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  1. Surely the clutch is common to other models. Is it really unavailable or just out of stock at Lotus prices? (Elise shop offer a clutch kit for the Evora)
  2. 130k is possible on a new well specced 570s (discounted) and yes they are a joy to drive. I did look at a 100 k 2k mileage dealer car and was sorely tempted. As a road only car I would have bought it as I don't think the road running costs are particularly excessive while the car is in warranty. The problem I have is wanting to use it as an occasional track car, probably with the possibility of satisfying my tinkeritis tendencies. Then the costs just become unavailable to me. I would probably worry about out of warranty costs as well. Reliability still seems to be an issue, with small things taking the cars off the road for reportedly long periods.
  3. Thanks for the update. I made the decision to stick with my 'old' Evora last year and not go for a 570, mainly due to running costs on track. I still hanker after one, but its nice to know someone else feels the love for the Evora.
  4. As referenced above with the Evora book photos, of interesting note in the text, Lotus actually saved some money n the testing as they were able to reuse some of the cars. " Of the 19 experimental prototypes built between October 2007 and March 2008, six were crash test cars. In the event only four had to be used because the front structure can be replaced. So, after a frontal impact test, the team mounted a new subframe, new suspension and new front clam, and crashed it again." "The whole car is incredibly strong, we haven't even damaged a tub yet and that includes the 50 mph rear impact test." Dave Tankard (Lotus-Functional Leader for Vehicle Safety)
  5. Looks very smart. Nice colour.
  6. Does anyone know what fails in the regulator, or why it fails?
  7. There is only one belt. The sc belt is often referred to as a V belt.
  8. Sounds like really bad luck. I haven't heard of a belt snapping in 8 years of ownership and 2 Evoras owned. I would now want to know what that noise was, and why the belt snapped. It could be just that the belt frayed and was rubbing on something, or the belt was rubbing on something it shouldn't have been. Fitting a new belt would then just give the same result. The second worry would be that the noise was caused by something failing, that evetually jammed, and threw the belt. Again you need to know if this is the case before having a new belt fitted. Sorry to hear of the problem though. Hopefully there was no engine damage, and I hope you get it sorted quickly.
  9. The only stupid people here are Lotus, or Lotus America. I suspect the former.
  10. I think you get a compulsory 2 day ban, and sit in a corner to consider your actions, for mentioning the b word.
  11. It depends on where it has cracked. Most of those I've seen were on the side where the pipe from the exhaust breather exits. Mine hasn't cracked (yet) but I often get a small deformation 'hump' which dissapears when the car cools down.
  12. Cable is under the insulation and comes in at the rear from the right hand side of the car looking forward, or the left hand side looking back towards the rear window (pax side on a lhd car). You will have to remove the carpet and insulation material to see it.
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