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  1. So, we don't seem to have the usual list of who's going: 1: Newts 2: fitz 3: Ralph 4. Cookie Anybody I missed?
  2. I guess there is a slim possibility of getting it fixed then.
  3. Have I missed this or is it still pending? My car has an oil leak that will need sorting before I can get.
  4. I will certainly be going, though camping seems a bit extravagant since it is only five minutes down the road.
  5. Changed my mind, I think. Let's leave it where it is. I should be able to make it for about 8.30
  6. If you would like me to look at this, let me know. I have been in mobile with for the past 5 years
  7. I would like to be there. I am wondering if maybe we couldn't move the venue south a bit?
  8. I will be there although may be a little late as this is the day of my maiden London commute. 1) fitz 2) Newts 3) Cookie
  9. So, it sounds like none of us have properly working brakes. We should probably warn The Angel that we are coming so they can clear the car park.
  10. Hope you enjoy your ballet lessons Buddsy. I think I probably started trying a bit late, Newts, although try I did. The first roundabout made me realise just how piss poor my brakes are. This will be the next job for Gerald, I think. I better put in some hours in my new job to pay for it. Will definitely be holding on to the car now, anyway.
  11. Yes, it was fun. I can confirm that Newts' new car is pretty quick (and that mine is pretty slow).
  12. This thread is really hard to find hidden away in the Suffolk group. I wonder how that happened 1. Fitz 2. Andyclements 3. Newts 4. Ralph 5. Cookie
  13. I'm still up for this though my Camera was stolen in a recent burglary so pictures might not be all that. Do we know an ETA?
  14. I would like to get along to this too if you can get more than one person in.
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