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  1. So, what's the ignition system? I'm looking at the coil packs in the bottom left of the engine bay, have you fitted an ECM to control it?
  2. My old S4s only had one filler for both the cooling & chargecooler systems. ☺
  3. Nice article remembering Jimmy in Autocar.
  4. Watched an episode of Car SOS last night where they restored a Sunbeam Lotus. It's a pretty crap program & this episode is typical, including a completely wrong description of how a carburettor works, but it does have some decent footage of the cars if you're interested.
  5. Is this for a turbo motor or NA? Carburettors on an NA engine don't need a pressurised feed as such, just a constant flow, turbo motors require a higher feed pressure but nothing like an FI engine requires.
  6. Sounds like a bad earth, checking all of them is where I'd start.
  7. Or you could take all the parts down to a local, friendly garage & get a quote for them to do it all on their press. ☺
  8. I was basing my comments on my understanding of the physics that a 90 degree bend reduces air flow by 50%. Also, I'd gas flow the head & manifold, removing aluminium in order to match up the two & maximise air flow.☺
  9. I had a mate in college who did exactly the same, including writing it off.
  10. Can you not bolt the throttle bodies direct to the head? The problem using the carb manifold is the 45 degree bend will restrict airflow, the later FI cars had a shorter, straight manifold as it no longer needed to support the horizontal carbs.
  11. Have a good trip & take plenty of pics for tjose of us who won't be there.
  12. My first mini had an 1100 engine fitted to which I gas flowed the cylinder head, fitted a twin choke 28/36 Weber carburettor & a long centre branch exhaust manifold mated to a straight through Cooper exhaust. Oh, happy days.
  13. Bilt Hamber wins loads of awards & is suposed to be as good as powder coating. epoxy mastic is an ultra-durable, high solids, heavy duty protective coating for steel and alloys
  14. Why not drop Stefan a line, [email protected], & ask him, he speaks excellent English? ☺
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