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  1. In May, 2012 I drove past a quarry and saw they had two drive-on scales available. Since the quarry was closed that day I decided to weigh-in with a half tank of fuel and roof-less (1424kg). If the roof (8kg) were in, and I (75kg) were out, my Federal FE weighs 1357kg (2993lbs) with that half tank of fuel.
  2. Looks good, Tony! Congratulations! Derik PS Don't fear the wing!
  3. How is a poor dude/bloke in the States supposed to get this magazine? I don't think Barnes and Noble carry it, as I looked for it this past weekend, and I don't think we really have any other bookstores remaining! Argh!
  4. It's the yellow! Looks to be in fantastic shape. Nice one, Daniel. A keeper for sure! Derik
  5. Welcome to the fun! I'm in Dublin, and there's another Esprit owner in Hilliard here on TLF. A road trip to Tony K's would be awesome with a convoy of Esprits! Derik
  6. Columbus, you say? What part? I'm in Dublin.
  7. Gavin, I can't thank you enough for scanning and posting all of these. They're fantastic. It really hits home just how 'hand made' and 'hand fabricated' so much of the Esprit really is! Really really cool! Thanks so much for sharing your find with us! Derik
  8. Tad, Welcome to TLF and Esprit ownership! Great looking '87 you have there. Congratulations. The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is amazing, and I'm not even 'in to' motorcycles. Though they do have a decent number of cars, and a nice display of Lotus F1 and early road cars. I would definitely go again if I had the opportunity! Again, welcome! Derik
  9. I'm a big fan of the big Healeys, in part because my dad has one. 2 reasons I love my Esprit as much as I do: 1. It's just really cool 2. It continues the English sports car 'tradition' started by my father Unfortunately, his '65 3000 MkIII has been in pieces on jack stands since 1991... All of the Healeys posted here look fantastic!
  10. There are no gold stars available on TLF, Simon, so I can only rate your video with: Nicely done! Derik
  11. Stu, I've seen the YouTube video and they make it look so easy. I have successfully stowed the composite panel in the trunk of my V8 Esprit, both with and without the factory vinyl bag. It was a frustrating experience that I promised myself I would never attempt again. Getting the thing back out, especially with the bag, was nearly impossible. When I feel like going topless, the roof stays in the garage. Derik
  12. Welcome, Jim! Keep waxing! As you may already know, there are a few Esprit owners in the Puget Sound area. Every so often they gather here on Saturdays. Derik
  13. Way to go Kimi! Congrats to the whole team!
  14. Fantastic! I was expecting some picture of a Hot Wheels 1:10000 scale model as something of a joke. Great stuff, and I'm looking forward to seeing the progression towards raodworthy! Derik
  15. Rick, Congratulations. Amazing what a couple of sheets of paper can do! I've had the info on my car for a couple of years now. Not framed, but every so often I do dig it out and read each line carefully, taking in every piece of information.
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