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  1. As I'm you're aware the distibutor sits directly beneath the carbs & starting up an engine with a petrol soaked distributor really isn't a good idea unless you enjoy watching firemen work. Just thought I'd mention it.
  2. Looks lovely, what colour is that?
  3. Blue with silver roof looks pure elegance. Do you know that Paul Matty used to do convertible conversions for them?
  4. So. what colour are you going to repaint it, have you found someone to do it or are you having a go yourself?
  5. I believe that's correct, I think I read it in the Esprit Workshop manual. From memory, it was about the size of my index finger with a couple of spade ends on one end & a spring loaded plunger on the other which popped up when the solenoid was activated.
  6. click & enjoy
  7. I had an '89 Esprit Turbo with a throttle jack fitted for the air con which I disconnected as it wasn't used. Here's a pic of an original vacuum solenoid vale for the EBP & throttle jack part number A082M6421F from SJSportscars, but mine didn't look like that.
  8. What you mustn't do is V them out with a grinder & skim with filler, they'll re-appear as shrinkage.
  9. Just watched it & it's the best episode that I've seen, not that it was good, it's just that they're normally crap.
  10. The manual states a gap between the carb & spacer & manifold.
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