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  1. I'd forgotten about this thread, but this am I decided to hose down the Evora before putting it away in the barn. Mrs Bruss remarked how good the car looked and I said something about all the girls say so, it's my chick magnet etc. Two minutes later out new post girl pulled up and got out of the van with a broad smile and exclaimed it's a Lootus (French) and drooled all over it . Mrs Bruss pretended not to notice.
  2. I like that. So much I've just ordered one. Let us know how you fit it and the route you use. I may need it!
  3. Well I've had 2 of the off the list. The Z4M coupe and the Evora. I'd like to try the McLaren and the Cayman but can't see myself selling the Evora just yet. The others are a bit merr as a sports car.
  4. Bruss

    In love again

    Posted this on another forum but it's worth posting here in these troubled times. I'd must like to report that I drove the Evora yesterday and loved it. Dark thoughts with Covid an' all have stopped me using the Evora as intended and it has sat in the barn for the best part of 2 years, and I've been thinking of selling it. The BMW had to go in for some work and yesterday I took Mrs Bruss 20 miles to drop her off and pick it up. On the way back I properly drove the Evora. Summary is Local town with the worst road surface I've encountered outside of Belgium, makes the
  5. Don't forget, clean your nuts! Well studs. Threads need to be clean and all mating surfaces need to be cleaned to avoid the dreaded 'clicking'.
  6. Similar position but I just velcro a phone case in to place.
  7. Lotus GTE is 350 hp and is now an old model. The Lotus 440 bhp version was a track car only. There is a similar looking car produced by Stratton motors based on the Evora GTE. Each one is different, but Stratton will tell you what those differences are. The GT430 is no longer produced but is the last 'power' model and also has body and interior differences and is a fairly limited edition. Re modding the cars- as always do your homework as to how much support there is and what the potential pitfalls are of a non Lotus approved mod. 430 runs a little lower than non 430
  8. No shaming. Just an honest comment if they don't respond.
  9. If they don't respond then time to name them and warn others.
  10. Honest mistake or not, it smacks of incompetence.
  11. 1/2 an inch short of being a policeman when I applied 45 plus years ago. Evora suits me fine with Recaros or the later cf sports/GT seats.
  12. That looks superb. Enjoy.
  13. Where is there a report of a cat failure causing this engine problem?
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