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  1. Take the centres out. They are made of a plastic that will take a new shape when heated. They will fall out and never regain their original shape and size.
  2. I have found this on track. The heat builds up quickly and you really want to let a lot of air out. When they cools over lunch my tyres are decidedly flat and I put a bit of air back in to start the afternoon session.
  3. I hate to disagree with the Kimber heritage but the ride and handling is THE reason I continually drive Lotus. It is simply what I judge all others by.
  4. Don’t we just throw our keys with the fob of choice on the bar anymore?
  5. but usually correct. The steering wheel is rarely removed and refitted. I'd get a geo and tracking done first.
  6. I did it the other way round. Sold mine to purchase my first Evora.
  7. No why would they? Have there been troublesome superchargers?
  8. I think you are right in point to point times, but then I suspect my old 120D BMW would be just as fast. I think the difference is in the driving experience. The S is a lazy torquey very quick car. The NA is a buzzy, constant gear change, exciting (if you like that sort of thing) drive to keep up. Not that different on track to be fair. The NA can be thrown round a track pretty quickly but it is a different experience to the S.
  9. I wonder if it could be the A pillar trim coming loose?
  10. Marginal performance gains? You are joking, yes?
  11. You need to find someone who understands air con on cars. It is a pretty simple system but most 'mechanics' seem to think that chucking some more refrigerant will fix things. You need someone with a vacuum pump to exhaust it, let it sit and see if it holds a vacuum over a few hours. If it does then suck it dry, refill with refrigerant, oil and a uv dye . Then every few days for a month or so check round all the connection points with a uv light. It may seal or it may not. Make sure whoever does the work also checks the air temp before and after the vacuum and refill exercise. It will give
  12. Just as soon as they had used up old stock. 😀
  13. I'm not sure of the value of super unleaded i the NA, but I haven't run an NA as an owner. Others will advise. Re the 3 rings. Do you have enough post counts to do such a thing? 🤔
  14. Is that three Lotus' in the same location? A record surely.
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