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  1.     Manufacturer suing automotive press would be a pretty stupid thing to do; Lotus need autocar more than Autocar need Lotus
  2. My understanding of "underwritten" is that after you sell off every last piece of "Lotus", then Proton are liable for the balance of debt. Hardly an interesting route to follow. I would really like to see a facelift model out of Lotus, to me Evora is a bit fugly, same underpinnings, same improved build quality, but a new DRB body would seem to show a "reborn" Lotus
  3. One of the more obvious differences between S2.2 & S3 is bumpers, Would not be unusual for an owner to put "facelift" bumpers on a car in 1980s
  4. If the spyker C8 is on a lotus platform, then the "new" Esprit could not be THAT impossible to produce (if someone who owned Lotus wanted to produce it) & my fingers are in my ears regarding criticism of the Alfa 4C - the headlights, crap paint choices, pointless front vents, or comically chunky wing mirrors
  5. I think I would gamble on the 4C coming with a headlight alternative fairly early in its life. Apparently show cars are not runners. Hope the front vents get deleted
  6. It is dids, so alarm wont do a lot, Keep it discrete, and get a neighbourhood "no cold calling zone" really effective in stopping them casing the area
  7.     Depends on your electric source, agreed it is rubbish with coal or gas, but those stations can be balanced to demand. It is a little more interesting with nuclear, where you run the reactor flat out, and match H2 production to surplus power. Same with renewables, quite handy when the wind is at 2am
  8. Bit bumpier in those days! 42 years of no overtaking
  9. Ged, why is it so vague on this car. Pistonheads had a feature, and disclosed that it would have a renault engine with twin clutch (hardly a revalation) but no detail on chassis and (presumably) composite body 1000 Kg seems a very unambitious target
  10. How long before we see an Alpine badge on the Caterham F1 car?
  11. If Lotus are going to can the project, would they release the final specification? If Eibach & Bilstein were supplying on development, that would be a logical starting point, if not, I am sure someone would take the spec. I could ask nigel at Avo to price sets if he had a spec to work from
  12. Is it me, or is that fairly inconclusive, not particularly better unless you are on snow or ice - referring to the stopping distances graph, that I have failed to post here
  13. ^^^ Come and gone, they sacked him, do keep up
  14. Is this to be built in Hingham or Dieppe. Will be interesting times if the Lotus, Caterham and Alfa Romeo platforms are all competing in a very similar market (and are all different from each other!)
  15. Not a VHPD, I would ask Rog at sabre heads for technical info, I think heads were PTP with much work done by Janspeed
  16. Let me have an amazingly complete early history for my car Happy retirement Brian
  17. In the last decade, Newey DID NOT design the winning car in 95 & 99. Better record than anyone IMHO. Look at Chapman's record, there were some great cars, but there were also some duffers. Newey must have a great skill in finding the innovations, and also rejecting the blind alleys quickly. It seems a different game these days, Chapman created a car with two chassis; in recent years the issues have been tiny, such as a bit too much flex in a wing end plate
  18. You can probably buy a 40 for the same price as a 20, but you need specialist kit to move a 40, and just hiab a 20 into position; so I would say buy 2 x 20'. They are also quite narrow at 8', so fighting your way past 38' of crap to get to the back of a 40 will be difficult
  19. Sorry totally agree with what government is doing. The issue is more that these "no win no fee" companies are getting themselves far more than the (fraudulent) claimant, so it is not the couple of grand for whiplash that bumps premiums, it is the £10K of costs associated with it
  20. Dont think I would use 350 bhp in my S2.2 Tune the standard engine to a willing 200bhp, I think that would be plenty, and leave a totally original looking car. Would be cheaper than a swap
  21. For me Grosjean held his own against Kimi for most of the season (but I think was spooked when he was facing penalty for crashing too much Kovaleinen has not really out performed Petrov, so I do not see him as a better bet Senna has not out performed his team mate at any team, and if he were just Bruno Lalli, he would have collected his p45 years ago
  22. simonb


    Get about 250 out of my Elise now it is 160bhp, got 300 when it was 120 bhp (it does now get driven harder). Would be very surprised if a v6 turbo got over 200 miles to a tank anywhere but the motorway
  23. Not an expert, but that does not look like a late S1. I thought things like spoiler and wing mirrors overlapped more
  24. The Saab deal was madness, they were Vauxhall / Opel's poor cousin. I do not see how you would ever get a niche pressed steel platform volume sales car these days. You need something like the X type jag (mondeo). Lotus on the other hand does offer access to niche platforms. Was amazed t osee the number of Lotus shirts on TV at the US GP
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