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  1. "Controlling air under the car produces better gains" Good luck with that on that Escort. 🤣
  2. Do you mean that the fob was operating the release, but the release wasn’t releasing?
  3. Just to remind me more than anything of happier pre covid times
  4. As always it depends on your driving style. Brake pads and tyres are the main consumables. The harder you drive the more they wear. I also change my oils and filters more often than most. Heat is your enemy in terms of performance but I haven't had any heat related damage. The Evora is a very good track car which I initially found surprising given its weight and engine position.
  5. and eating them before they get back in the car?
  6. Bruss

    TLF GT430 Club

    Synergy with Lotus. Seldom used but always pleasurable.
  7. Bruss

    EVORA Weight

    There are other bits you can easily change. Exhaust Brake Discs Glass in the tailgate. Wheels are a possibility but they will have to be custom made which makes them expensive. Also as someone pointed out to me, eating less and taking up a gym membership can reduce the deadweight in the drivers seat.
  8. On the S1 I enquired with the makers who said that they are not allowed to repair by Lotus. Everything has to go through them. There are a couple of general electronic care repair companies out there but I haven’t seen anyone who notes Lotus in their portfolios.
  9. Bruss

    EVORA Weight

    You need to change your seats. Removing the heater elements will be marginal.
  10. C’mon man, where are the pics?
  11. I heard it had been rerouted via Suez.
  12. NOOOO. say it 'aint so! 🤣
  13. That is a beautiful car. I'm surprised it has sat so long, but they do say they will get Bell and Colvill to check it over.
  14. Ah, I have cotton reeled mine - rubber cotton wheels. No scoops to direct air though. I can feel another project coming on.
  15. Lotus on Track. The safest and most like minded group for a first track day - and any other.
  16. MIguel if you make up some more please add a set for me if you can despatch to France. Thanks
  17. You will be fine as long as ES is near enough to maintain and service it. Other Lotus dealers may be unfamiliar with its tuning. I come from France to let ES service my car. They do a good job. I have to declare an interest. They helped Lotus motorsport adapt my car and looked after my previous Evora for servicing and my race car.
  18. I have driven the that car. I am also surprised it hasn't sold. It is very nice- almost as good as mine 🙂
  19. I think its a pointless argument over who has been the most incompetent. Back to the thread.
  20. LOL. I didn't actually do anything, but I am happy that the vaccines have gone to the country with the highest death rate and the highest number of deaths, still. You need them more than anyone else.
  21. Apparently some bstd stole them before they were delivered.
  22. I've always risked it without. You'll be fine. Oh, I see
  23. After a quick bit of internet research I've decided to have a go at a recharge myself. I've ordered a vacuum pump and gauges to clear the system plus some replacement valves. My thinking is that as the refrigerant has already leaked out all I will be doing is clearing down the last remnants. I've ordered oil and replacement eco friendly refrigerant plus a uv dye to check for leaks after refill. I wont be doing this for a month or so but I'll update when I do.
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