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  1. Challenge me... his rear valance is slotted!!!
  2. I changed mine a while back, pretty easy to get out but getting it back in takes sometime!!! You've just got to get the angle right.. It wasn't too bad for me as we had a pit to do it in, wouldn't like to do it without one. Time to take out approx 15 mins... time to get back in about 1 hour.. you may get it back in first time but it does take a bit of messing.. My experience with most esprit work is that it normally takes atleast twice if not three times longer than you first expect. Cheers LJ
  3. Same thing happened to mine.. bulb blew and then rev counter started to go mad - that's when you know you're loosing serious battery power The alternator was faulty and I had it repaired.. think they said it was the same as a Omega V6.. Total cost of recon was about
  4. I'm not suggesting anything, but perhaps that's what you like about it!!!
  5. Guys, Bit of a panic attack this morning, after getting my exhaust refurbed I also gave the gear linkages a good clean and grease. I decided to take her for a spin to work. All seemed fine until I called for juice approx 0.5 miles after starting off. I pulled into the garage forcourt only to find that I couldn't find 1st...arrrh panic... I then reliased that 1st was where 3rd use to be and 3rd where 5th use to be ...... having realised that I could still drive her, I filled up with juice and drove to work without the ability to put her into 5th (too far over....) Haven't had a loo
  6. A friend of mine has just bought one. It's the 231 bhp model. The problem is that it's only a 1.3 litre and you have to screw the nuts of it to make good progress as its pretty low on torque. MPG wise he only gets about 23!! and that's just everyday driving.... LJ
  7. I would be interested in the results of fitting any of Marcus' chips. I currently have a standard V8 with an electronic boost controller. Keep us posted!! Cheers LJ
  8. I've got polished wheels on my v8, although hard to keep clean I use 'Belgom Alu' which is much better than 'Autosoll'. Have a look on the net for a stockist. If you use it regularly then they will keep pretty well. If you're struggling to get any shine then perhaps you need to invest in some mops and soaps to get the shine back. Cheer Lincoln
  9. Did you have the wind behind you!!!!! Giss a go in the new mota, go on, giss a go......
  10. Yeah, same thing happend to mine. Need to use a friends pit to get right under the car, I think it was just a case of tightening a couple of 10mm nuts LJ
  11. Guys, Mine was done when I bought the mota. All windows except the windscreen have got quite a heavy tint on them. You can see it if you look at the ' driver training day 24th July 2005' write up. It's the silver one. Personally I like it, as driving the esprit gets enough attention you can be a bit anonymous as people can't see in!!! I've only been stopped once (in 3yrs) by the rossas! Not a good experience but that's another story. Technically it is illegal if the tint is too dark as there's suppose to be a certain % of light that is let through the windows. It's only a proble
  12. Well, that's what I call a job well done!!! But I must admit, the next morning I nearly rode into the river twice on the way to work...
  13. Adrian, Thought about selling mine when I got the ban but didn't really see anything as exciting in the right price range!!! So I'm going to keep hold of her until the Aston V8 comes down to a spensible price - in a few years time... Only 3 months, 2 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes and 6... no 5 seconds to go!!!! We'll have to catch up again for a few scoops and get grandad out Later Linc
  14. Yeah, sounds good Dave... It would be nice to have it up and running ready for when I'm back on the road. Might be a bit of a shock though, as I'm not used to vehicles with a lot of power at the moment!!!
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