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  1. Never done it but I think anglers lead shot would be worth try.
  2. Sounds like either the generator on the transmission isn't generating a signal or it is but it's not reaching the speedometer because of a short.
  3. I'd read that synthetic oil contains chemicals that causes rubber to swell so reducing leaks. When I filled the transmission on a Stevens' Esprit with Mobil synthetic the constant dip on the bottom of the box stopped.
  4. She does look very sweet, mind you so does the red one & the yellow one isn't bad either. Choices, choices.
  5. If the HG was leaking there will be contaminants in the coolant, you can test the coolant for these.
  6. By looking at how all the cylinders are running it'll give you a better idea of what's happening & you need it to set the mixtures accurately anyway.
  7. Get yo Get yourself a Colortune to set the mixture.
  8. Sorry to hear about your daughter Mark, losing a child must be the greatest pain.
  9. 16th July according to Autoexpress.
  10. jonwat

    New Member Hello!

    Wellcome to the forum Bernie, After many happy years of Esprit ownership I bought an 2004 XKR, was way too soft for me so I replaced it with an 09 which is much better. Hope you find your Esprit & if it ever needs fixing there's loads of knowledge one here.
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