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  1. The thread is in danger of becoming an Emira thread, but re the wheel diameter, and a few other things. This car is not a track focused car. Unlike the Evora that was originally designed a plus 2 Elise, very basic and then upgraded, the Emira is designed as a road car with all the comfort and aesthetics compromises that entails.
  2. You may say that but as I get older a little photoshop goes a long way.
  3. Designers will have specced, bean counters will have re specced.
  4. Fwd wit an extra haldex 4wd sytem as required to keep the wheels from spinning up. How that translates into the Emira we will have to see.
  5. I think its a beautiful thing. Fully resolved and coherent. I will buy one, amg and high spec if it comes in at the right price. It’s the Esprit replacement that never arrived when I bought my first ‘stop gap’ Evora in 2011 after being told that the Esprit was just around the corner. 10 years later, that was one heck of a long corner. 😀
  6. I4 is dct only and summer 2022, so approx a year to wait.
  7. They are not minor if it stops you using the car, or worrying about taking it out. Lotus should be on this via their dealer.
  8. Bruss

    Who said that?

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