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  1. Bruss

    TLF GT430 Club

    Loving that blue. Nicest I've seen I think.
  2. Not had that but it is easy enough to swap the battery out just in case.
  3. The runners are not interchangeable. Also the hole positions in the chassis are different. Not difficult to redriill and move the retainers, but it has to be done.
  4. Phone Randy at Hoffmans. Unlikely but he may still have a set of 2 of mine clogging up his store room. If he has them you can take them for free.
  5. One Alpine multi connect will have a yellow rca input to connect to your camera. A seperate Alpine multiconnect will have a trigger wire to connect to the reverse lamp or switch. I think on the Alpine it is orange/white. This needs to be connected for the HU to displat the camera image when reverse is selected.
  6. It better bliddy work. My reputation is now at stake.
  7. There is a fastener down the side of the sill, in between the seat and the sill, as well as the very 'sticky' Velcro.
  8. Bruss

    TLF GT430 Club

    Is that the Lotus front bumper? re the red lining, sorry but for me, less is more.
  9. Not sure what you mean by wheel arch liner. Working from inside the car, remove the sill cover, then remove the front pillar cover. No wheel arch involved.
  10. Along the drivers sill then up behind the front pillar cover and then behind the dash. It's a pitta, but best route.
  11. Bruss

    A Year In

    Red ones are nice when you're a yoof But a nice conservative grey for when you get older.
  12. Search the internet Lotus forums. I seem to remember lots of threads on this in the past.
  13. Bruss

    Stratton Evora GTs

    Strikes me that they're still trying to flog a dead horse. Bitsa, nice bitsa but still a bitsa.
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