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  1. He did pretty well for a chap born on a grass verge at the side of a road.
  2. Spotted a Silver SE (?) in Cheriton this morning [15 July] near the traffic lights - too late to get the number plate, and too incompetent to be sure if it was an SE!
  3. Lovely looking car and a great picture. What colour is it?
  4. I think the gold Esprit came with two spare engines, but I'm not sure where you were supposed to store them as the glove box is only small.
  5. Thanks Filip - I did wonder, but couldn't see the rollover valve either (perhaps it is missing?). I'll try and post a photo next time I open it up again. It still seems to run OK at the moment and wasn't too smelly on a short run this morning.
  6. I replaced the balance pipe some years ago (with enormous help from Steve Smith) but the smell of fuel has returned so I had another look today and found two loose pieces of the old pipe behind the trim on the driver's side. There is a very short section of pipe (about 3 inches) attached to the second flange on the fuel filler pipe, but it seems to have been cut at an angle and matches the end of one of the loose pieces. What should that second pipe be attached too? I assume it should be connected to something - any guidance appreciated. I've looked at the LEW guide to the breather pipe
  7. I've gone for replacement Protech adjustable dampers from SJ. Should arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the pointer!
  8. Thanks Vanya - I'll contact them. Any idea if Protech shocks are better or worse than OEM shocks ( and who made the OEM shocks for 1990 SE models)?
  9. My SE just failed its MOT because of leaking front shocks. They are Protech's (fitted I don't know when) so I need to get replacements but don't feel like shelling out £1,000 on Nitrons. Are Protech a reasonable option again?
  10. I really don't know what to say ;-)
  11. mellowmatt, ray56, exige1, green62elite, ian29gte, Inkyfingers, Miguel, TonyKL, Atak, chinsterb, franjipane, Dan E, jaybee, portocruz, fasteddie, peteratsylvan, escape, mattthesparks, dan chambers, mbes2, blackngolds3turbo, maydharm, set,
  12. Now that is a shiny car. Gorgeous!
  13. Someone seems to have put the steering wheel on the wrong side ?
  14. Apart from the ones on my drive, I wanted the depth of field for these pics to show the backgrounds too but I'll do some more with shallow d.o.f for you next time ;-)
  15. Well you did ask..... ......and that's the lot for the moment! Good to see so many great looking Giugiaro's - makes me want get one of those too!
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