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  1. On 30/04/2019 at 11:45, Andyww said:

    If you have the wiper delay unit this suffers from the "Designed for metal car" syndrome, there is an earth tag which connects to one of the mounting screws and is often loose or not connected.

    Plenty of mystery black wires had to be grounded. I think I've got them all by now...  Some final checks, then I will install the steering column before the dash and the pod.

  2. 37 minutes ago, Lotusfab said:

    Definately don't put the dash in until all the electrics are perfect. Especially the wiper system. If it need attention do it know, especially the motor change or any parts of the mechanism. Two people helps if the screen is in!

    I fully agree. The only part I had to change in the wiper system was the wiper arm. All other parts were the same as in RHD, just assembled in a different order. The way Lotus designed the car is mostly the work of a genius. It´s just a shame that the way it was built is not at the same level. Whose idea was it mix metric and UNF nuts and bolts in the same car? Or even the same parts assembly?!?!

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  3. Thank you for your comment. In any case the new set up should be a vast improvent over the old, as the firewall used to have two big (speaker?) holes and the sound deadning was loose. The floor had multiple extra holes and no sound deadning at all. Just loose carpets from who knows where. 

    I'll probably start with two layers of dampening mat on the firewall and see how that works. If not happy, then will add foam.

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