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  1. 6 hours ago, Spinney said:

    I’m sure many of these pre production and so called ‘spy shots’ are very carefully planned by the manufacturer concerned in order to ramp up the excitement about a new model.
    Works for me and I’ll be looking for these spy shots with great enthusiasm. 😁

    NOOOO. say it 'aint so!



  2. 30 minutes ago, Dan425 said:

    I've dropped them a line about it, but haven't ever bought a modified car. It's definitely something I'd need to fully understand before committing.

    You will be fine as long as ES is near enough to maintain and service it. Other Lotus dealers may be unfamiliar with its tuning.  I come from France to let ES service my car. They do a good job.


    I have to declare an interest. They helped Lotus motorsport adapt my car and looked after my previous Evora for servicing and my race car.






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  3. 2 hours ago, electro_boy said:

    I find it hard to believe the swindon engined motor is still unsold for so long.   I would have snapped it it up if I hadn't already sunk a load of cash modifying my car and also formed an attachment to the car.  My car gets serviced my ES Motorsport and every time I'm over I have to tell my self don't ask for a test drive! 

    I have driven the that car. I am also surprised it hasn't sold. It is very nice- almost as good as mine 🙂



  4. After a quick bit of internet research I've decided to have a go at a recharge myself. I've ordered a vacuum pump and gauges to clear the system plus some replacement valves. My thinking is that as the refrigerant has already leaked out all I will be doing is clearing down the last remnants. I've ordered oil and replacement eco friendly refrigerant plus a uv dye to check for leaks after refill. I wont be doing this for a month or so but I'll update when I do. 






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  5. 21 minutes ago, TdM said:

    Apparently it's relatively common. It's not a standard Toyota part. It's a Toyota part that is then modified by Lotus, so don't go to a Toyota dealer!


    On 20/02/2021 at 23:19, Cdm2018 said:

    Another starter motor problem on the Evora ? Perhaps in the grand scheme of the cars the number follows normal failure rates ? 


    I haven't has a starter motor fail on anything since about 1973!

    Company cars I owned went to 80K miles before I moved them on. Company vans 200K miles.

  6. 45 minutes ago, TomE said:

    FE Evora details due to be announced in the next 2-3 weeks.  Expected to be similar to GT spec.  I suspect the delay is because they need to confirm parts supply for the intended numbers.

    I expect its to decide what colour to repaint the unsold ones.



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