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  1. 23 hours ago, JB said:

    So what would your solution be?

    Happy to take on board n feed up or implement if possible 

    It is too easy

    There is a list of email addresses for deposit holders

    Email those information as it happens, or as issues need to be addressed, or monthly

    only send information that you are happy to be on social media (as it will be)

    then send the odd easter egg

    will take about 10 minutes to set up

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  2. I think deferring delivery would be impossible for lotus

    Get offered November, and buyer may want to delay to February, however add 3 more months of slippage and suddenly buyer will want their place back.

    I think the reality is unless lotus stockpile parts, then delivery will not be "firm" until car is in PDI

    I would imagine Felixstowe strike will be adding weeks to delay 

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  3. first batch i4

    Your Emira is estimated to be produced in 2023 and we will confirm a production and delivery timing very early in the year. Over the coming months we will of course remain in touch and we will be providing more information regarding financial services, trade-in and insurance products that you may be interested in. 

    starting to sound like the new TVR

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  4. 1 hour ago, TomE said:

    Given the challenges Lotus and AMG are having getting the i4 Emira finished, I think the suggestions of “easy” tuning may not be as realistic as people think.  Headline power maybe, but thermal management and reliability may be significant factors.

    are the problems any greater than getting "an evora in a new frock" out to market

  5. I think the v6 will wither on the vine once the i4 is out.  There are a limited number of drivers who must have a manual, and prefer more cylinders; but if the i4 is judged "better" in reviews it will influence those who claim not to be influenced by reviews

    The other issue will be the fact that the sky is the limit for tuning (and cheap tuning) on the i4, where the manual v6 is torque limited.  An i4 GT450 or GT500 edition may change preferences 

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  6. 21 hours ago, Graham Ridgway said:

    Looks like sloppy reporting and PR from lotus.  No new news there

    link seems to have gone‘driving-change’-esg-charter-commits-lotus-to-become-first-established-sports-car-maker-to-go-fully-electric.html

    I note the use of the word mainstream in

     all future new mainstream vehicles from Lotus will be fully electric.

    looks like some boutique petrol

  7. On 11/06/2022 at 16:28, TomE said:

    Press drives for i4 should be in September and first customer deliveries are November, so I'm guessing dealer demos in Oct/Nov.

    catchpole should like it, if he liked this


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