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  1. Looks like red Esprits don’t fit in standard car spaces…….
  2. Nice to see this featured in Greg Davies’ new BBC show ‘The Cleaner’. Would be entertaining to see him get his 6’ 8” behind the wheel…..
  3. If it’s in the way I can find somewhere to accommodate it.
  4. Looking really good. When you say ‘classic car club’, was it just you and the bloke with the Alfa? And is there always so little traffic? 😏
  5. Mirror arrived quickly and is an exact match. It came with a plastic backing plate and adhesive pads - I didn’t need the backing plate as it was just the glass that had cracked. No heating elements in the glass and no wires in the mirror body, so if it is heated it must be by some element in the mirror body that I couldn’t see? Anyway; now fixed so I can recommend
  6. Ah, interesting. As long as it isn’t supposed to have wires to the glass then the one I have ordered should be fine. I doubt I’ll ever need the heated feature anyway as I tend to tuck the car up in the garage over the winter. Thank for the advice everyone - I’ll let you know, when I’ve fixed the mirror, if the eBay option is good.
  7. Thanks too Barry - I didn’t realise they were also used on TVRs. Mine isn’t heated though, and the eBay option is a lot cheaper! I might find it is cheaper for a reason, but worth a punt.
  8. You’d think I’d have found that wouldn’t you….. I looked on eBay earlier for Lotus mirror replacements and only found plastic film repair types. Should have gone back to basics and searched for the Citroen one! Thanks Ruud - TLF comes good again!
  9. Thanks Gary….eeek indeed. I think these particular ones are borrowed from the Citroen CX, but that is now pretty old hat too so no one has them either. I may try a ‘cut to order’ supplier, but I thought there might be a known/reliable source out there. If (when) I get it sorted I’ll post a recommendation…..
  10. Hello all, Has anyone found a source for replacement wing mirror glass for a 1990 Esprit SE - the L/H glass on mine has come loose and cracked and SJ say they can’t supply them anymore. It seems like it ought to be easy to get a mirror glass……but it isn’t!
  11. He did pretty well for a chap born on a grass verge at the side of a road.
  12. Spotted a Silver SE (?) in Cheriton this morning [15 July] near the traffic lights - too late to get the number plate, and too incompetent to be sure if it was an SE!
  13. Lovely looking car and a great picture. What colour is it?
  14. I think the gold Esprit came with two spare engines, but I'm not sure where you were supposed to store them as the glove box is only small.
  15. Thanks Filip - I did wonder, but couldn't see the rollover valve either (perhaps it is missing?). I'll try and post a photo next time I open it up again. It still seems to run OK at the moment and wasn't too smelly on a short run this morning.
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