need to flash or honk at slow traffic to get them out of the way...☹️

    I got the main beams now. At least for now… And I got the horns working too! In any case, I have never needed them for getting other traffic to make way, since they seem to make way just get a better look of the car anyways! The public loves the Esprit and all reactions are respectful and positive.😊✌️

  5. Thank you for the comments. went through the system with a friend that understands electricity. Stalk works and relays work. The mystery might have something to do with the conversion from RHD to LHD. When I bought the car it had the RHD headlights that needed to be changed for LHD pattern headlights. When I did this, I though the car would look better with having headlights that have dipped beam in all headlights. When doing this modification, I probably checked the success of if just by switching on the lights (dipped beam) and flashing the main beams. 

    So, it might be possible, that the main beams have never worked after RHD/LHD switch and the MOT teat has also been done by using the flasher. So, the next step is to check the wiring for the headlights themselves.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Fridge said:

    My recording was just a technical test prior to filming with Kawasaki Europe in Spain. I found that the microphone picked up a little too much transmission noise in the rear luggage area (it's an S1 with a flat area, unlike the S3 and ET). So that's what I'd be looking to erradicate next time.


    I was thinking about the transmission noise and was planning to place the mic in the luggage area, as close as possible to the exhaust outlet. In any case, I thought that it would be childs play the record an Esprit, compard to an Alfa, but it seems that is not as simple, as I thought initially.. 🙂

  7. 11 minutes ago, Fridge said:

    You will find the quality of the mic to be important and the windshield/muffler you use. The less shielding the clearer the sound. A muffler should not be required inside a car. Either the cabin or the rear luggage area. Microphone placement is critical. I would recommend towards the back of the rear luggage area. And as you say, perhaps one in the cabin. Mixing the two as desired. Here's a photo of my basic audio set up. Note: the micophone capsule is a £450 Sony item and comparable to a Sennheiser MKE-416 in many ways (the industry standard super-cardiod microphone).

    Good stuff! I have recorded with audio-techinca mics, omni dirctional for the cabin and barrel one for the exhaust + Olympus recorders. As my previous projects have been in convertibles, the windshielding issues have been quite intresting. In my Alfa Spider I had one mic in the cabing and the other one above the rear bumper. With proper protection this worked pretty well. I will try that again with Esprit and the other option that I was thinking was precisely what you suggested, by putting the other one to the rear luggage area.

  8. 1 hour ago, GTK said:

    Looks great, nice to hear too. Does your car have a turbo engine, or is it just an anomaly that makes it sound like there's a wastegate working?

    Normally aspirated HC engine with Lotusbits exhaust. The sound on the video is with an external mic directly to the camera. The end result is tinnier than reality and because of the mic location, the cambelt sound of more prominent than it is in real life. For the next try I will use two mics and two sound recorders an mix those tracks together.

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