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  2. Hello, i can`t believe what i read: No Club Lotus Show this year because of problems with Donington Park ? It`s difficult to believe for me that there`s no free place for the show in 2012.......Seems to me that someone did not their job ! What do you think ? Sven from germany
  3. Hello everyone, i`m a lotus collector (hello bibs, do you still have the pictures of my collection ?) and stay for a few days in london (Mon-Fri). Who knews some good places for a lotus enthusiast ? Motorbooks, St. Martins Accesoires and Modelzone is well known...but what about some second hand model shops or is there a good lotus dealer etc. Let me know...All the best, Sven from germany
  4. Thank you for the feedback ! @Barrie: Yes, it is the motorhome of the essex cars. It is the calendar from classic team lotus (old one)...
  5. Hello everyone, i just put my private collectors site online. I collect lotus related things since 2003, are there any other automobilia - collectors too ?? Let me know....
  6. svenw123


    Can somebody help ? I want to visit stoneleigh this year to compare it with donington where i was. Is it worth to come (first i`m looking for automobilia,books and models) and if the answer is yes - did anybody knew a hotel near the exhibition ? Thanks, Sven
  7. Hello everybod ! I came from germany and stay in London during the end of december. Do everybody have an idea were i can find a good classic lotus dealer ? I`m also looking for diecast-models-do everybody has some good places for me ? For books i think it`s Motorbooks in London ? Is there anything else to see for a lotusfan in london ? Thanks, Sven from the north of germany
  8. Now it comes to an end : Some items are not in stock (he told me this after waiting 28 days!) and today i got an email from paypal with the message that littlelotus send back all the money !!! I think this story had nothing to do with a little shop or one man business - it is about good service or bad one. And this was a bad service and i will never try again buying some items from him ! Thanx for all your help and the support ! Bye Sven
  9. Hello again, today (after send an email to paypal to stop my money) somebody get in contact with me from littlelotus ! Some items are sold out...But, sorry after one month it is to late - or what do you think ?
  10. Thaaaaanx !!! Hope to see most of you next year at Donington !!!
  11. Hello everybody ! For about one year i read something about lotus in a german magazin...that`s how it started. Now i have about 100 lotus models, 15 books about each lotus and a few dvd`s and videos. Next year i want to buy a lotus esprit s2 or s3 , can`t wait until 2006 .......
  12. The link to the site is : It is on the linksite from this site. Bye Sven
  13. Hello, i `am a lotus lover from germany. For a few weeks i found "Littlelotus" - a link on this site and ordered some cars from the internetshop. Money is paid by paypal but the modells are until now not here . Can somebody help or knew the shopowner or do they have holidays- i get no replys on mails or telephonecalls. Bye Sven
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