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  1. Does it have carburettors or fuel injection? FUEL COMPATIBILITY
  2. Why the Lotus Emira's four is more exciting than its V6
  3. Are you sure it's not the coil? Next time it happens grab hold of the coil, if it's too hot to hold replace it
  4. If I'm not very much mistaken isn't that an an Ebony Black S4 Esprit with the Magnolia leather interior?
  5. You'll stand a better chance of getting an answer if you post your question in the Elite forum
  6. Lotus 21 that set the standard for half a century
  7. Bootiful, paintwork & leather look new For me it was always the red & gold Guigiaro Turbo that was the best looker. Surprised at the black filler caps, thought they all came the same colour as the body?
  8. No, the motor should only need to repressurise after 10 to 15 (I think) pedal presses. There is a very long thread on here somewhere on diagnosing & fixing problems with the ABS unit, try the search facility. Also, I think the Espritmon diagnostic tool reports faults with the ABS unit
  9. Jensen Healey The transmission is a Citroën so probably came from an Esprit, I noticed the handbrake lever too, that's not standard as the Europa had a pretty useless flyoff one with the handle under the dash. The Citroën transmission would have come with its inboard discs
  10. That dash isn't original. Looks a really nice, professional job
  11. Nice to see the Esprit win, but pretty crap show
  12. Lotus Emira
  13. Lotus Elise S2
  14. Easy to tell, a factory sun roof fills the whole width of the car between the cant rails whereas an aftermarket one won't
  15. Good point, it's not there in pic 2, but what about Barrie's question of it being re registered, maybe it's a different car?
  16. Picture 12 looks like an original sunroof, looks a nice motor. Good luck & enjoy
  17. I think you've posted in the wrong forum, but this may help
  18. it’s impossible to configure a bad Lotus Emira
  19. Googling "su fuel pump flow rate" produces 1.3 pints per minute
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