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    400 engine, custom interior, Hoffmans Nitrons, Larini, ice system and a cool paint job
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  1. Bruss

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    Thomas. Do you have the komotec dsg box in your car?
  2. Or made from rhe bits they had in stock.
  3. I did see those but was concerned at both how good they line up and also my capability . 😁
  4. I'm wanting a white/cream background with black figuring! Possible electronically? ( I have a spare instrument cluster)
  5. Bruss

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    GM part no is 10366474
  6. Bruss

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    ebay Genuine Vauxhall Clutch Brake Pedal Sensor Zafira C Corsa D Insignia Astra New
  7. Bruss

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    It could be the clutch pot. Sounds similar to mine and the cost and ease of replacement is worth a try.
  8. Bruss

    Evora C service, how much?

    I imagine it is the aux drive belt. It seems to be a new requirement from Lotus, presumably from experience now the cars have been around a while. At the least it needs examining and if the mileage dictates ts probably best to change it. The spark plugs are a mileage item. Check your service book to see what mileage. I haven't got mine to hand to check but I'd expect 50 k miles plus from modern plugs. Just seached online and fond the 2014 Lotus service schedule. 54k for plug change.
  9. Bruss

    Evora C service, how much?

    Avoid any dealer who can't be a*sed to find out what belt you need. Excluding plugs which are expensive my last C service was 413 plus Vat.
  10. key fob ( no key blank) is 50 pounds plus vat.
  11. Bruss

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Intersting write up, thanks. You almost only mention the brakes in passing. One of the biggest things I noticed on the other Tim's very well sorted GT4 was the 'average' braking ability compared to my S1 Evora. The rapid braking ability, along with the sublime suspension set up really seperates the Evora from the GT4. I would love to own Tims car but I couldn't prefer it over the Evora, even my humble model. As I alluded to elsewhere, just for a change, I am interested in a 'sporty' Cayman, but what stops me is the sheer joy of driving feel that the Evora gives. The Cayman is capable, perhaps even quicker round a track, but it lacks that 'something' that seperates a car from the the average.
  12. Don't turn the ignition on after the electrics are disconnected. It has been reported that the seat belt warning light will need resetting if you do. I haven't tested this but always keep the ignition key away from the car when I swap the seats out.
  13. I have the free version of Torque Pro. Works well.
  14. Are you using bluetooth or wifi to connect? Try both.
  15. Bruss

    Evora C service, how much?

    Quality may vary from supplier to supplier.