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  1. It does make you realise how little effect we can have by driving a bit less when it turns out that a full 2% of CO2 emissions every year come from naturally burning coal fires in China (more CO2 than every truck car and lorry combined in the USA releases in a year), not even considering the estimated 250,000 active coal fires in Indonesia. The scales of tonnage of CO2 released into the atmosphere is vast beyond comprehension and so while Iceland's volcano may have dunped a very impressive many millions of tonnes of CO2, it's only a drop in large ocean. Ridiculous to suggest that we now need to scale back our own usage from the activity of a single volcano and these climate change people are going too far with their attributing every natural event and every natural variance to climate change. Did you know that Tony Blair is single handedly responsible for both global climate change and the world economic recession? The bastard.
  2. Being an Esprit owner from South Wales, this does sound up my street (I've considered a day out to Watford!). Simon, i've PMed you about some potential work, mainly a service and some hose replacements. Has anyone here had experience of having their cars worked on by Simon or working with him, seen his work etc? Cheers.
  3. I've got an aging amp and 5.1 speakers and am thinking of upgrading them soon to finish off the Sky HD, Blu-Ray etc. I find this place: absolutely invaluable in terms of AV information, and the people there are very helpful, especially in finding things within a price range. I personally find Bose stuff too expensive for what it is (an inflated brand) and they can recommend stuff for a fraction of the price which will outperform it.
  4. I think electric cars are a bit of a dead end due to the issues regarding cost in monetary terms and to the environment (batteries are horrific things) and the issues regarding recharging. Biofuel cars are already experiencing a massive backlash due to the immense collateral damage on the environment of producing the required crops. My opinion is that if current green trends continue, Hydrogen cars will kill electric cars stone dead in about 5/10/15 years. I think alternative issues should also be considered, in particular reducing the Cd of cars and reducing the rolling resistance. While energy recovering devices are also nice, I can't see these being mainstream, although I don't really know why. Lotus have always seemed to be willing to embrace new technology and be at the fore of development, and I hope this continues and is supported by their time in F1.
  5. As a future vet, I get to see the whole process in quite some detail, with large amounts of theory work behind it also. Still haven't even entertained the thought of becoming vegetarian. Given unlimited funds I would struggle to make the slaughter process more welfare friendly than it already is. Lamb and much of beef production is fairly in keeping with what they would expect in the wild so can't complain about welfare there, although pork (rapidly improving, mind) and chicken production being a bit iffy welfare wise. I think it is important to have at least a vague understanding of where your food comes from and how it is produced and to take care of animals which we end up utilising. Can't beat a bleu rib-eye steak and chips!
  6. That was true, we had no 'native' rabies, until 2002 when a bat enthusiast in Scotland died of rabies contracted from a bat bite. Not really sure why, since bat enthusiasts should be well aware of the risks of dealing with bats and the high level of rabies they carry. A lot of the general public don't realise how high the prevalence of rabies (OK, they call it 'lyssavirus', but if it infects you, it's identical to rabies, 100% mortality, and the treatment is the same) is in bats, and that handling them is something to avoid at all costs. Even without a bite, handling a bat is enough to warrant a rabies post-exposure vaccine in my opinion (even abrasions not visible to the naked eye can be enough for it to infect you). Although we are officially rabies free, they don't really bother counting the bat sources of infection for some preason. Pretty much ineradicable from this source. I don't think Foxes in this country are considered infected, but they're a major wildlife vector in central europe. Mass wildlife vaccination programs have been underway in Germany and surrounding areas for a while (mostly eastways), with an oral recombinant vaccine ( piece of tech!) dropped in bait traps from helicopters, with a huge amount of success in actually reducing the resulting numbers of human cases. Nice pic also!
  7. I worry he may be little too aggressive, but hopefully learning to tone that down will be part of the learning experience. I'd probably welcome him, a promising newcomer over someone like Trulli, a consistent average performer.
