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  1. I would be annoyed. Brake fluid is not a good thing to be splashing about. Any garage worth its salt should be aware of this. Lucky you had the ppf to soak it up.
  2. There is a switch that has to see a pressure of gas/coolant before the ac will run. I would get someone to check the gas pressure and then to check that trinary switch first. edit: When I say the switch , it will have an associated sensor.
  3. from a USA site A/C Compressor Toyota/DENSO Part #: 8832042120 UAC Part #: UAC CO 10856C (FROM A USA TOYOTA RAV 4 3.5L V6 2006-2012) A/C Dryer/Receiver PACCAR Genuine Parts 1711509PAC (for a Peterbuilt) 1400604PAC (cross-ref)
  4. Since moving to France 10 years ago I have rekindled my spannering techniques. I now have the time and the space to do most things that don't require two people.
  5. Its a pitta but I can usually manage to see the normal height ones. It’s the low height ones just a tad higher than that lowered pedestrian kerb that catch me out.
  6. The rear of the car is wider than the front. Here in France and other parts of Euroland they like to have low kerbs in semi pedestrianised narrowed road areas in city centres, increasingly in small towns as well. They are a pitta for the rear wheels being just the right height. Ask me how I know.
  7. the air con is always on, even in winter. I just don't use the car enough, especially the last couple of Covid years. I still can't get my head around the loss of gas refrigerant though. The dog waggon BMW hasn't been touched since build in 2013 and it runs as cold as you like. I had expected not to hold pressure and find an evaporator or worse needing replacement. Happy it just needed draining and refilling.
  8. Just to finish this off. Took another half can and pressures are now 45 and 200. 27 degrees outside but hotter in the sun, air outlet temp 5 degrees. Going to rename the car , The Coolerator. 🥶
  9. I was aiming for about 18-20 degrees below ambient. Is that a tad too much to ask?
  10. Not quite finished as the refills came up short on quantity and I need another one! (All fully shaken and inverted). Signs are good though. Low side is 45 psi and high side is 120psi. Temp below Todays outside temp is 27 C and in the barn I'm seeing 24 C I am aiming for 4-6 degrees.
  11. Many thanks Phil. It's comforting having your help. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks Phil. If i turn the can upside down as the can instructs will that feed liquid in? Re the high pressure side. If I close that off and just feed via the low pressure, can I then run the engine and turn the air con on to open the high pressure side and let it fill via the compressor and full circuit? IF I half fill the circuit and then run it for a couple of minutes, can I then come back and top it up. I read some where that approx 40 on the low side and 220 on the high side should be about right at 20 degrees C? Edit. I will be weighing the final bit in.
  13. Just been out to check and thats now 5 hours no loss of vacuum. Strange.
  14. They are taking the weight but overnight I have some wooden blocks. The thing is the rear wheel is on and it is only the front that needs to be supported. That front jack when completely down will hold the disc above the ground. I don't get under it with just the jacks though. Fortunately for this job its in from the side.
  15. Thanks Bibs. Dryish climate and use here so the foam is as good as new. No corrosion behind. Even the mud flap brackets only have light corrosion. I will wd40 and grease everything in sight though when I screw it back together. Hopefully Phil (Daddy cool) will be on here this evening.
  16. I have started the ac recon after buying the gear two years ago. 🙂 After an hour and a half Its still holding the vacuum so why did the gas leak out in the first place? Everything looks in good nick, no corrosion anywhere. Minimum temp I can get in the car at the mo is Set up I am going to leave it overnight ans see if the vacuum holds for that long. Recharge with some uv detect and a little compressor oil tomorrow as well as the refrigerant. Anyone know whether I should add a full compressors worth of oil or just a small top up. I can't see any oil leaks anywhere and the vacuum shouldn't have boiled any oil away. I don't want to overfill and cause a leak.
  17. Good residuals is different from an investment. I don't see any sign of any new Lotus being a good investment. If they were I'd be a multi millionaire by now. ( Should've bought Pork) 😎
  18. Yeah in about 50 years. Buying a Lotus is about the driving. Buying with any thought of investment is marketing hype or just plain stupidity.
  19. Damn Covid has stopped play. Foreign road trips will hopefully start again next year for me. Edit: 5 years and 24K km followed by three years and 300 km. 😒
  20. Passed the CT. Good for another two years and another 186 miles. (How embarrassing). 😀
  21. All working. Track wheels on tyres have tread left and tpms working
  22. Yep I have some autel programmed tpms valves waiting to go in these wheels. Just not got around to it with Covid etc and not wearing out these tyres yet. I haven’t the autel programmer though. Someone else did them for me. I went for a drive, no reset although the light did briefly flash. Tomorrow I’ll chuck the tpms wheels on and hope those haven’t run out of battery life over the last couple of years sitting on the barn.
  23. Yes I have an Autel around somewhere for the airbag light. Not sure if it will talk to the TPMS module though. It's not a sensor problem- I don't have any fitted on these wheels.
  24. Thanks. Yes further reading elicits anything after 2012 needs to have no light showing unless the tester is sure that it only indicates a tyre with low pressure. Any indication that the system is not working is a failure. Not sure about the CT but they are roughly in sync so I expect the same. The only thing that intrigues me is your comment re the non tpms system. I vaguely remember that my tpms light does go off on longer journeys. I may just go for a long drive tomorrow and see if it resets. CT isn't until Thursday.
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