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  1. Brave man. My wife had her credit card stolen by some drug addict who has been spending hundreds on it to feed his habit but I've not reported it lost as that's far less than she spends on it.
  2. How about cutting up an old credit card, easier than steel to cut & glue in place & should easily be strong enough? You could also build up the back with filler, as Steve suggested, so the screws won't be pulling on it.
  3. Take the hub off the trailing, mount it in the vice & disasemble the UJ there. ☺
  4. Truly shocked. I first met Ed when I took my Europa's gear linkage to him to refurbish the UJs & we've kept in touch ever since meeting up at the Lotus Drivers club sprints at Wellsbourne, picture of Ed below. Was last in touch with him a few months ago when he decided to sell the Europa to Paul Matty & use the proceeds to gain his private pilots licence. RIP old friend.
  5. 3 Heather Rise,

    Jersey Marine,


    SA10 6LJ

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      Received, I'll post them to you on Wednesday.

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      Thank you Jon

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      Happy to help keep the old girl on the road :driving:

  6. jonwat

    Piston Heads article

  7. I have these, two new & two grotty but usable. I they are what you're looking for, send me your address on a five pound note to cover postage & I'll send you them.
  8. Nice words from Steve in this week's Autocar Sure, it was raining, but which idiot would pass up a chance to do some half-quick miles in the latest Lotus Evora? Especially since this was the GT410, a refined version of Hethel’s flagship. It was offered at an event at Caffeine & Machine, the coffee-and-eats haunt for car lovers not far up the Fosse Way from me. This model is familiarly known as ‘Phil’s spec’, because Lotus CEO Phil Popham decided soon after his arrival that there was showroom space for a calmer version of the firm’s quickest car, and he has been proven right. It had been a while since I had driven an Evora, so I found the car a total revelation. Of course it goes and sticks to corners: it’s a Lotus. But what amazed me was the Evora’s all-speeds poise, the amazing refinement of its low-speed ride and the ridiculously low levels of road noise, with those last two qualities setting standards even Porsche can’t match. During a (controlled) blast on local roads, I found myself thinking fond thoughts of the late John Miles – Formula 1 hero, suspension expert and former Autocar hack – whose expertise and indefatigable efforts have found a very happy home in this car.
  9. Also worth getting a Colortune to set the idle mixture correctly.
  10. jonwat

    Sport300 #18

    Shame they put the steering wheel on the wrong side.
  11. The O rings are there to absorb the engine vibrations which would shake the carbs & cause the fuel in the float chambers to froth, causing irregular high speed running if the mounting nuts have be over tightened, over compressing the O rings. Only people that don't know this over tighten them so I'm sure it's not your problem. Good luck finding the solution.
  12. Carbs incorrectly mounted causing fuel frothing at higher RPMs?
  13. Just love the beautiful Elan (don't think I seen a black one before)
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