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    Jaguar XKR Convertible, all now gone: '74 Europa Special, '82 Esprit S3, '85 Esprit S3, '89 Esprit Turbo, '95 Esprit S4s
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  1. I remember doing that by hand power only, not fun.
  2. What It's Like To Drive A Manual Lotus Emira
  3. Does look in exceptionally good condition, even the red paint on the engine looks perfect. God, I loved that car, it was my first turbo & I adored the snorting horse sound of the turbo waste gate when I changed gear & was quite disappointed when the S4s I replaced it with didn't sound as good.
  4. Flicking through ebay this morning I came across one of my old Esprits at twice the price I sold it for in about 2000. The last picture is the receipt for the brake master cylinder I fitted complete with my name & address at the time 😃
  5. If you search for S1 & S2 pistons at SJSPORTSCARS you'll see some pictures.
  6. Start here, supply everything You may have issues with it having been written for Windows 95 There is another, more modern called Espritmon I think
  7. A907E0203Z - GASKET, CAM HOUSING to HEAD, Very early 2.0 (Up to 1974) Very early engines only. Up to engine number 11276
  8. New Lotus Emeya could spawn world's most powerful estate car
  9. A thorough degreasing so that the silicon attaches to the roll pin ends & drive shaft holes should be sufficient. Without the O ring the oil is going to seep along the splines & into the roll pins anyway so as long as the silicone seals properly the oil should stay within. Even if you do decide to drain the oil you only need to let some out so the level has dropped below the level of the output shafts & then you can save it & put it back in.
  10. Thanks for that, a great article by someone with intimate knowledge of the engine. I was just trying to help by pointing out the oil does not remain in the filter after the engine is stopped, which Brian's article does not disagree with. I personally only ever used Lotus filters on my Esprits, why would anyone use anything else in order to save a couple of quid while risking the engine of its lubrication?
  11. No it doesn't. Once stationary the oil in the filter drains out past the crankshaft bearings. You can verify this by leaving the engine over night before removing the filter when you'll find it virtually empty of oil. This is the reason the oil pressure takes quite a while to register on the gauge after starting a cold engine.
  12. I recommend you read a book on fibreglass repair before you start. That's a very good one but there are plenty more.
  13. Some video of you on Harry's Garage, right at the start & right at the end so you can skip all the dross in the middle
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