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  1. It is too easy There is a list of email addresses for deposit holders Email those information as it happens, or as issues need to be addressed, or monthly only send information that you are happy to be on social media (as it will be) then send the odd easter egg will take about 10 minutes to set up
  2. Or the parts bin was only big enough to satisfy a smaller market?
  3. other than a photoshop of are there more clues?
  4. DV really needs a black nose badge
  5. be interesting to have confirmation these are now final production specification cars
  6. residuals help if you are buying blind, and find you dont like it
  7. I think the FE residuals will also depend on the base edition price; which I really cannot see being sub £60K. Put 10% on it and fully loaded for £72k makes vanilla for £66k look expensive
  8. Think JayEmm is talking bollocks there The market will never be awash with Emiras, as lotus global production is just not that high; and my experience with the 4C was the opposite (launch edition had choice of 2 colours, and "all the toys") Drove it for 6 months and got my money back. They are now 8 years old and selling for north of £40K (launch edition was £52K) so maybe they lost just over a grand a year - and that is a flawed car
  9. I think deferring delivery would be impossible for lotus Get offered November, and buyer may want to delay to February, however add 3 more months of slippage and suddenly buyer will want their place back. I think the reality is unless lotus stockpile parts, then delivery will not be "firm" until car is in PDI I would imagine Felixstowe strike will be adding weeks to delay
  10. first batch i4 Your Emira is estimated to be produced in 2023 and we will confirm a production and delivery timing very early in the year. Over the coming months we will of course remain in touch and we will be providing more information regarding financial services, trade-in and insurance products that you may be interested in. starting to sound like the new TVR
  11. spec in the ad is worryingly vague; unless Lotus are cancelling flipped orders I think he will struggle to sell without a delivery date
  12. Enquired after my i4 delivery, is now quoted as Feb 2023 (first i4 delivery campaign) Not massively fussed as unlikely to put many miles on a new sportscar in january
  13. if they can sell 360bhp in the gulf, I would take my chances on 400bhp plus being OK in england
  14. Ah, turbo to the back I was looking at the old one that was the other way round
  15. I assume the rear seats were exchanged for air space; and that the rear shelf in the i4 will be the take away warming plate
  16. are the problems any greater than getting "an evora in a new frock" out to market
  17. I think the v6 will wither on the vine once the i4 is out. There are a limited number of drivers who must have a manual, and prefer more cylinders; but if the i4 is judged "better" in reviews it will influence those who claim not to be influenced by reviews The other issue will be the fact that the sky is the limit for tuning (and cheap tuning) on the i4, where the manual v6 is torque limited. An i4 GT450 or GT500 edition may change preferences
  18. going to need very smart sat nav that recognises a changed speed limit
  19. simonb

    Lotus Emira

    link seems to have gone‘driving-change’-esg-charter-commits-lotus-to-become-first-established-sports-car-maker-to-go-fully-electric.html I note the use of the word mainstream in all future new mainstream vehicles from Lotus will be fully electric. looks like some boutique petrol
  20. catchpole should like it, if he liked this
  21. speedy manor is a great address for a car company
  22. bonnet on the GT4 looks VERY sexy
  23. do suspect that I may not have to ask for any deferment
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