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  1. I haven't has a starter motor fail on anything since about 1973! Company cars I owned went to 80K miles before I moved them on. Company vans 200K miles.
  2. I expect its to decide what colour to repaint the unsold ones.
  3. Wooden blocks are just as effective. Jack one side, put a block under the wheels, jack other side.
  4. There is no Lotus motorsport facility any longer.
  5. TBF the Evora was meant to be an Elise plus 2 - a basic sports car. Along the way it morphed into something with a bit of comfort with air con and a soft interior for launch and then eventually almost an Esprit replacement with the latest models. I bought the plus 2 initially because I thought I could take my friends to a pub lunch. When I realised I don't have any friends I swapped it for a plus 0. 🥺
  6. I wish it were so Bibs but a used Evora doesn't have the same cache as a carefully stored GT4 as much as you and I would both like it to. You are correct though re it's worth what a buyer will pay. On finance most people will pay the few extra pounds per mth for new rather than even a year old let alone a few mths. I have always found deals to be done on dealer 'as new; or ex demo stock.
  7. New car at 80K loses 16K VAT as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. Add in on the road costs and you've dropped another 2-3K. Depreciation in the first two years is horrific on all cars but more noticeab;e on higher value cars obviously. @C8RKH, you got a good deal if you can trade in at 60K but I suspect that may be against a full cost more expensive car. Private selling a car at 60K. Most struggle to find buyers much lower than that without dealer warranty. finance, perceived benefits of someone to shout at, etc.
  8. I like your thinking but an 80K Lotus trade in value of 60K after 2 years?
  9. So its costing you 20k a year?
  10. As its a wish list 450bhp- where it should always have been-, white dials, adjustable Ohlin's, back to Recaro seats. Oh and a working air con/heating system , but then I'm in to the land of fantasy.
  11. So what is it they think they are selling. SC or NA?
  12. There may be a moderator on here that has the first home designed black pack Evora.
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