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  1. Its about increasing stock value, not selling cars.
  2. Something leaking only when hot, or moved after running. Sounds like a dodgy seal somewhere.
  3. Maybe, but I remember when I was trying to diagnose I read something about its part of the entire management system that helps with economy and emissions.
  4. Yep, other things to check that are simple are the clutch switch. It cuts the engine when the clutch is depressed and I have had to replace mine after intermittent cutting out problems.
  5. Ooh, a hybrid Evora. A bit late to the party but that's got me enthused for my next Lotus.
  6. If that is the mule, my guess is that everything is just for the running gear no visual clues on that except the obvious wide arches suggesting track.
  7. Or if its at a Lotus dealer get them to get the history foc. You won't get a cert but thay can tell you the history.
  8. If only you could send the chassis number to Lotus and get a report on its build?
  9. Yeah, but it's nice to have someone to blame when your windscreen trim falls off. That Bliddy bloke wassisname did this.
  10. Lol, my older brothers plus 2. 3rd gear and he said floor it. I did. Bbbbbblooming eck If i recall rightly. 18 mths later I had my own.
  11. I think you represent very well the typical customer who wants to buy a Lotus and who Lotus should be trying to please. Someone who really wants a Lotus but isn't (understandably) quite sure if it's the right choice. I'm a Lotus nut, and have been so since before I could drive, and I have had a Lotus continuously since 1973. I completely understand, and have a lot of sympathy for your position. The only thing I can say is that the Evora is the best road car Lotus have produced. It is almost there or thereabouts with other marques on fit, finish and reliability. Sadly it isn't quite there as just as Lotus eventually catches up, everyone else has moved on. On the other hand if you want the best driving car that is available then buy the Evora. Test drive it, be surprised at just how good it is, and then regret not buying it for the rest of your life as you constantly compare your other choice with the feeling of driving a Lotus. That's it.
  12. Good car, 10K overpriced. Sounds about right.
  13. Pull the connector from the maf and clean the connectors. It may be something simple and this connection is known to be a bit variable.
  14. That's a good thought. The clutch does need to be flushed separately to the brake fluid, although at the same time.
  15. Bugger! Sounds like a leaky seal somewhere, normally the master cylinder on the Evora.
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