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  1. I wonder what would cause just the paint to crack on it's own? Those are gel coat cracks, probably caused by something hitting the door.
  2. Andy's advice is good, you can also replace the nyloc nut with an ordinary nut & tighten that until the taper has full contact then replace the ordinary nut with the nyloc.
  3. According to this week's Autocar Lotus is developing a 750HP electric SUV
  4. Is that the Elite behind it? It'll ne a bit of a squeeze.
  5. Have you read the ECM codes? Always worth doing first.
  6. Suggest you read this, it'll tell you all you need to know about fibreglass repair.
  7. world's greatest engines Graeme, reminds me of my Europa Special, very light & precise. I've never driven a 7 but I have been taken around the Silverstone grand prix circuit in one for a few laps by a professional racing driver which was superb. I also had a friend who took me out regularly in his pre litigation Westfield 7 he'd built himself which was very enjoyable. Glad you enjoyed the article, take a look at one of the world's greatest engines, I think you'll agree.
  8. How about a Rover V8 like the GKN 47 D?
  9. Europa Engineering are probably the experts & your best bet for parts, also try SJSportscars & Paul Matty. Good Luck
  10. One for sale at Paul Matty's if you have 85 grand to spare.
  11. You have to squirt them into a container & measure the amount. it's in the manual.
  12. It does sound like a carb problem, maybe the float heights are not correctly set or possibly the accelerator pumps are not delivering the correct amount of fuel when the pedal is pressed. The procedures for checking the float heights & how to check & adjust the accelerator pumps is detailed in the manual. when you say the pump is working correctly do you mean the fuel pump or the accelerator pumps?
  13. All Esprits upto the V8 had the red plastic hose. If you fit a pipe you'll need to fit flexible hose at the ends to cater for vibration. ☺
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