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  1. jonwat

    Europa article

  2. Good job, never thought of drilling the oil seal & inserting self tappers to remove it before (always used brute force myself)
  3. Article in Top Gear
  4. Looks very nice, never seen a Europa fitted with Webers before, is it a four or five speed?
  5. Here's John Douglas' instrctions. JohnDouglasTimingBeltChange(1).pdf
  6. How about this one?
  7. She'll run fine when a tooth out, be down on performance but a single tooth won't cause contact damage.
  8. And check out the Lotus Esprit World buyer's guide.
  9. I'd go for a pre-cat ('92) SE with no ABS to worry about the power is intoxicating & changing the chip is easily done giving 300 BHP.
  10. Any idea what produces the vacuum to power the actuators in that case?
  11. Lack of heat is often related to loss of vacuum caused by pipes disconnecting from their rubber elbows, eg 16 & 17 in the above diagram. The vacuum is produced by an electric pump & also controls the cat fast warm up butterfly (on 4 cylinder cars) has that been disconnected or removed?
  12. The inertia switch would only shut off the pump, not release the pressure in the hose which is what Bibs was talking about. The loop was standard fitment on the S4s as seen here in my '95 S4s.
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