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  1. the darker that green sex toy looks, the more I like it
  2. the Corvette is a little above the price range I am looking, but for £80-100K it would be well on my radar, and probably would if I were on a V6FE, just to compare the poverty spec 'vette Are we pretending that all the choices mentioned are not straight line chasers and dick extensions - For the corners and driving experience on 4 wheels the choice is around the Seven end of the market
  3. Lotus really cannot be so stupid as to change the colour once they have sent samples out But a really dark green is a win for me (until a venom / isotope appears)
  4. sounds an odd mix nearly black grey nearly black green yellow red blue light grey plus Black, white, 2 greys, 2 blues isotope and lava orange will be winners when they appear
  5. the big question is not whether it has it, the question is how easy is it to turn off, our XC90 had it all, and it was all easy to disable (speed warning is handy when car tells you what it thinks the limit is, but leaves you to it) Collision control plays a tune to me every couple of days when it gets confused by parked cars, but so late that it really serves no purpose (if it is meant to make you look up, go "huh" and react, there is no chance) - would not trust it to intervene (this is in a Stelvio)
  6. surprised matchy matchy luggage is not on the option list
  7. Given that the grey driven prototype looked almost black in the videos and pictures Am I right in thinking that the green is in fact a darker colour?
  8. Have a play on the Evija configurator if you want sexy colours (tbf, there is probably more margin for paint in that model)
  9. If there is not an Emira test drive available, and I wobble before my deposit gets fixed, I would go straight to an Evora to check the dynamics suit me I see it as a benefit that Lotus already have a product in that market, that is getting a small mechanical evolution. Dynamics does not seem to be one of the Evora's flaws
  10. just putting the Evora in a new frock is not enough for me, drove one at launch and never really saw it as a must have however adding AMG into the mix does it for me
  11. that restomod corvette wont be cheap enquired about a project myself, to one of the people who do restomods in this country, and they quoted "about £300K" to do the work
  12. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    TBH the drivers Lotus use to fine tune the cars wont get a second career as a flat race jockey
  13. I expect the start dates for production to be fairly settled (spring / fall 2022 for v6LE / i4LE); however if there are healthy orders for a £70K+ Launch Edition, why would you start to slot too many £60K base edition cars into production, I am sure that there is a healthy margin within the "extras" I hope that i4LE cars are delivered in 2022 (be good to get that delivery slot, although there is less urgency to get a sports car in winter) but if demand is good would not be surprised if base car delivery slips a bit
  14. no did not have to spec anything, just told I would maintain my slot in the i4 list, but would be overtaken by people buying v6LE cars who registered later
  15. had my call this morning, quite brief when I put myself in the i4 camp. Spring '22 v6LE autumn '22 i4LE was quoted
  16. are they quoting a "worldwide" power figure, that may gain a few ponies in EU/UK
  17. I cant see the FE extras being bundled at more than £12K, which puts a base v6 at £65K That also puts i4LE at £72K
  18. regular edition looks a proper poverty spec, although £77,664 for LE black pack is quite a hike over £60K base, unless part of that hike is a premium for the camry engine If the i4 LE comes in around £70K I will be very happy
  19. am after an i4, so will be interesting to see whether I just get a brief call, and then re diarised Given the hype, I think some may switch to V6LE to be first. This sounds like a great flippers car, as I suspect it will lose little money between release and the opportunity to buy a regular car to custom spec
  20. shame dealers have not got hold of deposit holders first
  21. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    I would expect a power based price hierarchy more than it being based on the number of cylinders, although they could probably charge a premium for a torque limiting manual gearbox 360bhp i4 has to be base £60K car so IRO £70K for i4 LE (at a guess) 400bhp v6 at around 70K, pushing that first launch edition v6 to around £80K Both variants able to go north on price with heritage paint or more power Until they bring out a 400 horse variant of the i4 it is not really comparing apples with apples, but a manual v6 is easier to sell as a Cayman rival than a paddle shift i4, which sounds more Alpine rival
  22. simonb

    Emira GT4

    is that a body colour intake vent behind the door, looks good
  23. now seems a strange time to bail, there should be overlap between journalist road tests (the likes of Harris and Catchpole) and deposit becoming non refundable
  24. am keeping my elise, so the "need" for a manual sportscar is covered, which makes the AMG far more appealing
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