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  1. Are you there to tow away that trailer home?
  2. I really don't think your expectations are too high. Its a fault that should be sorted by your Lotus dealer, whatever the cause. I'm a long tern Lotus owner (since about 1973) and this is the sort of thing that continues giving Lotus a bad name. It should be called out for what it is. Sloppy service.
  3. I haven’t run an Evora with the Ohlins but the 2-11 I had could be adjusted to an nth degree. You could feel the difference between a damp track setting and a full wet. I would put the Ohlins on my Evora if I was using it on track more. I’m not sure of an advantage for the road.
  4. I went for a track focused setting. Having said that I think the car now rides better on the road than it ever did. I obviously adjust the Nitrons for road use, mostly different to track use. On track the softer road settings work well in the wet. Chris really is an expert on these cars, and on the use of Nitrons with Lotus’ in particular. Talk to him and if you go with him, get him to suggest the right Nitron settings, with the right spring rates, and the right geo, for your expected use. He will get the car set up and it will be a revelation. There is one thing to be aware of whoever supplies you with the Nitrons. They will clonk a little. If you already have the original arb bushes it sounds much the same as they do. Hardly noticeable unless you are driving over potholes, but not silent.
  5. Best just get married the once, or better still not even the once. Save a fortune. 👍
  6. Shiny Mr Bibbs, very shiny 😎.
  7. Get yourself a jump start li ion pack from amazon. Small device that will get you out of trouble if needed.
  8. Don’t buy direct from Nitron. Talk to Hoffmans of Henley. Chris Randall will help you decide on valving and spring rates for your use and you will have a custom set of Nitrons. Chris has supplied me with both my race car and road cars in luding my current set up.
  9. I think you will be looking at 30K for a good LE, another 5k on top will get you in to an S if you shop around/look out for the ads as soon as they go up. Speak to WILLB who is a good chap and Lotus dealer and often will look out for cars if you give him a spec and price range.
  10. No Evora is too extreme for any road use, just make sure it doesn't have the very expensive carbon sport seats. Re the LE. Better to buy one that has been sorted over the years. To bring one up to current spec with clutch and flywheel changes plus the cables will be eye wateringly costly at one hit. Of course if you found one at around 20 K or less then it could be worthwhile. The interior on any car will wear dependent on use. Look on here for refinishing products that people have used. There is also a chance that you can find new seat covers advertised from Lotus specialists( original from Lotus). If you like your music then the LE cars do not have the best players or speakers. Another additional cost possibly. Generally post 2012 cars will have the essential updates. Personally I'm not keen on the looks of the 400 and would go for a late SR, but that's just personal preference.
  11. No, NO! 52K is waaayyyyy too cheap for an S1. Particularly grey ones.
  12. Dave, Does the main harness come down the centre on the S1? I thought it came from battery compartment to inner left rear fuse box and then down the cill to the front left wheel arch area and then back in (across the bulkhead under the dash on a lhd) and down to the main fuse box on the pax side?
  13. Do you have the weight of them - and the cost if you don't mind sharing.
  14. Slightly more complex than that Bibs but more or less right. Balancing the throttle is key to getting round a corner quickly, so not coasting but also not applying throttle at much of a rate. If you can hit the entry at the right speed then let the car almost roll round to the throttle coming back in as early as possible, then it feels about right. Re the harvesting thats an entirely different thing and I have no idea as to how much engine braking is good for either slowing or harvesting.
  15. The chassis is this then The engine is "ex-Nissan 4.5 litre “GTA” V8" but it does have "The Lotus uses a limited number of production car parts, the windscreen wiper, badge and door handles." Go LOTUS
  16. Is that an Evora Bibs or just an Evora lookalike on a spaceframe?
  17. Sorry to hear that. Has the dealer informed you which joints are leaking, and which hose is porous. It would help us all if we have those details. Thanks
  18. One here on sale
  19. 10 years since Lotus bought them and stuck them on a shelf, or 10 years since Lotus sold the car?
  20. 1K. Ouch. Stick with the plastic and see if that vent tube can be moved perhaps. Mine hasn't cracked on two cars but I will check that vent position just in case.
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