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  1. I expect the start dates for production to be fairly settled (spring / fall 2022 for v6LE / i4LE); however if there are healthy orders for a £70K+ Launch Edition, why would you start to slot too many £60K base edition cars into production, I am sure that there is a healthy margin within the "extras"

    I hope that i4LE cars are delivered in 2022 (be good to get that delivery slot, although there is less urgency to get a sports car in winter) but if demand is good would not be surprised if base car delivery slips a bit

  2. regular edition looks a proper poverty spec, although £77,664 for LE black pack is quite a hike over £60K base, unless part of that hike is a premium for the camry engine  

    If the i4 LE comes in around £70K I will be very happy

  3. am after an i4, so will be interesting to see whether I just get a brief call, and then re diarised

    Given the hype, I think some may switch to V6LE to be first.  This sounds like a great flippers car, as I suspect it will lose little money between release and the opportunity to buy a regular car to custom spec

  4. I would expect a power based price hierarchy more than it being based on the number of cylinders, although they could probably charge a premium for a torque limiting manual gearbox 

    360bhp i4 has to be base £60K car

    so IRO £70K for i4 LE (at a guess)

    400bhp v6 at around 70K, pushing that first launch edition v6 to around £80K

    Both variants able to go north on price with heritage paint or more power

    Until they bring out a 400 horse variant of the i4 it is not really comparing apples with apples, but a manual v6 is easier to sell as a Cayman rival than a paddle shift i4, which sounds more Alpine rival

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  5. 9 hours ago, Evotion said:

    Am I right in saying that a WRAP is as good as putting PPF on the car - in terms of paint protection.

    Just thinking maybe instead of worrying about the colour and then PPFing it with Ceramic coating I can just di a wrap in the colour I want and leave it at that. 

    Or do you still have to protect the car/wrap?

    you would need to supervise the whole process, and have a very trusted wrapper, so that they dont cut down on the paint below as they wrap (if you want it reversible)

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  6. I think screens and dials are different beasts; and the combination is the ideal, and numbers may be recognisable around the world, but selling 123456789 to a chinese owned manufacturer as good enough, does not give a product honed to each market

    screens good, touchscreens bad would be my summary

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  7. I thought the VHDP was sold as 178(?) BHP as it was regulation compliant at that level, but you could upgrade to 190 once registered

    One I drove when they were new was like a bag of spanners that would stall in an instant at below 1500 revs

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