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  1. Yes, paddleshift, no stick to grab.... driver - that would be me then! I'm ~5'10" although I have short legs and long body, and the seat in that car is a std road car seat so quite high (too high)
  2. as in November has passed nothing has changed, no more money has appeared.
  3. do you mean wheel bolts? they are M12x1.5 (pretty standard)
  4. hate to state the obvious, but we are in October....
  5. at a guess, std elise radiator pack with AC etc is not going to cope with a 350hp in-efficient engine in a hot climate. uprated ones wihout AC etc can only just cope 350-380hp engines
  6. This may be of interest to to you guys......
  7. Just watched this, must say, Mike Kimberly must be spitting! Evora was way before Dannyboy's time not that you would know from this ... all the way though, some real howlers, like the definition of mid-engined - between the rear wheels! and a close ratio box gives a smoother ride. Who writes this stuff? do they not have somebody to prof-read the scripts? Laughable, just laughable.
  8. Been to Bathurst with the sequential, took over 6 sec's out of the lap record with it, video of the lap here: this is the car it's in.
  9. Video's of the prototype sequential (complete with Geartronics paddleshift). 1st test 1st race (and win!) Drive-by video (sorry about the 'tiss' noise on the on-board vids, found it to be the camera's lanyard clip!)
  10. your implying that TF only went back to David Hunt /after/ GL revoked their licence... not sure that's the case...
  11. on what grounds? his trademark was 'Team Lotus' not 'Lotus' etc. That aside, at the time, it was easier/faster/cheaper for TF to 'buy' a licence from GL, longer term, he was always going to try and buy 'Team Lotus', just in the timeframe of 2009, this was not high up the list of things to do I suspect.
  12. long term, I can see TF buying Group Lotus from Proton (the Malaysian Government) when they run out of money.... I suspect that was always the game plan.
  13. don't get me wrong, but I keep hearing about the 'if you had kids' argument for the Evora, however, the point is, how many of them have actually been sold and of them how many with the rear seats (if you exclude the launch spec cars)? the very fact that you don't own one rather nails the point - if you could justify the cost, would you honestly buy this as a car to drive your kids around in compared to another equally priced 4 seat car? Not being a 2+2 has hardly hurt Cayman sales has it?
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