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  1. There may be a moderator on here that has the first home designed black pack Evora.
  2. Unfortunately all second hand Evora's are under priced. It's a cracking car and for the money is a steal. There is nothing else comparable available?
  3. grey 2013 a few upgrades, 14K km (lhd), service history, one careful owner, obviously. The question really is around what a 40K evora will be worth in 2 years time.
  4. As it's that time of year what are the predictions for the future value of my car? Probably worth around 40K now on its best day, how much will it be worth in two years time? (Mileage unchanged due to Covid)
  5. I'm liking that interior but the outside not so much.
  6. err Lotus sold it because it was no use to them. It's also of no use as a road car unless you are an electronics/energy engineer. No one is going to service it for you. Worth every penny of " insert static display worth here"
  7. Ah, not a standard set up. If you have only found the problem after the xx installation it is likely related to that. However it is a relatively simple adjustment to make at the gearbox end that allows for take up of any cable stretching that has occurred over time. Grab a copy of the instructions from the Lotus site - a small charge for as much as you want to download is made. I'd be looking to make any adjustment there first even if it isn't enough as it turns out.
  8. Someone is worried, I may have rolled more than one reply in together so apologies. I just get a little fed up with some of the negative comments about the Evora. They have had problems and continuous upgrades and fixes as any car does but cup holders? Really? Having to pay car tax on a 80k and upwards car? Really?
  9. Before you go ripping out the interior just check what it is that you need to adjust. There is adjustment available at the gearbox end in the engine compartment on the cables themselves.
  10. You are going to buy the best driving car on the road that is a sports GT and you are worried about cup holders and car tax? Both my early dealer purchase S and my current later factory purchase, but first S built have had no gearchange issues. The early cars do need a cable upgrade to the later type as they go stiff very quickly- heat related and routing issues. Other than that the gearchange is dependent on correct adjustment. It's not difficult but you really need to remind your service dealer/mechanic to do it each time it goes in. The only other issue that I haven't had but more
  11. 90k mile on any car will have some wear items that may need replacing. I have no experience of keeping an Evora for that mileage but I would expect a car designed for performance would have some deteriation as those parts wear. Ref cost to replace, most are low cost items but this is a performance car with performance car costs. Again this shouldn't be unexpected.
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