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    Jaguar XKR Convertible, all now gone: '74 Europa Special, '82 Esprit S3, '85 Esprit S3, '89 Esprit Turbo, '95 Esprit S4s
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  1. I'd also gas flow the inlet ports, removing any step between the ports & the spacer that holds the rubber O rings. I followed Vizard's "Tuning twin cam Fords" on my Europa Special head which made a big improvement to performance
  2. Obviously make sure the water pump bearing is 100%, you don't want to be taking the head & front cover off again in a few thousand miles because it's failed. As for the non starting, as long as she's got fuel, air & a spark she'll run.
  3. jonwat


    One for sale on PistonHeads
  4. HT insulation breakdown would be most noticeable when the engine is under load as that's when the compression is greatest so increasing the resistance across the spark plug electrodes. If there's not noticeable hesitation when you accelerate away from lowish revs in a higher gear I'd suggest the ignition system is ok. I'd move on to checking the vacuum lines.
  5. Be careful if it's fitted with a 6 volt coil, you don't want to burn it out
  6. Produced from '95 to '97, according to espritworld 😀
  7. I agree on the different colour of the Lotus Sport plate & cam covers but my '95 S4s had no map pockets on the chassis tunnel 🤔
  8. Just how would you like your Ferrari? Regular rosso paintwork or showing off the carbon composites? Standard rims or 20in forged matt racing wheels? Titanium exhaust pipes? Daytona racing seats? Rev counter in aluminium, white, yellow or red? The name of your model embroidered into the carpet? They may only be the little things in life but such personalisations are driving the Italian supercar maker to record profits. Ferrari delivered 29 per cent more cars in the last trading quarter, its 3,455 sales bringing in revenues 25 per cent better at €1.3 billion and net profits up 22 per cent at €251 million. Forecasts for the year are now for higher profits of €1.165 billion on revenues of €4.9 billion. Analysts expect production to exceed 13,000 vehicles this year. The company credited the improved performance on a “stronger contribution from personalisations.” Ferrari’s performance would have been watched closely by Aston Martin because it is the brand the British manufacturer aspires to compete with. Aston employs 3,000 people, mostly in Warwickshire and south Wales. In the first half of the year, its volumes fell 8 per cent to 2,676 — despite full-year targets of 6,600 — for revenues of £541 million and a loss of £285 million. Coming down the track for Ferrari is the Purosangue, a €300,000 plug-in hybrid 4x4 due later this year, and a new €2 million Daytona, which will have the most powerful engine Maranello has ever put on a public highway.
  9. on PistonHeads, identical to mine, oh why did I sell it? 😪
  10. Does it rub on the other side as well, if not why not? Are there no other S1 owners on here with this same problem?
  11. I think he means the hub carrier, part 41 here
  12. 10 Reasons Why The Lotus Exige Cup 410 Is Perfect For Track Day Enthusiasts
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