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  1. If the bolt holes in the slider frame are the same position it's a ten minute job per seat.
  2. We also have that. The lead I refer to is marked USA only on a label on the wire as it exits the Lotus white connector block. It is marked on the Lotus diag as green/Blue, brake light (USA).
  3. On the wiring harness for the HU there is a connection for the brake lights, marked USA only. Why? Is it anything to do with the USA spc DRL?
  4. Clive, its just about where we prefer to spend our ill gotten gains.After all I've convinced myself that my Evora is worth every penny I've spent on it.
  5. Mine was 2 k labour a few years ago. Time taking the thing apart, rewiring, repacking or actually putting packing in the doors and then set up and test before putting it all back together and test again. Well worth it for me, but horss for courses etc. The good thing for others is that following someone who has already done it will be cheaper if you can diy and just use the known components. Re the general point with hi fi, it's always a law of diminishing returns. I have a costly hi fi in my French barn conversion. Not an anechoic chamber in sight but even visitors comment on the (good) sound.
  6. I dn't know the car, but it is one of the very ealy S models. They weren't released until Nov 2010 and very few were sold then. What's a VIP model? If looking to buy check the recall and service history. Also check whether the later 2012 gear cables have been fitted.
  7. Thanks Julian I was thinking of utilising the bottom drain plug for an oil cooler and returning via the top blanking plug. Also intending to put an electric pump, thermostat and in line filter directly after the drain plug and before the cooler, water cooled laminova type. I Looked at the side exit but remembered your comment elsewhere re the service notes and the pickup tube.
  8. Thanks for that. I see a fitting for the 400 gearbox cooler which screws into the same place shows as a 18mm to 12mm reducer. I will have to take it out and check. Bgger really because I changed the oil a couple of months back and could have checked then. DOH.
  9. Does anyone know the diameter and thread size and form for the sump/drain gearbox plug? TIA
  10. You have the dimmer button on the centre console? Press this and it cycles the instruments through dim to not so dim in a few steps, 5 or 6 I think. Whether it affects the switch illumination I don't know.
  11. I can't remember without checking the barn, but check whether the seating area should be angled straight or domed. It's important to get the right profile, not just the thread dims.
  12. Why and what are you looking to gain? any change in induction filters will cause a change in engine running. It may be within normal tolerances or may need a remap.
  13. No such thing as zero depreciation on a new Lotus. zero depreciation depends on the age of the car when you buy it. Evora's are still depreciating but seem to be at the bottom of the curve now for older models.
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