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  1. Urgent request, please help if you can 😃
  2. jonwat

    Kia Elan

    revisiting the Kia Elan in 2021
  3. A 1965 Ford Cortina Lotus Mk 1 Estate Custom
  4. Proved That A Four-Pot Supercar Could Work
  5. jonwat

    Lotus Emira

    The Lotus Emira Just Became the AMG-Powered Competitor the BMW M4 Never Saw Coming
  6. jonwat

    Lotus Emira

    Is the Emira a Threat to the BMW M4?
  7. Both I & Barry have asked previously about the liner nip to which you've replied "Can't recall the specifics but pretty sure I checked it during the last gasket change and it was good." I'd be double checking it before going any further
  8. Buyer’s guide: Lotus Esprit 1987-2004 & Esprit World
  9. Oh dear, what a shame Lots of trouble, usually shit
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