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  1. Öhlins TTX are not road legal, are they ?
  2. You are spot on. Comparing the following pictures, one can see, that the 311's side sills are upright while the Exige has them slightly cut-out. The bolted-on rollcage will surely contribute to the stiffness of the car. 3-Eleven : Exige : Exige (different angle): Photos are taken from the videos : (How it's made) and (Lotus 3-Eleven – Two weeks in Germany)
  3. Trevor, you are my hero My primary question is in regards to the engine : Have Lotus upgraded any internals, like pistons, connecting rods, ... ? Assuming that they have learnt a lot from their experience with building and racing the Evora GT4 I would expect that they have tweaked/uprated the engine a bit. It would be nice to hear this confirmed. Putting an off-the-shelf Camry engine into the 3-11 makes for a less appealing thought I'd be most thankful, if you could provide an answer to this question.
  4. Exactly, and that is the reason why I created this thread, with the intend to gather more specific information about the car. I know there are sometimes people who go visit the factory. Maybe they get to ask the technicians a few questions...*Fingers crossed*
  5. Do we know if Lotus have upgraded some of the internals of the "revised" Evora 400 engine ? (like uprated pistons...) Does it have a new chassis or is it the same as the one in the Exige or Evora ? Hopefully it will get the same gearbox as the Evora 400 which I find top notch! What have they done to improve it over the Exige V6 ?
  6. Sorry, but what does LDA stand for ?
  7. Wow, your car looks absolutely stunning in that colour! Well done! I wish I was brave enough to pick "a colour"...usually going with boring black Re the Motorsport workshop, have you seen the 311 by any chance? Is it coming along?
  8. I haven't tried Assetto Corsa yet. How does it compare to iRacing ?
  9. I think I have figured it out. If the wing pillars were slightly inclined to the outside, that would give an asymmetric impression in the photo.
  10. what does indeed look odd is that both extremities don't look symmetric ?
  11. I hope this is it. I like it very much. You may notice that the wing is much narrower: the wing tips are inside/between the two rear lights.
  12. jbs

    Bought a 911....

    Many congrats. Enjoy in good health!
  13. Fabulous initative. Count me in for a subscription.
  14. Ok, dealer says it's going to be Euro 6 compliant, like all new cars since September 2015.
  15. jbs

    Lotus Evora 400

    Thank you for clarifying.
  16. jbs

    Lotus Evora 400

    Thanks for the extensive review! What exactly have they changed about the steering?
  17. Just now found and watched this video. Excellent review! All the more informative as it's been done by a Lotus owner and connoisseur. Thanks for the effort! I'm also happy to learn that they have improved the gearbox. Very nice.
  18. Bibs, if you're reading this, when you head over to Hethel, could you kindly ask someone in charge if the 3-11 will get an Euro 6 compliant engine. Thanks! Come to think of it, is the Evora 400 already Euro 6?
  19. I've just stumbled upon this thread. Very useful information. A big thanks, especially to Kimbers. I plan to take delivery next year at the factory and am looking for a place to stay for 1 or maybe 2 nights. I've always wanted to try out the Dunston Hall Hotel since the time I saw it advertised at one of Lotus' former websites. Is it still recommendable ? The initial thread is a few years old and maybe times have changed since back then... I'm a fair bit early with my planning, given that I don't even have a built date yet lol, but anticipation is the greatest pleasure as we all know.
  20. Thanks Trevor. I'm excited I would wish to pick Starlight Black for a colour, if it's going to be available at launch that is. I don't fancy those coloured and striped paint schemes like they introduced with the 2-11. All of my previous Loti have been flat black
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