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  1. Installed the parking brake cables to the LHD configuration. Routed the cables over the fuel tank mount, unlike the PO who had jammed them between the body and the fuel tank. Still remebering the task of getting them off from the right side...

    Then removed deadwood from the firewall plywood and cut replacement pieces to fill the holes. Working with wood gave flashbacks from last years sauna renovation! 😄



  2. A picture of the gap between the fuel tank and the body, that the hand brake cables have to travel through. Pretty tight, eh? More evidence of the progress with the brake booster and the clytch master cylinder. Todays tasks have been sanding the dash (and replastering), Dismantling the boot latch mechanism (ordered lhd parts from SJ´s), hooked up throttle and choke cables (and ordered a new choke cable.. ). Ordered a km/h speedo and chrome instrument rings for the gauges (not original, but will look great!)




  3. Thank you, Mike and Scott.

    A productive day for a change. Installed the brake booster, clutch master cylinder, and the heater. Managed to remove the handbrake cables. That was a bit tricker than I thought. Had to move the fuel tank a bit to get them off! Finished the day with some plastic padding to smooth the bit bitween the windshield and the dash. I blocked the heater vent and instrument holes earlier, now I have to mirror image them to the opposite sides.

    Tomorrow is just some sanding with Esprit, and off to another side project (yet another Alfa Spider)... Some people never learn! :-D

  4. On ‎24‎.‎3‎.‎2014 at 20:19, LOTUSMAN33 said:

    Tartan is available in Black/red!




    So much easier on the eye, does make you wonder??


    Dave :)

    Where can you get this tartan. My Esprit S2 is getting a full retrim in black leather, but now I am considering spicing it up with red tartan bits..

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  5. 9 minutes ago, skiing said:

    I think he is plannng to lower the car a bit. My S3 sits lower as it is than most - not sure why.. Would intrigued to know what wheels will be going on this...

    I sure he is, but as far as I´ve understood it, the rear suspension design is limiting factor, so you won´t be able to go as low a S2.

  6. Just had a reply from Lotus archives. It appears that my Excel is the first export market widebody car. This explains why it has the narrow body dash. It is also the only pearlecent white non-SE/SA export market Excel. They couldn´t confirm or deny any show car past. My question would be: Does anyone have any recollection of a LHD pearl white Excel in a car show in 1985?..

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