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  1. Love the workings of the man maths to pay £50K more for a second hand paddle shift McLaren than a paddle shift Alpine, using a mid point stick shift Emira to justify Just do it if you can afford it
  2. firstly maclaren make baby chairs, mclaren make cars other than that Mclaren looks the itch to scratch, depending on cost of ownership. What is it worth after 12 months without the warranty (they seem to drop £10k bills for fun)
  3. so easy to pay second deposit on i4LE and then wind back to poverty spec if the packs / colours work (assuming they will soon be calling deposit holders)
  4. £72K for the first edition, or wait a few months for the £60K car with an extended palette of new paints available exclusively on the entry level versions of both the Emira and Emira V6 Not convinced they have thought this one through
  5. Shame the odd extra colour did not appear, orderable 08/04/22 You can get the coloured bit on the steering wheel on the i4 (although £400 would buy many rolls of insulation tape
  6. empire green looks a bit like verdant
  7. interesting that top gear are playing up the v6 as the premium model, when I expect the high power derivatives to be based on the model with a gearbox which can handle more torque (amg)
  8. even if they are the same, they will get a new part number and so be different
  9. Had one of those wife things previously It was not cheap to run, and when I got rid, the depreciation of 50% was not just on the cost of purchase. Current model does not have a finance agreement in place
  10. Why is that a problem, the handling on the 410 is brilliant The packaging did not sell Emira also cheaper
  11. hope Harris gets an invitation to review, is one of the few I respect
  12. fancy that combination myself, one lightweight with a gearstick, the other a bit more civilised and merc powered
  13. has this pushed the i4 cars back into 2023 yet?
  14. Would seem a logical option to have available, either a 97dB sports cat, or an additional exhaust box having a sports car that you can drive on track would seem legitimate marketing, especially when you consider the percentage of footage released on Emira that shows it going around a track
  15. so will this push i4 deposits up to 8 july into 2023?
  16. I see it as no more than a correction to inflation being way over 5%. Looks like Lotus may want to shift a few £60K Emiras before hiking the price
  17. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    A lotus with a high power 4 pot turbo has plenty of heritage the compromise that is rare in a Lotus is to find a gearbox that does not limit the tuneability of the car
  18. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    I think there is also the issue that Evora was not a sales success, so a clean sheet really does seem the way to go
  19. TBH the radio silence is getting a little tedious. Have quite a reasonably timed deposit on a i4FE car, and happy to take the package of options that will bump up the price, but other than the call to either jump into the V6FE queue or wait, I have heard nothing. There has been no official update on i4 deliveries starting autumn this year, but I would happily wager that will become 2023 There is no clue on price for the i4 compared to the v6 If Lotus are changing the colours of the v6FE cars from the samples that went around the dealerships, all they will do is create chaos in the orders they have and kick everyone else further down the road. If they have cars in each colour, it cant be that difficult to put a picture on instagram
  20. assume orange wheels are for production line only
  21. Is that two white cars on the right, another colour coming??
  22. this is Lotus Advanced Structures different building surely
  23. the i4 is the only engine they can get into China, which seems important for the Chinese owners of Lotus
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