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  1. jonwat

    Some odd behaviour

    Bad earths are notorious for causing all sorts of wierdness, especially on fibreglass cars. 😞
  2. I'd suggest your best chance of a reply is to repost your question in the Elite brake forum.
  3. Superb loved the story about the "special diff", thanks for that.
  4. jonwat

    Future of Lotus

  5. I'm surprised at the misalignment of the turbo outlet & plenum intake???
  6. jonwat

    S4 timing

    You're not wrong. Steve said " I removed the belt from the pulleys to do the valve gaps" so I think there's a fair chance some of the exhaust tappets are too tight.
  7. jonwat

    S4 timing

    I think your first job is to recheck them.
  8. jonwat

    S4 timing

    With my S4s the manifold would be glowing after a good run but after a few minutes idling, to let the turbo cool, the glowing would have faded away. Just saying.
  9. jonwat

    westfield x1 lotus 11 copy

    Pictures together with the Team Lotus bus for 1956 Le Mans 24 hrs. 😁
  10. jonwat

    S4 timing

    I assume you mean the manifold is glowing red during a normal drive, not after a thrashing which is normal? What have you done to the engine, just changed the belt or what???? A little more info would be useful.
  11. jonwat

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Macron has already said he won't give France a referendum because he knows they'll vote out. Now that's democracy for you.
  12. jonwat

    Another rear upright bites the dust

    And the remains of the stud removing.
  13. jonwat

    Stevens wind deflector and roof bag

    Maybe some toothbrushes stuck to the front to give them a wipe when the lights went up & down?