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  1. In the UK we have people like Chipsaway who come to you to make invisible repairs to scratches & minor dents etc, I'm sure you'll have an equivalent in the US.
  2. jonwat

    Stephens Esprit HC Gearbox HELP

    Yes, there are too many diferences including the inboard brakes & gear change linkages of the Citroen box.
  3. Geely considering £1.5 billion investment 😀
  4. jonwat

    Good Carlton article

    Carltons selling for silly money.
  5. jonwat

    Gliptone /Liquid Leather

    Shame they're shutting, the stuff they've supplied to me was always a perfect colour match but I agree it wasn't very hard wearing. 😕
  6. jonwat

    Weber carb refurbishment

  7. jonwat

    V8 1998 clutch master cylinder

  8. jonwat

    Esprit Turbo Heavy Clutch

    No because the pedal moves through an arc so it's pulled away from therelease beading when it's at the top of it's travel which is why it gives an over centre feeling.
  9. jonwat

    restoration options?

    I agree with Vanya, with the Esprit Turbo blowing through the carbs it has to be one of the most sophisticated carb set ups ever as all the others sucked through the carbs which meant all the fuel droplets were then spun out of suspension as they passed the compressor.
  10. jonwat

    Esprit Turbo Heavy Clutch

    I had Steve Williams fit the spring to my S4s, don't know if it can be fitted to pre 300 Sport cars & yes it does require bracketry.
  11. jonwat

    Esprit Turbo Heavy Clutch

    The clutch assistor spring was originally fitted to the 300 Sport before Lotus decided it didn't make the pedal "feel" right so they instructed dealers ro remove it where fitted & stopped fitting it at the factory. The assistor spring gives the pedal an over centre feel & aproximately halves the pressure required to operate it.
  12. jonwat

    Anyone familiar with this Esprit Turbo?..

    Looks nice, you can check it's MOT history here.
  13. Sorry to hear about your change in circumstances Vanya but I'm sure you'll have some great outings in your new steed. 😀