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  1. The two tone interior looks really tasty, as does the whole car, well done.
  2. jonwat


    All an engine needs to run is a correct air/fuel mixture & a spark to ignite it. So, if the mixture is correct & all the ignition components are faultless then that only leaves the Accuspark then.
  3. The spring was factory fitted to the first Sport 300s but then then Lotus had a change of heart & instructed dealers to remove them as it gives an "over centre" feel to the clutch pedal travel which was deemed to be "not sporting for a racer like the Sport 300".
  4. I thought the assistor spring was fitted to the 300 Sport & S4s only as their clutch is twice as heavy as an S4. It's not just the spring though, you need some bracketry as well . I had the spring fitted to my S4s & it about halved the required pedal pressure.
  5. jonwat


    I'd lean towards the Accuspark as it sounds like an ignition problem to me as it's only happening when under load, unless, of course, it's the carb float levels. If they're too low that could be giving you too weak a mixture which can cause misfiring under load.
  6. I thought the bottom front wishbones were also galvanized?
  7. You'll get a better response if you post your question in the V8 forum.
  8. jonwat

    Esprit questions

    Well done, she looks really nice.
  9. Not sure about the earlier cars but the later ones had the wiper arm bolted on which you undo by flipping up the cover, check out the parts diagram, if it's tough to get off you can get a puller to do it. Looks like you have a lot of work to do, good luck.
  10. jonwat


    When an engine is under load the compression ratio increases making it more difficult for the spark to jump the plug gap so it finds an easier route to earth. So, I'd be double checking all of your ignition connections & components, just because they're new doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with them. One thing you might try is to reduce the plug gaps, if that reduces the misfiring under load then that's pointing to an ignition problem. Good luck
  11. Thanks for that great video, why do the belts have to be tensioned with the crank at specific positions?
  12. jonwat

    Front bumper S3

    Good luck with that.
  13. jonwat

    Front bumper S3

    Have you tried SJ Sportscars?☺
  14. In Autocar, some factual errors but otherwise pretty good.
  15. When I had mine done (1982 S3) I just handed them over to the shot blaster & when returned was told "there's still a few patches of zinc on them" which obviously wasn't ideal. There may be gentler forms of shot blasting that will remove the dirt while leaving the zinc, you'll have to ask around. Otherwise I'd use various sized wire brushes in an electric drill then finish them with something tough like this.
  16. Some more Autocar articles (usual bullsh1t) Lotus Elan in frame as Boxster rival in revival plan Opinion: A reborn Elan could drive in a new era for Lotus Lotus Engineering "back in business" and planning expansion
  17. Those lower wishbones are galvanised, don't be tempted to have them shot blasted (been there, done that, got the T shirt)
  18. It's pushing an SE for sale but there's some interesting info & no glaring mistakes. Click
  19. Has an article where Steve Cropley is optimistic about a new era for Lotus following a positive first meeting between CEO Phil Popham and Lotus guru Paul Matty, also in their used guide, it’s the turn of the sporty Esprit Turbo. This quintessential British sports car comes fraught with dangers, but we’re on hand to steer you to the right buy.
  20. OK, so you think the new needle valve(s) are leaking but you don't know where the leaking fuel is going & don't want to take the float chamber tops off to test them & disagree that your 40 year old pump could have a leaking diaphragm. I can't remember how often the pump ticks to maintain pressure on a stationary engine but think it was less than every 5 seconds on an idling engine. I think that's me done. Good luck finding a solution.
  21. Not sure what "pending" is but you meant opening then it's only 4 screws per carb & lifting off the float chamber covers, use some elastic to hold the floats up & the valves closed while you turn the ignition on.
  22. Depends on the size of the hole in the diaphragm, I'd be looking to replace a 40 year old pump anyway, it's a breakdown waiting to happen. If it's going into the carbs while the engine is stationary then where's it going once the float chambers are full? It's easy to test the float valves, remove the float chamber tops, hold the floats up to close the valves & turn on the igniton to see if they leak.
  23. As the pump is now over 40 years old it could be the pump diaphragm has a hole or tear in it causing the pump to loose pressure. ☺
  24. The reason I mentioned it was that I noticed the amount of thread protruding past the rightmost nut, normally its just a few. The spacers are there to prevent the carbs vibrating & so cause fuel frothing in the float chambers resulting in the engine running poorly. If she's running fine then it's not a problem.
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