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  1. The thread is in danger of becoming an Emira thread, but re the wheel diameter, and a few other things. This car is not a track focused car. Unlike the Evora that was originally designed a plus 2 Elise, very basic and then upgraded, the Emira is designed as a road car with all the comfort and aesthetics compromises that entails.
  2. You may say that but as I get older a little photoshop goes a long way.
  3. Designers will have specced, bean counters will have re specced.
  4. Fwd wit an extra haldex 4wd sytem as required to keep the wheels from spinning up. How that translates into the Emira we will have to see.
  5. I think its a beautiful thing. Fully resolved and coherent. I will buy one, amg and high spec if it comes in at the right price. It’s the Esprit replacement that never arrived when I bought my first ‘stop gap’ Evora in 2011 after being told that the Esprit was just around the corner. 10 years later, that was one heck of a long corner. 😀
  6. I4 is dct only and summer 2022, so approx a year to wait.
  7. They are not minor if it stops you using the car, or worrying about taking it out. Lotus should be on this via their dealer.
  8. Bruss

    Who said that?

    Until now and ------
  9. £12K. Bargain. As a rank rookie am I allowed to post that?
  10. The last two pics are the classiest finish I think. No to red calipers, but yellow may work with the silver.
  11. What I don't understand is how it's so sporadic.....surely if a part had failed, then really it shouldn't work anymore, but there's times when the car is absolutely perfect! Thanks all so far. Its genuinely appreciated! It is why I suspect a sensor somewhere, or its connections.
  12. Is there a crank position sensor that needs checking?
  13. I want to change my sc belt. Does anyone have an up to date on which current belt part number is replaced by Lotus. There have been changes mentioned on here over the years re slippage and tension etc. What is the current issue of belt for the S1? Thanks
  14. Apparently I've earned a one year in badge. About blddy time! :-) JOINED July 2009. July 22, 2009
  15. As it is the market watch thread, how is the Emira going to affect Evora values? Emira successful hopefully, but will be in the Evora sales space? Evora prices to hold in the short to medium term, but then be hit by used Emira’s coming to market?
  16. I'm considering fitting a cold air intake to my 2010 n/a Evora but can't seem to find a supplier in the UK. Answer. There isn't one. I would be interested to hear whether this is worthwhile (seeking a bit more torque ostensibly) and whether I can order one in the UK. Answer. No it isn't. No there isn't. Any other comments appreciated - car currently has a K&N panel filter and 3rd cat delete There are a few people on here that have made there own. Search on here.
  17. Bruss

    Who said that?

    Lol, close Gordon Murray.
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