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  1. I guess a lot of this will be whether you go for Launch Edition V6 or customer spec i4
  2. better than the alternative of "It is OK-man"
  3. you would need to supervise the whole process, and have a very trusted wrapper, so that they dont cut down on the paint below as they wrap (if you want it reversible)
  4. simonb

    Emira lite

    I think screens and dials are different beasts; and the combination is the ideal, and numbers may be recognisable around the world, but selling 123456789 to a chinese owned manufacturer as good enough, does not give a product honed to each market screens good, touchscreens bad would be my summary
  5. simonb

    Emira lite

    screens are so convenient, one unit will do every language and format was against digital, until I drove across France a few years ago, one press of the button and kph speed displayed - and no donations to the gendarmerie
  6. I would be surprised if it did not have a valet mode that allowed owner to set a maximum
  7. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    Radford is being banded as a $500,000 car; with that markup on a Camry engine, they can afford to change a few more parts than on a £100K lotus
  8. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    Be a real shit if £60K is the full Camry spec V6
  9. I thought the VHDP was sold as 178(?) BHP as it was regulation compliant at that level, but you could upgrade to 190 once registered One I drove when they were new was like a bag of spanners that would stall in an instant at below 1500 revs
  10. are fenders on back order already
  11. I dont think the queue will be that easy to interpret I placed a dealer deposit in June, but am after an AMG, so will be jumped in the "simple queue" by Launch Edition purchasers. Until Lotus start firming up orders (V6 LE / V6 tailored spec / i4) then there can be no idea of timescales
  12. I did wonder whether the engine alignment issues were toyota specific; and that Emira was designed around the AMG rather than toyota, and the other "made to fit"
  13. I thought the use of the sexy chinese model was rather clever; maybe not as competent as Gavan; but much more likely to be pinned up on the bedroom wall
  14. "early next year press drives when we have PP (pre production) cars ready" rather suggests that we are buying blind (well not really blind, it looks good, and the evora *not the same* drives really well)
  15. one would have to assume that the Emira v6 will be the last ever manual lotus; which would not be a bad spin to get through the pile of toyota drive trains
  16. that was the Alfa 4c buying experience look at a couple of very nice concepts on the Alfa stand at Goodwood (with a free lunch for deposit holders) Look around the car there (dont recall a sit in) first drive was after paying in full and taking delivery
  17. If that is correct and a manual V6 with a lot of options comes in at £75K, that seems really cheap to me (£10K less than a runout evora)
  18. options will be an interesting thing, as this is a new market for Lotus (being less niche) Porsche poverty spec is not a car with great residuals, as there are deemed to be essential extras. Given that Emira is lining up against Cayman, and only a bit south of the 911, then there may be quite a few potential purchasers who will go deep into the options list
  19. trouble with a great sounding exhaust, is that it might be cool in Maccies car park, but gets tedious on the motorway. My Launch Edition 4C was definitely let down by the sport exhaust (and handling)
  20. it is a tricky one, where would you rather the engine came from, an AMG or an uber
  21. roll it over, is the chassis the same, we need to know
  22. it will feel comfortable by comparison
  23. But Emira parts may retrofit....... Wonder what Emira (type 131) part numbers will be S1 elise parts were a111 VX were a116 S2 a117 evora (type 122) are a132 Does that make the evora the emira replacement?
  24. Does anyone know the routine Placed a £1000 deposit with Lotus Silverstone at beginning of June; and now see Lotus are taking £2000 build slot depositss directly (by card) on their site What is correct route in? Prefer to support the dealer, as that is where my interface will be, but also dont want to miss out Apologies for ANOTHER thread, but I think this is a relevant separate topic
  25. I think sometimes less is more deposit on an i4, which I assume will dodge the "fully loaded" launch spec Will probably be too early for a "sports suspension" option (if one is needed); probably just go for the best seats on offer
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