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  1. simonb

    Emira GT4

    packaging is a nice subtle reminder that it is not a "proper" V8
  2. currently sat on i4 with november build and december delivery; which is great, but my fear is that it will slip. Car built in 2022 and registered in 2022 would be great, but I think if delivery starts to slip into 2023, then a March / 23 plate delivery makes a lot more sense. So far Lotus seem remarkably resilient to parts availability issues, so hopefully schedule is firm
  3. look pretty, and be cheaper Cannot see any other reason for the V6 to be so popular (measured by deposits) compared to the Evora
  4. mine 2 June 21 - simonb - i4 is now quoted november build december handover; assume there are not many i4 before then
  5. bit of corrosion in the socket can be the problem We used to have a big salamander grill in a cafe that used all of 13 amps and ran for hours at a time, unless it was a (fairly new) MK socket it would melt it in a matter of weeks, welding the pins to the socket and melting the plastic around it. The round 16 amp stuff is much better designed
  6. thought there was a lot of mechanical sympathy being show in that video
  7. dog dick red is the only red tone for car leather
  8. I think this will be the first new Lotus where the early adopters take less risk. Historically I think first batch was more like beta testing
  9. keeps surprising me, does not feel like a re-chassised BMW. The over long bonnet is a bit of a cheat, on a normal car you have quite a reach for the steering wheel, the dash is generously behind that, and then there is a long gap to the bottom of the windscreen. In the morgan the wheel is close to your chest, the dash close to the wheel and the bottom of the windscreen a strip of wood away from that. In reality the front corners are not that far away. Have not got nimble in it yet, brain thinks it is a big car, but it fits in small gaps
  10. will do far more civilised than an elise at 80 top down on the motorway, and very flexible in 6th brakes are better than I expect, so need to lighten my foot gear change quite a long throw (but on quite a long lever), had the shame of graunching them a couple of times, then realised pedals were floor hinged, so placed my foot better lovely feel on turn in, but not really explored much on back roads
  11. managed to acquire an Aero 8, and it does seem very lotus like in feel and handling. The bonded chassis is obvious in its origins, but the whole suspension set up seems very competent, too much (IMHO) for Morgan with their live axles and sliding pillar suspension heritage Feels like a lotus in drag, but is it?
  12. got the same email for me i4
  13. simonb

    Emira GT4

    just a regular car, a black sheet, and the boot left open and suddenly you have a story 🤣
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