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  1. Good news. what was the problem, floats or accelerator pumps?
  2. I didn't, it was a long time ago so my memory is sketchy but I'm pretty sure I just followed the instructions on the bottle & also reverse flushed the heater matrix by connecting a hose & turning the tap on full
  3. Looks like it's now called Speedflush, i used it on my blocked Esprit heater & also disconnected the hose from the head & connected it to a hosepipe to force extra water through. Worked a treat & didn't cause any leaks anywhere.
  4. Manufacturing green vehicles churns out more CO2 than making fuel models Not that it will stop the Environmentalists who've already made up their stubborn minds on what will save the world
  5. Well done, that's the prettiest Fezza since the 308.
  6. There's an article about it on EspritWorld, lots of info & worth reading
  7. An In-Depth Look at the 2,000 PS Electric Drivetrain of the Lotus Evija ☺
  8. Here you go, or you may want to consider waterless coolant
  9. In this week's Autocar: The Lotus Carlton once had a bad boy image but there’s only love for it 30 years on. Matt Prior drives one from Vauxhall’s long-time HQ to Lotus’s.
  10. Hi Dave, I'm afraid Edward passed away last July, here's the thread announcing his passing.
  11. That's actually a picture of an S3, not sure where the choke is located on a Stevens' Esprit is.
  12. No, I gave the website up a while back but haven't got around to changing my signature.
  13. It's activated by the lever on the centre console, the black one in the picture. I owned three carb'd Esprits & all started, even in the coldest temps, with a couple of pumps of the pedal before turning the key so I'd suggest there's something no quites right, maybe an air leak.
  14. I used a hammer & cold chisel but a press would be much easier. If you don't have one take it round to your nearest workshop, they'll press it out for a few bucks. As I said previously reassembly is much easier if the bearing has been in the freezer & the carrier the oven.
  15. Use a bearing separator & a hydraulic press to get that off, I put the new bearing in the freezer over night & the hub in the oven for easy reassembly
  16. are the UK experts, they may be able to help if you drop them a line
  17. Wheeler Dealers' Brewer said it's the best handling FWD car ever.
  18. At the top of the page you can see my latest new-old Lotus, mentioned recently – a superbly preserved second-generation, front-drive 1991 Elan SE in which I’m going to attack Paul Matty’s Lotus Hillclimb Championship next year. I know it’s not a ‘real Elan’ in the eyes of many Lotus fanciers, but I’m convinced history sells this car short. It’s a genuine Peter Stevens design, and its special fight-free front drive was developed by the legendary John Miles. And it can turn a 0-60mph sprint in 6.5sec, which is brisk even now. Lotus test drivers of the time reckoned they could lap the Hethel
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