  8. I've had it for a few days now, loving it. Been using the loti a lot, especially the Evora but i'm now starting to appreciate the Stevens Esprit more, especially with some widened rear wheels and a few other minor mods. For those interested, there's also several elise variants, an elan sprint and a lotus carlton! Pity no G car. I've spent some time making my own car design now, i'm not very good having never done it before but have tried my best to make a JPS livery for the Evora. I quite like racing it and think it looks fairly good. It's not a faithful replica of the original, more a take on what it might look like on the Evora. can be seen on my storefront tag: flyingalbatross. If people are interested I can make it unlimited and lower the price (although at 10k it won't break the bank atm)
  9. Oulton Park, although i've never been. Also Llandow Circuit is close to where my parents live (where the Esprit is laid up at the moment). Once i've got the Esprit in top condition and i'm confident that every consumable and part is as far from accidental failure as possible, i'll probably take it to a few track days. I'm not a mad driver and don't plan on thrashing it but it would be nice to take it round to see how it handles as its meant to. As it is there are far too many horses and bikes on the B roads round here to consider thinking about approaching the limit!
  10. Realised that the rear tyres on my new 85 S3 were actually 16 years old! (with eight years of storage!) so needed to get them changed. Rather sad really as the Goodyear NCT 60's are like gold dust now and they were almost new in terms of tread wear, but I just didn't feel comfortable driving on tyres that old, with some evidence of ageing (lots of tiny sidewall/tread) fissures Replaced with two Barum Bravuris 225/60/15 96V and have been very happy with them. Road noise is minimal and they've made no noticeable difference to the handling, although I haven't exactly thrown them around yet. They don't bulge out quite so much as the goodyears but i certainly don't look on them as 'skinny'. £80 each. Fitted at Budget tyres (small independent i think) in Chester, excellent service, went out of their way to get them at short notice, fitted well (I hung around) and pleasant staff. Not the cleanest job in the world regarding beading but that cleans up easily. Oh, the fronts are running a pair of 2006 Event tyres. Can't really comment/compare them to anything though and don't know anything about their cost etc.
  11. Thankyou, so I can go about cleaning just by checking/undoing all the contacts I can acheive with a bit of sandpaper and some electrical cleaning spray, and hope that some TLC will solve a couple of the problems? I'm tempted to pull every fuse and replace them all as well at the same time, ill advised or OK? Unfortunately, the service manual is at home at the moment, is the only fusebox the one in the glovebox? Also, what am I looking for when I check the relays? Sorry, i'm fairly new to auto electrics! Cheers Andrew
  12. Cool, I was travelling north on the M5 that day (red S3), but then likely so were several others!
  13. So after a thorough play around with my new S3 (and a 500 mile drive over two days to get it home, thankfully the drivetrain seems to be in good nick), i've located a few problems with the electrics. First, there is a non OEM radio/CD installed. This plays fine (despite being a bit of a bad install job). However, when I switch on the front lights, the radio switches off (aerial retracts and all). I assume the previous owner has fudged the wiring. Any suggestion as to where this may have ocurred? Also, when the lights are up on dipped beam, they are fine. Adding high beam also occurs with no problem. However, switching the full beams off results in the headlamp pods dipping back in to the body, before coming back up with dipped beam only. This occurs pretty much every time, but not 100% of the time. I'm assuming this isn't a design feature given that it gives you roughly 1 second of no lights. Again, any suggestion as to where this problem may be located? Likely to be related to the other radio problem? Thanks!
  14. Well, my dad kindly picked the red S3 (S3) up for me today and drove it back, he says it runs beatifully and is mechanically great, although there are one or two electrical niggles. It's been in storage a fair while (8 years plus) so I think it may be a new introduction to LEF/LEW. It's previously been plated as MEC 88 and C432 YKE if anyone recognises it. Now C*** YKJ. As an introduction to lots of trouble, usually serious there's already been minor snags, namely he managed to snap off the ignition key in the fuel filler cap, not realising they were different keys. Now to go get it myself on Saturday and actually squeeze into the thing. I've already got tips regarding seat spacer removal etc lol. Thanks for all the advice and kind offers everyone here has given, i've been lurking for a few months as well so picked up on a lot of the major issues. I don't think I can make the Malvern parts fair, although it is on my way home (very pushed for time saturday night) but i'm sure i'll manage some events sometime.
  15. It's one of them new fangled safety features, innit? Seems like a good idea but also vastly over sensitive, i've seen it come up on cars just braking fairly hard to turn right off a busy A road, kind of necessary in that situation. I reckon it won't be long before it'll come with extra disco lights
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