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  1. I think we should be really pleased that it is a British logo, as some of the hype has suggested it being more "Force Malaysia". Comparing to other Logos, the Renault is all well and good, but painting your car in ING corporate colours work well until your sponsor walks
  2. Last person to take Lotus upmarket was Colin Chapman. BIG change of direction from 7 / elan / europa to Esprit / Elite / Eclat. The first Elise had "wow", and I dont think anything since has. Evora does not seem to have a massive waiting list, and Europa does not deserve its lack of sales. If Lotus are to only build a few hundred cars a year, they cannot be
  3. As both Heikke & Jarno were mid field in difficult cars last year, they seem perfect for the rush designed Lotus (who are publicly aiming for the "front of the back" of the field). Trulli is a good qualifier, so you might just see a Lotus in camera shot now and again. Love the logo, not a hint of Malay to it. Fortunately with team america in (or whatever they are called) it would not be easy to dress up the Lotus as a Malaysian flag, without confusing it with the star spangled banner
  4. Am also interested in what would have gone in a S2.2 (completed in April 1980). Did any standard stereos have fm? or was it all mw/lw with perhaps a cassette player. I may play the originality cars if I can get fm, but otherwise will just put in a discrete modern unit
  5. that doesn't sound like a cheap line up
  6. Does all weathers. Mine runs Toyo 888 tyres in the summer & Advans in the winter (time to change). Toyo semi slicks need to get heat in to work, and just dont on a cold wet road. Car is worse than useless on ice or snow
  7. show condition or top quality driver. Chap who is doing a HK500 for me in Bedfordshire & i would certainly recommend. Would be more interested in retaining originality than giving shiney show condition, one man band, but does work with a network of other small businesses. send me a message if you want Brian's contact details
  8. Join SELOC, a group of helpful ones on there (also a Marcos owner)
  9. clever little particles if they know the difference between a worn surface and an oilway and only settle on the worn surfaces
  10. Have a very nice unspoilt interior in my S2.2 that I don't want to alter. Red leather with black nylon. Woollies leather restorer has done the job on the red stuff, but some of the black nylon is badly faded. Thoughts so far are black shoe dye or a permanent marker. There must be a proper colourant I can use. Worst areas are dash top / binnacle cowling. Nothing is sat on / subject to wear
  11. You would struggle to find someone shedding a tear for Ian Huntley; and probably there are one or two a year who should just be topped. Unfortunately it would be unlikely that the punishment would be used with such restraint. Red tops would literally be baying for blood, and sadly public opinion is easily swayed
  12. Car sounds much more original than it first appeared. You going tartan? See you moved it on a tilting bed, did you winch it on, if so where do you tow an Esprit from (my 2.2 will need to move at least once before it is roadworthy)
  13. I think the Esprit is VERY likely to get a Lexus / Toyota V8 - previous generation. Longitudinal would make it very interesting
  14. Fuel tank will not rust in the part that is in contact with petrol, it will either be a portion on the bottom in contact with water (if there is any contaminating the tank) or above the fuel in the airspace where condensation will drive rusting. Take out the tanks and seal them, or put an in line fuel filter in. Cannot see that the 2 stroke oil will cure / prevent the problem
  15. Am also interested, also having a S2.2 1980 Esprit
  16. Have Lotus ever released a car that could not be considered 20% overpriced. Compare an Elise to a MX5 - is it THAT much better Compare an Elan to the MGB AND Mini Cooper you could buy for the same money There is a price premium on Lotus, so long as enough people think that it is worth it, they will survive. Looking at the 124, it is easy to see how hotter Evora models will look (and it is not bland)
  17. I think the real problem is that enthusiasts who maintain a 10+ year old Esprit or drive a
  18. How would he know this, they have not sold a car without rear seats new, let alone 2nd hand
  19. Thought it a really superb drive, good comfort level, easy to get in & out of, and felt as nimble as my Elise (but far more practical). Unfortunately even though it may be as good as the Elise in its dynamics, I am able to live with the impracticalities and harshness of the Elise, so am not in a rush to buy a car twice the price (and I do not need a "work" car that I can drive in a suit). I am therefore not in the market for one. Might review again when they bring out a convertible, as I think that might look very sex. Thought the rear seat a total waste of time, and driving it there did not feel to be seats behind me - Would think it about impossible to communicate with kids back there
  20. I would spray it with oil and keep it. it makes the engine conversion reversible (assuming it is matching numbers for the car). You could probably flog the carbs & head, as the ability to go original remains
  21. Cheers, very enjoyable day, unfortunately had to leave before demo laps, as it was our daughters 15th birthday & we had left home at 6am, so really felt we should be there for a bit of her "special day"
  22. 160bhp & 900Kg - that is small hatchbacks these days. I have this combination on my Elise, and whilst it is certainly unfashionable, it works well. When they wear out carbon lorraine pads will go on, but they are wearing very well, and so far lasted 50% longer than OEM parts
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