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  1. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    I meant the alpine, impression I got was that no convertible Emira, but convertible in future models.
  2. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    have to agree it looks similar, unfortunately it really does not look like something that will spawn a convertible easily
  3. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    cannot see it keeping to the price point indicated with ali bodywork, I think there will be as much real silver in Arctic Silver as their is real bronze in Autumn Bronze
  4. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    I think the ability to raid the parts bin of Geely (ie Volvo) will give far more option than they previously had with Proton
  5. no it is a bit of malicious software linked to your PC, so when you are relaxing at home in front of pornhub, you get blasted onto the wall of the lotus launch; guarantees a shocked and surprised expression when the sheet is pulled off Emira (the sheet not necessarily be the only thing that is happening to)
  6. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    Brabus have some interesting warrantied options on the A35 engine
  7. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    rather assumes production is starting UK RHD (which would seem likely)
  8. have deposit on a 4 cylinder, whenever that comes Choice of a v6 for £80K or an AMG engine for £55K is an easy choice for me, particularly when you browse Brabus (warrantied) upgrade options on the (assumed) a35
  9. my old Esprit looks to have been part of the same batch contact Andy Graham <[email protected]> for initial history, but given that it is in a batch of "factory" registrations...
  10. cheers, am in two minds at the moment, I think a full marcasite interior will be very hard to cobble together, and will look tired, however I do it. It came with a beige leather interior as well (car is full of it) I need to tidy storage for that first, and then I can see what interior is like. I think black leather on the dash will be harmless and authentic enough. I am taking out the sunroof, so headlining will change anyway. I think a check on the cars history and a verdict on the chassis will be my first stops. if it is a full chassis off rebuild, that will be a different time frame to carbs and ancillaries / suspension and MOT type rolling restoration. Previously had the S2.2 Esprit in my profile picture that had an original marcasite and leather interior, so have lived with the stuff, but that had faded heavily in the sun, so expect a cobbled together interior to give many shades of the same colour
  11. plan is to get it over to GST and see what mechanical / chassis side is like. If chassis good, get it running. Original marcasite interior is shot, but car comes with a beige leather interior in addition, and Stevie Wonder has re-trimmed the dash in beige leather, and taken clocks out Hopefully it can be got in a useable condition, and then I will live with it for a bit before a respray, new vinyl roof and lose the sunroof. I think a red interior might suit it. Given it is not going to get a new marcasite interior, it is never going to be fully original, so keep it 70's Rotten chassis might change the plan
  12. found 10 miles from home, been stood for ages, but looks pretty complete Colour a winner for me, need to check it is original
  13. Not sure that it is the right time for massive investment in a v8 engine
  14. Had a go in a JP-LM two seater prototype thing at bedford autodrome a few years ago with its manual paddleshift box, and was just blown away by it. It is just so nice and so good; a really good dual clutch box does come close. Fashion seems to be to knock the two pedal set up in favour of 3 pedals and a stick, and a manual can be a joy - I used to have a marcos 1500gt with a Ford "rocket" gearbox, and a stubby gearstick that was connected to the selection rods without any remote control mechanism - that was also a joy I have never driven a mid engine Lotus where I would consider the "stick" to be a joy. My elise has the eliseparts mechanism upgrade, and the quickshifter, and it is kind of OK; but go to a car equipped "as it left the factory" and the porridge spoon like shift is horrible. The other advantage of paddleshift is that you only have to link the driver to the gearbox with some copper wiring, which is far easier to route when you move a FWD package (driver behind engine) to a mid engine situation (driver in front of engine)
  15. OK if Nicotine is 1000x more potent than alcohol, how come I could drive OK after 20 a day, but could not after half a bottle of Scotch
  16. Launch edition is £52K, with a £16K deposit down to confirm order. Standard edition price not out yet, but it will be forty something. The lack of a cloverleaf badge suggests that there will be a faster one. Talk seems to firm up the idea of a convertible, but I suspect that this will be on the lines of the Exige S roadster, with a removable roof Lights are OK IMHO - the change to the wing mirrors is the biggest bit of butchery
  17. Media is coming out on the Alfa 4C, and Maserati production facility looks impressive. How does it compare to Hethel (as it is now) and chassis lay up
  18. 1800ES is steel, never seen that colour before - lovely
  19. Mmmm bit whiney, take it off, lob it over there, I will get some sawdust in the morning and we can chuck it back in another car
  20. Caterham entering Le Mans, or sponsoring a Zytek (A certain whiff of Dany about this)
  21. If you took the wheels off, you would have to be quite an expert to tell the last S1 from the first S2 I can see the interest in the early gelcoat cars, but expect to see the whole S1/2/2.2 range to take a lift in price, with the early tartan / white cars leading with a significant premium. I expect the JPS cars to be a bit retro-cool as they now look like a modern F1 car
  22. Big salary designer and a team of seventy! Is that still all in place? Do hope Lotus bring something out from this design team (is Exige V6 theirs?)
  23. No news on the "cause" yet? I do not believe that the media help, at the moment far too much infamy is created. Unless it is a manhunt, then they should keep to a small grainy photo, and put the name of the offender in the third paragraph. We create infamy for monsters
  24. Class went out the window over 100 years ago, when the merchants built themselves estates; and those whose families were given estates after the Norman conquest were quitting them as they could not afford to maintain the piles. I work, so working class, there is a massive "Jeremy Kyle" class who do not work and a tiny elite class who watch daytime tv using their own money rather than taxpayer money. It could be that the whole system is "on its head", and we now pay our feudal obligation (taxes) so that the workshy can parade around their "Manor"
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