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  1. Was just in a show this weekend where there was # 037 but unfortunately I can't help you. This particular car had the from painted satin and the aft painted gloss See picture here:
  2. You need to pinch the section that is not supported by the legs, that will release the lock. I fiddled with mine too until I got it...
  3. Super nice day in Ottawa! Met some nice folks and quite a few Esprit (at least for this side of the pond!)
  4. Personnally, I'd leave suspension geometry to Lotus...
  5. Lotus should have kept them analog, early or late model clocks are almost impossible to find... Also found out that my Jaeger model was also used in the Countach... so guess what the prices look like when one comes up? Last one I've spotted, they were asking 475$... Good luck
  6. Same here, If you come down to Montreal, we could meet. Otherwise, enjoy your trip! Luc
  7. Good to hear you didn't get half as wet as you usually do in your garage... I still remember one of your "wettest" story! Glycol doesn't rime with Lotus but they sure go hand in hand!
  8. ... and French bureaucratie! Not that I ever had to try it but it does have a reputation.
  9. The job looks serious, you might be better off that electrical installation than the original
  10. Here are some pictures of Hudson's show:
  11. After reading about your mods, I wouldn't call what I did a modification! I think it's the first time I see what's hidden behind the Evora panels...Hooked, I want one! Seriously, the 993 or the Esprit would have to go in order to get one but you have a serious project going on, good luck with everything. I might have to have a look at the Evora forum once in a while... lots of forums to keep up with already!
  12. Hi John, I try to keep it original as much as I can. Still sensible upgrades are not out of the question, I changed my brake flex lines for braided ones, I added black shrink on top of them so they look somewhat original. Just ordered the braided line for the clutch, clutch slave, timing belt and K&N filter from JAE. I keep all that interesting work for next winter. I do agree with Bibs that we need to spice up the canadian side of things.
  13. Hi all, I participated in the Hudson (Québec) british car show at the end of May and had a good time. Made some new friends, we were only 4 Lotus owners unfortunately, 2 Esprit, 1 really racy Europe and a late style Elan. I got invited there: Ottawa All British Car Day Saturday, July 16, 2016 Britannia Beach This year they feature the Lotus brand. I will try to attend and thought of passing the news around. See you there hopefully!
  14. Doesn't sound good, I think that must be the first part they put in the cabin when building the car! Well this and the air cond box. I remember seeing it when I changed my heater core and hoping I never have to take that motor off... There is a slight chance it seized on the pivot. Good luck.
  15. Here you go, it's not in the best shape and a little loose... If you need measurements or angles, let me know.
  16. I'll try and post proper pictures of the (cheap) chord used to hold the engine cover. If your gas springs are tired like mine, it is useless, the hatch just closes when you attach the cover...
  17. I would warm it up enough for the fans to come on once, most of the water should be mixed or evaporated at that point. I would then flush the oil. Good luck.
  18. First, congratulation and welcome to the forum. You will find this place very open to any questions and the answers come in a timely manner. Start by having somebody sitting inside and move the shifter around while you inspect, it will soon become evident where you need to start. Even with everything nice and snug, it will never be the most direct shift. I found that shifting mine at higher revs makes more sense and the gears engage better.
  19. Salut Bernard, I can hear some hissing coming from the back of the car during shifts but nothing like a "stressfull" hissing, it's very muted and seems to come from down a pipe (as expected) You found your vacuum pipe alright? When I changed my heater core (your worse nightmare!), I've re-install them with a dab of silicone on the outside just to make sure they stay put. On mine the pipe comes from the passenger (R/H ) side of the car you can see it on my picture laying on top of the dash. I wish mine was silver like yours! Luc
  20. RD enterprises lists it for the esprit/eclat for 29$ US...
  21. They do shrink with time, I had this issue on my Scirocco. After 20 years or so, almost all of them shorten quite a bit. If you search the forum, I'm pretty sure somebody referred to a web site selling different seals by the yard. As for what they're worth...
  22. That sounds like the deal, I guess the guy doesn't have a web site?
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