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  1. I don't think you can refill it the way have tried. I had the rack off & emptied it then held it vertically & poured in the recommended amount, can't remember how much. You may as well give it an oil refresh while you're there
  2. That was done by them, before Lotus, a big turbo blowing into a large SU carburettor. Just been on their web site, can't believe they only have three used Lotus for sale.
  3. jonwat

    Electric Seven

    due in 2023 Autocar opinion
  4. The central pieces are wrong 🤫
  5. Paul Matty is in Bromsgrove, been a Lotus specialist for many years, although I think he outsources body work repairs.
  6. How Matt Windle is putting Lotus back on the map
  7. Two-seater will go out of production after 25-year run
  8. That'll be due to faulty Ford components, if only they were as reliable as Lotus 😃
  9. Great news, I told you from the start it sounded like a fuelling problem.
  10. jonwat


    Simplify, then add lightness
  11. One of the guys who posted on here a while back used to hire one of these
  12. So, this is with a new/different ignition module fitted?
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