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  1. regular edition looks a proper poverty spec, although £77,664 for LE black pack is quite a hike over £60K base, unless part of that hike is a premium for the camry engine If the i4 LE comes in around £70K I will be very happy
  2. am after an i4, so will be interesting to see whether I just get a brief call, and then re diarised Given the hype, I think some may switch to V6LE to be first. This sounds like a great flippers car, as I suspect it will lose little money between release and the opportunity to buy a regular car to custom spec
  3. shame dealers have not got hold of deposit holders first
  4. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    I would expect a power based price hierarchy more than it being based on the number of cylinders, although they could probably charge a premium for a torque limiting manual gearbox 360bhp i4 has to be base £60K car so IRO £70K for i4 LE (at a guess) 400bhp v6 at around 70K, pushing that first launch edition v6 to around £80K Both variants able to go north on price with heritage paint or more power Until they bring out a 400 horse variant of the i4 it is not really comparing apples with apples, but a manual v6 is easier to sell as a Cayman rival than a paddle shift i4, which sounds more Alpine rival
  5. simonb

    Type 131 GT4

    is that a body colour intake vent behind the door, looks good
  6. now seems a strange time to bail, there should be overlap between journalist road tests (the likes of Harris and Catchpole) and deposit becoming non refundable
  7. am keeping my elise, so the "need" for a manual sportscar is covered, which makes the AMG far more appealing
  8. I guess a lot of this will be whether you go for Launch Edition V6 or customer spec i4
  9. better than the alternative of "It is OK-man"
  10. you would need to supervise the whole process, and have a very trusted wrapper, so that they dont cut down on the paint below as they wrap (if you want it reversible)
  11. simonb

    Emira lite

    I think screens and dials are different beasts; and the combination is the ideal, and numbers may be recognisable around the world, but selling 123456789 to a chinese owned manufacturer as good enough, does not give a product honed to each market screens good, touchscreens bad would be my summary
  12. simonb

    Emira lite

    screens are so convenient, one unit will do every language and format was against digital, until I drove across France a few years ago, one press of the button and kph speed displayed - and no donations to the gendarmerie
  13. I would be surprised if it did not have a valet mode that allowed owner to set a maximum
  14. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    Radford is being banded as a $500,000 car; with that markup on a Camry engine, they can afford to change a few more parts than on a £100K lotus
  15. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    Be a real shit if £60K is the full Camry spec V6
  16. I thought the VHDP was sold as 178(?) BHP as it was regulation compliant at that level, but you could upgrade to 190 once registered One I drove when they were new was like a bag of spanners that would stall in an instant at below 1500 revs
  17. are fenders on back order already
  18. I dont think the queue will be that easy to interpret I placed a dealer deposit in June, but am after an AMG, so will be jumped in the "simple queue" by Launch Edition purchasers. Until Lotus start firming up orders (V6 LE / V6 tailored spec / i4) then there can be no idea of timescales
  19. I did wonder whether the engine alignment issues were toyota specific; and that Emira was designed around the AMG rather than toyota, and the other "made to fit"
  20. I thought the use of the sexy chinese model was rather clever; maybe not as competent as Gavan; but much more likely to be pinned up on the bedroom wall
  21. "early next year press drives when we have PP (pre production) cars ready" rather suggests that we are buying blind (well not really blind, it looks good, and the evora *not the same* drives really well)
  22. one would have to assume that the Emira v6 will be the last ever manual lotus; which would not be a bad spin to get through the pile of toyota drive trains
  23. that was the Alfa 4c buying experience look at a couple of very nice concepts on the Alfa stand at Goodwood (with a free lunch for deposit holders) Look around the car there (dont recall a sit in) first drive was after paying in full and taking delivery
  24. If that is correct and a manual V6 with a lot of options comes in at £75K, that seems really cheap to me (£10K less than a runout evora)
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