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  1. 12 hours ago, stephenwhyte said:

    Ade have you seen this weeks Autocar yet (pic from the article below)……there are lot’s of cars on the production line shown, at the time the photos were taken - they’re coming (apparently there are around an additional 35 “engaged in final testing” in different destination over the world) and you’ll see all the first Edition options in good time. Interesting to see how many LHD cars are featured in the photo below from Autocar.

    I personally reckon very soon in fact which will help you all with your initial orders. Don’t quote me as it’s just my feel on the situation but we need to keep the Lotus faith👍😉



    Is that two white cars on the right, another colour coming??

  2. he is consistent

    this is the article that is meant to have got him in trouble

    the kicker is his opinion that the Evora 400 "Once the goodwill from the UK magazines and websites has subsided, Lotus will be left with a car that is more expensive than a Cayman GT4, has a fraction of the showroom appeal and looks far too similar to the model that's been on sale since 2009. An 'all new supercar?' Come on."

    I think history will judge that comment not far from the mark

    If he sees the Emira as not new underneath, that may not be a problem, as there seems little criticism of how the 400 + Evoras drove; that lotus have come up with a car that is both cheaper and new looking suggests his words were true.

    I cannot see it taking much more than 2 years for total emira sales to exceed total evora sales (a decade's worth)

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  3. 12 hours ago, TomE said:

    January for proper pictures of real cars painted in the real colours.

    In the meantime we can keep re-visiting the configurator multiple times per day and looking at similar cars in similar colours.  Imagine if they'd had 13 colours to chose from! :) 

    to look at on real computer monitors, which TBH are not brilliant at representing metallic car colours 

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  4. I dont see how lotus can finalise the i4 pricing, until they know when they are building them.  Inflation is well over 4% and materials for everything are rising far faster.

    Unless they run a token few down the line, I think the £60K base car wont happen, as they will be delivering 2021 prices in 2023 

    If the UK i4FE turns into a 2023 delivery, then the base car could easily hit 2024

  5. On 13/11/2021 at 22:06, JJ said:

    Interesting tidbit: one of the dealers (I think the owner's son?) said tuning the V6 to 460HP should be doable without (significant) mods and beyond 500HP with, and the i4 should be able to ultimately go past 500HP as well. Though not advised until out of warranty... 😂 And way beyond my talents, anyway.


    I think the issue with the V6 is more the gearbox bolted to it for that sort of power.  The (exige based) Radford Europa changes to a DSG I think for higher powered alternatives, but on a price point much higher than this car.  AMG tuners have some pretty racy options for the CLA45S already, so suspect that box will not be a limiting factor

  6. 36 minutes ago, Evotion said:

    Re: the China HP increase.

    I assume they have less stringent CO2 regs than the UK which is why we have 368HP and they are nudging 400 (if true).  Then again, they are saying that non-FE versions will be back to the lower figure so that makes no sense.

    In which case why doesn't Lotus UK make it 400 for the FE and then drop it back for the mass sales - maybe it will - as I said, these things are not locked in yet, not really.

    Of course, if they did announce this then they would lose a chunk of V6 orders to the I4.

    Would Lotus flog us all of the V6 units and then release the i4 FE with 400HP? The way things have gone this cannot be ruled out even if a senior Lotus person says otherwise. 

    we also have the AMG a45s (as well as AMG a45) in this country

  7. 11 hours ago, steveoexige said:

    I've asked my Hethel source about the launch edition i4 having 400bhp and so far ... nothing. I've had an answer to pretty much everything else new colours, technical specs, etc but radio silence about this. That could be telling 😀

    I would be very surprised to see a FE i4 with similar power to the v6, but a cheaper price point

    I suspect there is an element of dithering to decide price point as well as power, and I assume a car loaded with options is far more profitable than a base model

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