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  1. Hi everyone. I have been doing a full restoration on a Yellow dry sump chassis number 11196 for the owner who has had the car since 1998. Sadly in 1997, some 25 years ago he had a friend partially dismantle the engine by removing the cylinder head. As can be seen above. The Body and chassis have been removed and the engine has had a nut and bolt restoration, along with the rest of the car.
  2. Why do you want to use a dual mass flywheel. The best option would be to machine a flywheel to suit your needs and not to use a dual mass as they are extremely unreliable.
  3. Quick video from cars and coffee Chester. Esprit convoy.
  4. Been having a play around with the data logging and dashcam and found some really nice software to combine the two. It's called dashware.
  5. The fronts are custom made. The rears are modified from another vehicle to accept the original bearings. Will dig out the drawings on my old pc for you.
  6. On the sunday the safety car is blocking the GP circuit as you can clearly see. I personally enjoyed both days. I had the pleasure of doing both circuits lol.
  7. The first clip was from Saturday. The next one is from sunday
  8. Great to meet lots of people at brands Hatch over the weekend. Car is getting better and better. 500 mile round trip with no real issues. Great chatting to bibs and doing the parade lap(s) too.
  9. Would anyone know anything about the evora s that's for sale in the Watford area. The orange one on the for sale site. I've had my esprit for 15 years and my brother in law is looking to join the lotus club by getting an evora s. Is the owner of the car a member of the forum?
  10. All booked in for Monday for rolling road. Mot has been done and car has now done 6 nervous miles. All gears work and nothing fell off so hopefully all will be ok on the rolling road.
  11. First test drive of car today. Here is a couple of videos.
  12. Know this is an old topic but does anyone have the pdf of the heater panel. The link in the post isnt working. Thanks Paul
  13. After a week of design and build my rear spoiler is now an active spoiler. It's wired through the engine management so I can alter the speeds that operates under braking. I'm reinforcing the tailgate to take the additional loading that will be created.
  14. Getting so close now. Few more days and fingers crossed will be ready for the rolling road
  15. Had to change the hubs for the discs and spigot for the wheels . Also there are 6 magnets on the rear of the hub for the hall effect speed sensors for the traction control and speedometer . Will take some pictures of the front end.
  16. Exhausts now built. Will do a video tomorrow . It sounds awesome. Not too loud just very deep.
  17. Thought i would start a thread with the specs for my car. Front End Tyres 245/35ZR19 (100Y) extra load continental sport contact 2 Wheels 8.5J x 19 offset +24 pcd 5x108 Discs Ventilated 355mm x 32mm Callipers Brembo 4 pot Brake Flexes Stainless steel braided Hubs Custom made aluminium alloy including magnetic pick up for hall effect Bearings Higher load rated inner bearing ultra high temperature grease Shock/springs AVO coil overs Rear end Tyres 295/30ZR19 (100Y) extra load continental sport contact 2 Wheels 11J x 19 offset +30 pcd 5 x108 Discs Ventilated 330mm x 21mm Callipers Brembo 4 pot Brake Flexes Stainless steel braided Hubs Custom made steel hubs Bearings Higher load rated ultra high temperature grease Engine 4600cc 32valve (4 valve per Cylinder) Quadruple overhead camshaft chain driven Eaton M112 supercharger Fuel injection Wasted spark ignition system Twin 2 1/2 inch exhaust systems Transmission Porsche 6 speed using original esprit gear change lever Engine Management DTA S80 Full sequential injection using 3 bar manifold air pressure sensor, throttle position sensor air and coolant temperature sensors. Oxygen sensors fitted to both banks of cylinders. Features of management system Traction control with settings for track and road and adjustable severity Launch control multiple engine maps for economy and power
  18. Was a pleasure to help. Seeing yours drive away gives me motivation to finish mine
  19. Hopefully the tailgate should still fit. I modified it some years ago to fit over the supercharger. i If you look at my profile picture you can see the supercharger through the glass.
  20. That's correct the cross member spans from where the original engine mounts bolt to the chassis. These are the mounts before I fitted them. The logic is as if they fail the engine can't move too far as the bolt through the bush is encased within the the circular section
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