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  1. Try posting your question on LotusTalk which is more US centric
  2. jonwat

    Type 133

    Lotus Envya Type 133 Electric Sedan Spied In China 😃
  3. I had the assist spring fitted to my S4s because of my dodgy knee & yes it does reduce the effort required by around 50% & I never found the over centre effect too pronounced.
  4. You could always screw a mechanical oil pressure gauge in & see what the idle pressure is. Doesn't need to be in the dash, leave it in the engine bay & take a look after you've been for a run & she's up to temperature
  5. jonwat

    Bye Scotland!

    Just watched PMQs & every other MP called to ask a question was an SNP whingeing on how Scotland should be given a new vote
  6. jonwat

    Bye Scotland!

    I say let them go, she'll bankrupt the country within twenty years
  7. Road tax for electric cars Electric-car owners, who have been exempt from vehicle excise duty, will have to pay the tax from 2025.
  8. I'd pay good money to see that lying b4st4rd in the dock.
  9. WOW, the Grauniad telling porkies! Whoever would have thought
  10. Top Gear article, worth reading as it features a video of a Maserati VS Turbo Esprit
  11. I think they mean that it's fixed by the chassis dimensions & wishbone dimensions as there's nothing at all to adjust
  12. Make sure it's pressed in to the correct depth else you'll get incorrect readings on the dip stick
  13. Forgot to mention you'll need to move the roll pin that cancels the indicator by drilling another hole on the opposite side. It'll be obvious once you've taken taken the stalks out. 😃
  14. It's possible to turn the stalks through 180 degrees which is what I did on my S3s. It means they're sticking down rather than up as they currently do but you soon get used to it. Also has the advantage of being free.
  15. My first S3 had the nuts done up tight like yours when I bought it & there are drillings in the carb flanges which the maker fills with lead plugs to seal them. On mine the over tightening had forced the plugs back into the drillings so there was an indentation which the O ring couldn't seal. I filled the indentations with a small amount of filler & smoothed it flat,
  16. You need to check that the spacers are flat & have not been distorted by over tightening the nuts as that could result in fuel dripping onto the distributor beneath.
  17. This is how the French Gendarmerie do it
  18. Caterham Seven 340 revealed in S and R form The new Seven 340 replaces the 275 and sits in the middle of the Caterham range Autoexpress & Pistonheads
  19. Brings back memories of my first car, red with a white roof & an 1098cc engine with a down draught Weber carb
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