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    John Watkins
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    Jaguar XKR Convertible, all now gone: '74 Europa Special, '82 Esprit S3, '85 Esprit S3, '89 Esprit Turbo, '95 Esprit S4s
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  1. Clark, Andretti, Senna and more
  2. Looking good but make sure you spray plenty of cavity wax inside the front box section & trailing arms as they rust from the inside
  3. I still remember driving home in my Europa to hear on the BBC news he'd died. Shed a tear I did 😪 Here's some of my pictures from an '94 factory tour
  4. Even when perfectly adjusted the Esprit clutch was always notorious for dragging requiring you to select first before whipping it back & into reverse in order to get a crunch free selection.
  5. Some of mine I wish I'd kept. Anyone on here own them now? The white one is limited edition number 4 of 40 in Perl white to celebrate 40 years of Lotus cars.
  6. I always thought the red turbo with the gold pin stripes & alloys was the absolute mutt's nuts 😃
  7. The o-rings are there to stop oil seeping along the splines, into the roll pin & out through the ends so as long as you make a good job of sealing the roll pin ends you should be OK 👍
  8. Make sure the ports are sealed or you'll get damp in which will rust the bores.
  9. Was the old plastic filter clean when you took it out? I'd fit the new one as supplied, you already have an inline filter after the tanks so make sure it's good & clean.
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