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  1. Chapman's philosophy will live on
  2. Looks like your block is sand cast whereas Ian's is die cast
  3. Pistonheads πŸ˜ƒ
  4. jonwat

    Formula One

    Top Gear’s Top 9: Formula One game-changers Only one team has two entries
  5. A good read with some nice pictures πŸ˜ƒ
  6. The Coventry designers reimagining Lotus
  7. Falling for a Lotus Elan M100 By Steve Cropley
  8. I read many years ago that the chemicals in synthetic oil causes the rubber oil seals to swell so reducing leakage. Certainly when I first put Mobil synthetic in the Renault box of my Stevens' Esprit the drip that had always been underneath disappeared.
  9. Lotus Racing built seven Elise GT1 race cars and one road car.
  10. Technical Overview & In-Depth Look
  11. Yes, I've done it as you describe. You'll need to put the new bearing in the freezer overnight & heat the hub in order to insert it & don't forget to cool the hub after insertion before the grease inside melts
  12. I believe Sparky is in Watford, not too far from you.
  13. jonwat

    Type 133

    Lotus primes Type 133 saloon to rival Porsche Taycan
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