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  1. Elise shop are based in the EU. They have a a grp replacement which is reputed to be stronger than the oem plastic one, which is affected by engine heat. Email them (Yvo) and ask if they have had any crack.
  2. Clutch switch is another possibility if the traction control light is flickering.
  3. My S1 is American spec and has dlr enabled. I always assumed it was merely using the front sidelights for this?
  4. A good garage can take the belt of, measure it, count the ‘teeth’, or even read the code off the belt and then get one delivered.
  5. Same on my S1, in the wet, momentary dab to clear the water then apply.
  6. Excellent car and much loved and well looked after with regular servicing and updates. (I know the owner).
  7. Low price,higher mileage here
  8. Check the external pillar trim hasn’t started to come adrift.
  9. Ta. I have a Jaguar bright silver ( on a set of mine) that looks similar but I only know of one place that will do it down in MK. It may even be a cellulose only colour.
  10. Very nice Gav. What colour code are those wheels?
  11. "Note: If it is necessary to renew an original front lower wishbone, but assemblies with beige coloured pivot bush inserts are no longer available, then all of the front and rear wishbones must be replaced as a vehicle set with the revised assemblies (with green pivot bush inserts and front upper wishbones with the revised ball joint location)."
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