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  1. What about the distance Ferrari decided to install the fans from the radiator? It sure looks like less than 5cm, I'm sure these guys no about cooling...
  2. Looking at your picture, not even sure the base coat is attacked. I would try abrading lightly (very lightly because where you are on the base coat the sanding might show) a small section and apply a coat of clear coat. You have nothing to lose because you'll need to sand and repaint if I'm wrong.
  3. Anyone please? Work is going on, reverse engineering, so far the components checked are working as designed but getting the values or picture of the burnt parts would help a lot. I know winter would be better for that kind of request but I'm sure someone has a u/s clock around. Tx
  4. Looks more like a pressure switch, no?
  5. While you are there, open up the heater core pipes in the front to get as much out as possible. Evans has been discussed at lenght in another thread. Probably good if you have the money and like to play with liquid as you need to flush thoroughly with their flushinf liquid (if it can really be done on an Esprit) before putting the stuff in.
  6. Hi everybody, It might be a psychological problem but I want to make sure I did all I could to resuscitate my digital clock. I have a good electronically inclined friend who accepted to help me out. Can you help me help him! I have a burnt resistor and diode and I need a picture of the internal of a similar version clock. It seem Jaeger and VDO made different circuit boards along the way. The pictures show the components I want to identify. I have searched the forum and pictures coming up are of the other type of circuitry. A schematic would be ideal but I have searched the web in the past without any success. I know there is two 5$ solutions out there, the LCD way and the few components to hopefully fix it. Thanks for your help.
  7. When I overhauled my hvac, I replaced the foam with new one. You can find similar material at canadian tire with the humidifiers. Didn't know the exact reason they have put the foam there but they know more about cooling than I do.
  8. You are one lucky chap and escaped something that could have been a lot worse! Cheers
  9. Whatever you decide for your cambelt, I would suggest replacing that now somewhat new WP belt by a new one. What is a few pounds to sleep better at night.
  10. Same behavior here too and I too don't worry much about it.
  11. The one installed on my car is original for sure and it looks like your new one (well a little more beat up but same design). It looks better than your old one but it is still fragile, even more if some oil gets on it.
  12. I find mine flimsy at best, the front one looks like it's from a tank but the rear one can be moved up and down with slight pressure from the hand. Merci pour les photos! Luc
  13. The first job to do on an esprit is to replace these, cheap and relatively easy.
  14. No, somebody will correct me but Federal also included Canada, Japan and some other contries I forgot. Nice post cards, just imagine getting one of those cars as new in your garage
  15. I agree with Giorgio, my pulleys don't show any sign of step between each other. My belt does seem to ride more forward since my last replacement though.
  16. I'll have a look at mine tonight, I know it's original...
  17. Good man Good luck with the fix
  18. Loose battery terminal? Very cheap to fix...
  19. Hmmm, sat nav thru the cigar lighter... too many bond movies
  20. You paid good money for those springs, springs shouln't sag after just a few months, get a refund. They need to know that what they sell is below the acceptable level.
  21. Oh! mon ami... What a return back home! We're a little off topic but the important bit is you getting rid of that cancer. Good luck with everything.
  22. Hi Bob, I repainted my cam covers, I got a can of VHT red wrinkle (which is too red and really won't match) and sprayed a light coat of VHT GM engine enamel before heating up for the wrinkle effect. Other than the size of the wrinkles, I think it came out pretty good. The intake is original and the covers are not. Luc
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