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  1. Hi,

    This is my S2 that I have managed to get to look like a S2 after a previous life as a S3 Turbo look a like. I say that I have managed the project, as most of the work has been done by people with skills that I´ll never have.

    This where we started

    The S2 bits came from Lotusbits. Mike has been an invaluable help from the start. He´s been even good for road side assistance, when I broke down on a way to a car show ( . Eyeball products from Orivesi, Finland did the fiberglass work. I couldn´t have been happier with them. Excellent communications, and flawless work.

    This video shows where we are today!/


  2. Our club (Finnish Sports Car Drivers - Suomen Urheiluautoilijat) did a spoof of a James Bond movie at the Lahti Classic motorshow. Here´s the set up and a link to the video of the car.

    "James Bond - The Spy Who Left Me"

    It's 1979 and the time for the new James Bond adventure! Roger Moore and EON productions had gone their separate ways and the producers had decided that it was time for something completely different. But who could step in to the void left by the English Moore, and the Scottish Connery? The obvious answer was found from Wales -- The Welsh tiger Tom Jones was announced to the world as the new James Bond in February 1979. Soon after this it was announced that the leading lady would be the Finnish songstress, Arja Saijonmaa.

    The movie premiered in September 1979. Despite the movies undeniable artistic merits, it did not succeed at the box office. With the benefit of the hindsight you can argue, that the world was not ready for a James Bond musical, but who wouldn't have made a musical, when you have the talents of Tom Jones and Arja Saijonmaa at your disposal? And who could ever forget the exhilarating finale, the disco-schlager duet "What's new Pussy Galore?" as sung by Jones and Saijonmaa. Inevitably, the producers had to cut their losses and return to the traditional formula. Roger Moore returned to the fold as the spy with a licence to kill, but not to sing.

    The Finnish Sports Car Drivers - Suomen Urheiluautoilijat have restored the third star of the movie, Bond's flying Lotus Esprit. Hallinportti aviation museum at Jämsä, Finland participated in the restoration process by lending their invaluable expertise to the restoration of the cars complex flight and armament systems.

    I was quite suprised by the visitors who believed that they had seen the movie..

  3. Hi

    Has anyone tried or considered a traditional supercharger for the Esprit?

    There are suppliers like Paxton and Vortex that have superchargers in different sizes.

    To me it looks like it should be possible to swap the aircon pump for a supercharger.

    What do you think?


    I think that the best / cheapest way for you to get the performance you need, is to sell your LHD S3 to me, and buy an US turbo Esprit from the States...


  4. Hi Jukka!

    The problem is that I like the G-Turbo shape, but I love the S2 shape. The interior detailing of the S1 and S2, with the freaky seventies vibe is right up my alley. LHD S3 turbos are availble from the states, and are quite reasonably priced too. My friend has a RHD Jag XJS, and he says it

  5. Hi Wayne,

    S3 would seem a better starting point, but I am a bit worried about the availability of LHD versions. Does anyone know how many S3s were made in LHD? How many of them with the glass roof? How about retro fitting the glass roof?

    Starting with a S3, I would need to get a S2 interior, Speedline wheels (weren

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