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  1. You do know that there are women on this forum. I know this place is dominated by guys, and I'm not so sensitive that I can't handle silly remarks, and I'm sort of a n00b here, but please...
  2. Thanks! You answered one of my nagging doubt/ questions! I've been looking for my car for a while, and yet I've only been able to test drive one, and never had a chance to test drive it in heels...
  3. Thats what I was noticing, especially the interior mirror. Guess its rather normal. Another newb question. Is this car difficult to live with around other parked cars? Since its low, and the doors are long, how difficult is it to get in and out of, say in a normal parking lot?
  4. Hey guys, I test drove a 1999 last weekend. Its a car with 17,000 miles on it. The first thing I noticed when I started it, was that everything shook, especially the rear view mirrors (inside and outside). Do these things run this rough all the time? I was told that it was normal, but I would like some independent verification. This is one of first I've been in for any length of time.
  5. hehehe... I used to drive a TT...(the 1.8T) and it was fun, but def NOT an elise. While it had decent handling, it was a slug. Oh, yea...I'm not an elise owner. I want an Esprit. I figure any guy who will let me drive him around in an Esprit has GOT to be good husband material.
  6. I had a moment to peruse this thread, and there are some really great pics here, and not ONE of them draped with a gal in a bikini. How wonderfully restrained you guys are! Makenna
  7. Thanks Dave...thats good advice.
  8. guys! Hey...question for ya'll Test driving these things is a PITA...even just finding one is work! What is the protocal for asking the owner for a test drive? I would think that owners are bit of a protective bunch, and allowing a complete stranger to test drive your baby would seem quite hard to do. Also, I've only driven one at this point, and I'm not sure how its supposed to feel (turbo spoolup, etc). I hate to ask for a test drive if I'm pretty sure I'm not going to buy it, but how else does one learn how a good example is supposed to feel and sound? (and plea
  9. Bunch of hot guys here...whooo hooo! Me. I was told I would get a free 98 V8 if I posted a pic...perhaps the first FEmale to post here....(YIKES)! Now...who do I talk to about my prize?
  10. p4jkafla

    Just Looking

    Does she have any brothers? If she does, then do they bring their buds around to work on their cars? Hanging around my dads garage while my brothers and their buds worked on cars got me interested. Its a great way to get dates. Besides my dad insisted that I needed to learn how to do basic stuff. I can't believe I'm the first to "reveal" herself. What...are you guys so threatening that you scare us all off or something?
  11. I don't own one of these fabulous works of art. Yet... I'm a single gal from Connecticut, USA; been married but thats history. I'm self employed in the finance field, and my commute is only a couple of miles. I've been looking around for my dream Esprit for a while. Its got to be at least a 98, red or yellow. what else can I say...(and no, I'm not telling my age)... Ok...for a limited time...a pic of me...(sans car). I heard I get a prize if I post my picture here...being the first female to do so...
  12. Yep. I'm single (again) but...I would date only if they let ME drive..
  13. I think the front end of the Esprit is already that low WITHOUT the shocks...
  14. You guys are tooooo much! When I get one, I think I'm going to put in some kind of adjustable know the kind that are in lowriders.... something like this:
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