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  1. FFS How do you people manage to get dressed by yourself of a morning? Next time you have to put petrol in or go shopping, drive over to a quiet area and pull the dipstick out, wipe it. Put it back in, pull it out again look at it. Use a cloth that you have cleverly remembered to take with you, and if necessary put some oil in from the oil you have also remembered to take with you. If you can't do this, please carefully consider whether you should be out on your own.
  2. If you have no other way of checking, take the battery off the car and charge it. Leave it for a couple of days and connect a 12v lead lamp. If it doesn't light strongly then the battery is fubarred.
  3. I think the problem is likely to be integrating any engine tune in to the Lotus/Bosch control electronics, just as it has been with the Evora.
  4. For the drivers or new slogan, for the passengers?
  5. Love the look and the interior. Not so sure about the ancient truck engine and box. Looking forward to the AMG version though.
  6. ^ This ones full, they'll be another along in a minute.
  7. I haven't seen it myself but it has been reported as the oil feed pipe that supplies the cams. One on each bank I believe.
  8. That is some failure rate. Any ideas on why those engines failed? Do you know the usage cycles of those engines? I have done a few track days with mine but haven't heard of any similar failures. I have come across two potential failures with the first signs being noisy and then wiped cams due to oil feeder pipe blockage.
  9. Its a nice refresh or rebuild but magnetic drain plug? Bearings are not magnetic so what is it you are checking for?
  10. This shows the 400 adjusters but the principle of how it works is the same.
  11. It is as easy. It may need the airbox to be removed to make it easier but it is possible with the air box in place. The advantage of the rear adjustment is that both the cross gate and the longitudinal cables can be adjusted. The gear change mechanism is a complex little thing inside the gearbox with a machined slot and pin that has to align perfectly for a slick gear change. Those two adjusters on the rear allow for that fine adjustment. There is nothing wrong with your adjustment but I think that end is more to adjust the lever movement than the cable stretch. I will try and find the Lotus diag in the service notes that shows this.
  12. or got to the back of the car and use the cable adjusters at that end?
  13. Elise shop are based in the EU. They have a a grp replacement which is reputed to be stronger than the oem plastic one, which is affected by engine heat. Email them (Yvo) and ask if they have had any crack.
  14. Clutch switch is another possibility if the traction control light is flickering.
  15. My S1 is American spec and has dlr enabled. I always assumed it was merely using the front sidelights for this?
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