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    • diamond cut wheels (or anthracite)
    • AIM digital dash 
    • new steering wheel
    • interior seat colours (X-brace design)
    • a few different car colours 
    • a plaque and stickers that say "Final Edition"

    That's about it. They could have done better IMO (e.g. limited & exclusive design like Type 25/49/79 & 10 bhp more).


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  1. Gordon S, your photos always look like taken from a magazine. Amazing, and tasteful spec too!


    I thought that motorsport green was no longer available. Also, just noticed that the Engine & Battery isolator options have disappeared from the configurator (hopefully only temporarily).


  2. On 01/06/2018 at 18:49, Tex said:

    Took delivery of my Cup today and very quickly broke the engine cover release lever, so all my luggage remains locked away. I know it’s been covered before but it really is a pretty weak design.

    Looks like a trip back to the dealer !!!

    Main point really was to establish a thread for the foibles on a new Lotus.

    I had air bag delete which included the harness brace, but it would appear the plastic cover behind seats gets removed showing all manner of Cables. I was assured this was normal but would appreciate views on this. Looks a bit naff really but maybe it is the only solution

    Also Really would have liked the switchable exhaust button, as on my 380 and will look to see if this can be retro fitted.

    Will up date again once I retrieve my luggage and start to enjoy the car for the reasons I bought it.



    Is it true that if you opt for the harness bar, it's the dealership that has to install it after the car has been registered, and that the part is sold as "track only" from Lotus ?


  3. Hi guys,

    I'm about to pull the trigger on ordering a new CUP 430 Type 79. Fortunately I can still get one albeit being over a year late. However, Lotus have informed my dealership that they won't be able to deliver the original gold wheels anymore. They will have to come in black instead. I'm not sure I would like that to be honest, it just looks wrong or "incomplete" for lack of a better word.

    I could order a base CUP 430 as an alternative of course, but the Type 79 has that certain appeal to me (the famous F1 Type 79 being one of my all time favorites). 

    I guess I'll have to make up my mind but I thought it couldn't hurt if I sought advice from the wise and all knowing forum community 😇 What would you do? Choose the Type 79 with black wheels, or the common CUP 430 ...?

    Thanks. Joël 


    P.S. I dread the idea of painting the wheels, so that's not going to be an option. 



  4. On 5/10/2017 at 16:12, Arregueti said:

    There was one to be delivered to a member in Luxembourg but I cannot recall his forum's user name.

    Numbers 61, 62 and 63 are currently available for sale with Komotec. Does not look like they have already sold them all...

    That might have been me. I cancelled my order when they announced that they cut the power from the announced 460 hp down to 410 hp. I lost trust in the gearbox and engine all of a sudden and believed that Lotus wanted to limit the package because it couldn't handle the load. I had suffered an engine failure with my 2-11 and had become overly cautious.

    Anyway, hopefully all 3-11 owners are enjoying their cars to the fullest extent.

    Sorry for my late reply, I don't check Lotus forums as often anymore. I have switched to a different brand and follow those forums, but am still loving Lotus. :thumbup:

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  5. While trackdays offer the big advantage of being less crowded (you share the track with far less people), you don't get the same impression you do on public days. On crowded Sundays, during Touristenfahrten, you have lots of spectators along the track and lots of likeminded petrolheads in the car parks to speak to. You dive into the atmosphere more and find it thrilling. If it's your very first visit, I would recommend Touristenfahrten. If you get hooked, and you will, you should try a trackday next and learn to drive the track at higher pace.

    Maybe if demand is high, we could organize a TLF meeting at the Nürburgring this summer?

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