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  1. jonwat

    Which (If any) Chip would you run? S4S

    Worth reading the Lotus Esprit World chip reviews.
  2. jonwat

    Which (If any) Chip would you run? S4S

    I ran that chip in my S4s & she would spin the wheels in third on a good dry road when the turbo started boosting, great fun but had to be bery careful in the wet. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  3. jonwat

    Elan article

    Perhaps if I point out that Elans had backbone chassis then that will get copied & pasted into the article allowing me to call myself a "Pistonheads contributor"
  4. jonwat

    Elan article

    The cut & paste boys have even removed that duplication now, perhaps they're following this thread.
  5. jonwat

    cant engage gears when running.

    A friend of mine restored a Spitfire but when finished discovered the clutch was stuck, he decided to release is by revving the engine & then slamming it in reverse. Worked a treat as the car shot backwards releasing the clutch, except he'd forgotten to open the garage doors.
  6. jonwat

    Elan article

    In Pistonheads, quite good apart from the "ladder chasis". ๐Ÿ˜•
  7. jonwat

    cant engage gears when running.

    I assume you mean it won't go into gear with the engine running, if so it sounds as if the clutch plate has become stuck to the flywheel. If so you need to start it while in gear & get it out on the road with the clutch pedal on the floor & being brutal on the accelerator & brake pedals it should soon free up.
  8. jonwat

    Head Gasket

    I always used a manometer from to balance them & a colortune to set the idle mixture worked perfectly every time.
  9. jonwat

    Supercharger troubles

    What's the mileage?
  10. Top Gear have picked this up now so with luck.
  11. No force should be required, when set correctly it's a very light push.
  12. If you mean the the section that runs up the windscreen, above the door to the rear with a section of silver plastic between it & the body then it's glued & pop riveted.
  13. When you replace the "nut" make sure the threads are well coated with sealant or you'll have oil leaking past them.
  14. This is not normal, check the clutch hydraulics have been correctly bled of air & the pedal clearance is correctly set. With the car in gear & the clutch pedal depressed the car must roll freely so stop on a hill put it in gear & press the clutch pedal to the floor & the car should roll down the hill.
  15. jonwat

    Freescan Software & Manual Download

    What OS have you downloaded it onto, I thing it was written on Windows NT. ๐Ÿ™„