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  1. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    Be a real shit if £60K is the full Camry spec V6
  2. I thought the VHDP was sold as 178(?) BHP as it was regulation compliant at that level, but you could upgrade to 190 once registered One I drove when they were new was like a bag of spanners that would stall in an instant at below 1500 revs
  3. are fenders on back order already
  4. I dont think the queue will be that easy to interpret I placed a dealer deposit in June, but am after an AMG, so will be jumped in the "simple queue" by Launch Edition purchasers. Until Lotus start firming up orders (V6 LE / V6 tailored spec / i4) then there can be no idea of timescales
  5. I did wonder whether the engine alignment issues were toyota specific; and that Emira was designed around the AMG rather than toyota, and the other "made to fit"
  6. I thought the use of the sexy chinese model was rather clever; maybe not as competent as Gavan; but much more likely to be pinned up on the bedroom wall
  7. "early next year press drives when we have PP (pre production) cars ready" rather suggests that we are buying blind (well not really blind, it looks good, and the evora *not the same* drives really well)
  8. one would have to assume that the Emira v6 will be the last ever manual lotus; which would not be a bad spin to get through the pile of toyota drive trains
  9. that was the Alfa 4c buying experience look at a couple of very nice concepts on the Alfa stand at Goodwood (with a free lunch for deposit holders) Look around the car there (dont recall a sit in) first drive was after paying in full and taking delivery
  10. If that is correct and a manual V6 with a lot of options comes in at £75K, that seems really cheap to me (£10K less than a runout evora)
  11. options will be an interesting thing, as this is a new market for Lotus (being less niche) Porsche poverty spec is not a car with great residuals, as there are deemed to be essential extras. Given that Emira is lining up against Cayman, and only a bit south of the 911, then there may be quite a few potential purchasers who will go deep into the options list
  12. trouble with a great sounding exhaust, is that it might be cool in Maccies car park, but gets tedious on the motorway. My Launch Edition 4C was definitely let down by the sport exhaust (and handling)
  13. it is a tricky one, where would you rather the engine came from, an AMG or an uber
  14. roll it over, is the chassis the same, we need to know
  15. it will feel comfortable by comparison
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