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  1. Looking at the Demon Tweets nuts I'm not sure the tabs will be long enough & if you're using the lock tabs why do you need the lock nuts?
  2. The problem of not using lock tabs is you risk the studs unscrewing from the head & falling out. LOCK TAB, MANIFOLD to HEAD, LOWER A910E2420F EACH £11.00
  3. SJSportscars seem to have them in stock Genuine and own brand , car spares, parts & accessories for Lotus Body and Trim, Interior Trim Lotus Elan S1, 2, 3, 4 and Sprint 1962-74 SJ036B0077 - CENTRE CONSOLE Series 2, 3 and 4 Item Cost Details Net Price: £182.00 Per EACH VAT: £36.40 Price (including VAT) £218.40 Per EACH Delivery Charge, including vat £13.80 Delivery to United Kingdom (10.00Kg) Estimated dispatch date: 20/04/2021
  4. It's the New Flat plane crankshaft stainless steel, New axles & New push rods that most impressed me
  5. Andrew Frankel has bought himself one
  6. Article in Car magazine on Lotus going global
  7. Is the vehicle driveable or do you require the mechanic to come to you?
  8. jonwat

    V8 on eBay

    Well done, she certainly looked good in the ebay pictures but we need to see more 😉
  9. I don't think that's fair. So Porsche bought a batch of faulty con rods, hardly worth EVO demoting it's performance.
  10. Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return to Top Gear to pay tribute
  11. Final Edition is a bit more mature than the original but it hasn’t lost its youthful spirit 😃
  12. Known as the ram Air conversion worth at least one extra horse power 😃
  13. If they don't have them then sell a stainless sports cat but it's expensive at 929 Euro 😀
  14. VT Holdings has been the Japanese importer of Caterham’s Seven for the last 12 years, and has come to an agreement to purchase Caterham Cars outright. Just like Lotus' biggest 7 dealer buying the rights from Colin back in 1973 😀
  15. My Europa Special did exactly this but in all the years I owned it I never knew why 😃
  16. So, I can't think of anything that would cause those symptoms & then go away except a lack of fuel or air flowing into the carbs. What about the air intake, is it all clear & complete? I'm thinking of a problem Sparky had with a GT3, I know yours isn't a turbo but it's worth checking. Failing that I'd suggest getting it on a rolling road where you can properly investigate while the problem is occurring. 🥺
  17. You seem to have cuecked all of the suggestions made, so, can you give us a more detailed explanation of "lumpy", examples etc? Does it tick over ok & cruise ok, does it miss under load or pop on the overrun? Once it's over it's lumpy period does it run great until you switch off. You've not mentioned the electronic ignition unit, assuming it has one, are you sure it's ok? Did you check the coil wasn't too hot to hold? It's difficult to tell from the picture so are the carbs correctly mounted with regard to the gaps between them & the spacers & manifold? Finally what
  18. PS I'd love to know what a "striping kit" is, full or partial 😃
  19. If anyone does then QED would be my first go to
  20. Also remove the filler caps & listen for an inrush of air, they may be causing a vacuum in the tank
  21. Does it have points or electronic ignition, also you've not mentioned the coil although it sounds more like a fuel problem than ignition? Next time it happens, pull over & whip the tops off the carbs to check there's fuel in them. I'm thinking maybe contamination in the tanks or a fault with the pump disrupting the flow. PS Looks a nice job with the red cam covers & silver manifold
  22. Isn't it a wire, noticeable by it's braided covering & being pink in colour?
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