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  1. Lotus 2-Eleven (2011) Date Added: 12 January 2012 - 12:43 PM Owner: jbs Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. It's up for sale already. I wonder how many of the 211 on the first page are still in possession of their listed owners. It's difficult to keep track if the new (or previous) owners don't update the list.
  3. Welcome! Is that a customized cupholder in pic #3 ?
  4. I can confirm this. One of the rear engine mount screws was loose last time I checked.
  5. Beautiful hasn't run much yet by the look of its exhaust.
  6. Thanks Scotty. I will give it a try.
  7. Can please someone share their technique with me ? I'm clueless about how to wash that car. If I use a pressure washer or a watering can, the water runs inside the cabin !
  8. I have finally received my Build number plate. My 2-11 is No: 301
  9. Amazing house you got there Stunning photos, thanks for sharing
  10. Here's my new 2-11. Pic was taken last Sunday in Wehrseifen at the Nürburgring in Germany. It was a sunny day, but very cold. The pic also serves as my new avatar
  11. I would appreciate if we had a General 2-Eleven subforum again.
  12. Eureka! A reply! Thank you Del ! I was going to tap a fuse in the fuse-box which sits next to the battery. I wanted to connect the positive cable from my datalogger to this fuse and its negative cable directly to the negative battery terminal. That way, everything should be controlled by the battery-master-switch. I also want to put a switch in the loop so that the logger doesn't drain all the battery. One question though : Do I need to use an additional safety fuse somewhere ??
  13. I already have, see post #137 : ...but I still don't have my build number plate.
  14. Finally took delivery of my new 2-11. It was freezing cold when I drove it home, but at least it was dry. Here are a couple of pics :
  15. I'm sceptic about this. I believe it would jeopardize all of the other "new" Lotus cars, like the new Esprit, Elan etc...
  16. That is most kind of you. Thank you Bibs!
  17. Thanks Bibs. I did, and here is his reply: "Only the first 'Launch Edition' 2-11's had a limited build number badge. These were cars built by our Motorsport Division, later cars being built on the production line alongside regular products, and these were not numbered. Sorry." ??
  18. My 211 has arrived at the dealer's. Oddly enough it doesn't have the build number insignia. Does anybody know whom I can contact at Lotus to find out? Starlight Black NA Joël Schartz Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  19. Resurrecting this thread. What was the model of that HID kit you bought from Ebay, Ads_green? The link above doesn't work anymore.
  20. Reviving this old thread. I want to hardwire my DL1 unit in the 2-11. Can someone please tell me how to do this? I'm not much of an electrician. Thanks!
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