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  1. i make 3d printer , let me know who need it rgds gustavo
  2. dear can you showme the panasonic connection? i bouthgt one but i havent any conection manual. posivie negative, speaker s.... thank you gus
  3. Dears, really thanks you for your comments Great people!!!!!
  4. giorgio, thank you very much. where did you findit? this drawins? i have boths books from lotus. but no drawings like this....... really thank you gus ps. sorprise for me, see the Colombian lotus esprit..... nice..... no Uruguay, just Argentina, your photo is my car.
  5. Choppa, thank you for your respnose, i have origial lotus catalogs, but all are drawings, and no drawings conections about how to mount radiators to body front or chassis.... let me know. about this car, is the only one in south america... its a nice story.... this cars was in my hands.... 35 years a go.... father friend showed at home..... 35 years after.... i founded completed disasembled.... now ... to restoration.......
  6. Friends, I'm trying to mount front radiator in my esprit s2 jps.... I recived completed disassembled, and I have not idea how can I mount.... Please any help? Photos.... Drawings.... I will appreciate Gustavo
  7. dear

    as i worte in a forum, im making a resotartion on a s2 jps , number 20, can you helpme with photos? i need wiring electric photos? i dont know where they go.


    also any help you supose .... will be great




  8. hello my friend, im from argentina, recently i started to restoration process on my Esprit JPS number 20, can you helpme? this cars was brokked 30 years a go, bad restoration on it, so I started again, i have , i think all parts, but is completed desasembled... i need start like a factory... can you helpme with photos? i need at this time start with electric wiring process, i have brand new instalation, but i dont have idea where wiring go , inside the car.... from engine to inside..... can you helpme? thank you Gustavo
  9. dears, Im on my Lotus esprit s2 1978, jps conmemorative restoration , i have a brand new wiring loom, i will like to have some guide to make a good wiring instalation, i will apreciate any drawing guide. rgds Gustavo
  10. dears im working in a Esprit jps s2, i need servo assy, complete parts.... at least the reservoir and restoration parts..... more parts are welcome. thanks gustavo
  11. sorry, as soon you want i can send you the corel files to cut all gold strips and lateral number. contact
  12. dears can anyone helpme? i m restauring a lotus esprit jps, 1978 , s2, unfortunely i dont have information photo or drawings.... i have lotus work shop but all are drawings, but no photos... if somebody can have photos of all radiator nose bottom of the lotus esprit... i will apreciate gustavo
  13. dears hello, i need tailgate glass, alsoo electric side mirrors jps lotus esprit any idea? thank you gustavo
  14. hello... im lockingfor a jps steering wheel for my esprit jps, did you has the old one?? any idea?? thank you gustavo
  15. thank you Neil, good your spaneglish.... keep in touch. gus
  16. dear hello, i can help you , i m working in my car decals, i making drawings in corel, to cut in vinyl, did you find the correct viniyl color ?? please, buy the correct GOLD color viniyl, if you don care, i need material for my car also... if you send to me , i will cut free for you....i have cutter router also I need a favor, i need a photo ( perpendicuar photo) of the front car LAUREL , to draw gustavo
  17. dear, I understand , and thank you to move my topic , now is ok ,and i Understood. rgds. gustavo
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