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  1. The engine is all aluminium. I used a crane rated at 500kg on its maximum reach to put the engine and gearbox as one unit in. It has avo coil overs on it. At present I'm using rear springs rated for the v8 esprit as a base setting . As changes said it will have to go on a chassis dyno once it's finished to calculate correct spring rates.
  2. Will take some pictures tomorrow of the Crossmember and engine mounts I've made. The mounts are fail safe in design and keep the engine firmly in position to avoid the supercharger pulley coming through the rear screen Packaging in the engine bay started with keeping the drive belt as compact as possible and giving maximum wrap on the important pulleys. If you look at the picture at the beginning of the thread you can see how I've routed it. By doing the drive belt like this it gave enough room for the hoses to pass either side and we'll away from any rotating parts. All electric cables run together away from heat sources and again any rotating parts. Fuel supply and return take the shortest possible route and again avoid any proximity to manifolds and rotating parts. Will try to get pictures of everything I can tomorrow. Next stage is to design and build the exhaust system . I have to use the standard manifolds as not enough clearance to the chassis tubes to have a 4 into 1.
  3. For some reason I can't get links to work. If you try youtube and type in lotus esprit 4.6 you should find it
  4. She's in and running no exhausts yet so a little on the loud side...sorry neighbours . Made a short video on YouTube lotus esprit 4.6 supercharged this HTML class. Value is
  5. 142. Paul - Lotus esprit 4.6 supercharged 1992 maiden voyage fingers crossed
  6. Thanks for the diagram . It looks like the one in the the chassis to the left is the return as long as they ran the feed straight from the right side off the engine
  7. Hi does anyone know which way around the flow and return pipes are fitted in the chassis at the engine compartment end. Is the pipe on the nearside the flow or the return?
  8. Another quick video. Testing engine and management launch control. this HTML class. Value is
  9. It's running !!!!!!! Will sort video soon Hope this works this HTML class. Value is It's on YouTube as first run of engine. Can't get link to work
  10. Big day tomorrow . Engine and gearbox having management fitted. Have go pro charged and feeling like I'm waiting for a baby to be born. Will hopefully be posting some good news and will upload her first start up to YouTube. Going to be a long night.
  11. If you have a look in the project and restoration section you will see my project. The title is getting ready for engine management. The steering wheel now has all the gauges that I need so I'm fitting a display in-place of the original dials, It will be used mainly for navigation but can also be used as a screen for cameras, media player or whatever else i want.
  12. Hi I've been busy creating a boot screen for my dash on the car. What do you think it will switch on and play the video when the car is switched on ??
  13. Steering wheel getting closer to being finished, The wheel will control engine mode, traction control, launch control and other functions. It also contains a back-lite LCD display for engine speed,road speed, fuel level,engine temperature, gear selected and time.
  14. Hi I have a 1992 turbo and have fitted some different wheels. I am now getting some fouling between the tyre and the rear of the wheel well on full lock. I have noticed that the later esprits that the front uprights have the holes for the bottom and top ball joints slightly offset moving the wheel slightly further forward in the wheel well. Could anyone let me know if they have fitted the later uprights and if so are the ball joints and wheel bearings interchangeable please ?
  15. The chassis of the car has not had to be cut or modified in anyway. The engine sits on a new cross member which will increase the rigidity and the removable rear section (above the gearbox) has been modified. The engine is a ford modular 4.6 litre all aluminium quad cam 32valve as originally fitted to the cobra mustang in 1996. Supercharger is an eaton m112 as fitted to the supercharged mustangs, range rovers and jaguars. The engine is also the base unit as fitted to the Koenigsegg ccr but with twin rotrex superchargers. The low compression ratio of 8.5:1 make these a brilliant engine to either turbo or supercharging . My objective when I started the project was to make an Esprit that could go very fast but well refined. These engines can produce silly bhp figures in excess of 1000bhp using the standard crankshaft. But driveability is an absolute for what I'm trying to achieve. The engine management features twin maps, launch control and variable traction control. The transmission is a Porsche 986 6 speed transaxle which has 2 effects on how the car will drive. The original Renault gearbox was poor to say the least, they were never designed for the power and torque that the turbo esprit produces. Mine in particular you could never accelerate hard in first gear and hope to engage second just wouldn't go into second. Secondly with a six speed gearbox top gear should give a high ratio and a very relaxed cruise on motorways. Could go on forever about it lol
  16. Thanks for the comments. Hoping for anything above 500 to 600bhp. The 6 speed box should give 70mph at around 2200rpm so hopefully it wont be too painful on fuel consumption. I am struggling to add photos from photobucket as when I click the picture icon in the reply box it opens a dialogue box to insert the link in and I cant close the dialogue box. I hate this new fangled windows
  17. Long time since I last posted on the forum but have been doing lots of work on my project over the last year. If I can remember how to upload pictures I have quite a few to show the progress I've been making. The engine and transmission are now complete and I've been busy making a temporary frame to mount it in ready for it to have its first ever run at the engine tuners.
  18. hi everyone long time since I was last on here. Have just resumed work and have a problem, I've lost a rear hub. does anyone know what else the hubs were used on? thanks
  19. By Ian Parkes, Press Association Sport, Sao Paulo Jenson Button has escaped unharmed following an armed attack on the car carrying the reigning Formula One world champion and his father John away from the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo tonight. Button's manager Richard Goddard and trainer Mike Collier were also in the vehicle when the incident occurred after today's qualifying session for the Brazilian Grand Prix. The 30-year-old, being chauffeured in an armoured vehicle with a police driver at the helm, managed to escape the assailants prior to returning to his hotel. A statement issued by Button's McLaren team read: "On Saturday evening on the way back from the Interlagos circuit to Morumbi (Sao Paulo), armed would-be assailants made an attempt to approach the car that was carrying Jenson Button. "Neither Jenson nor the other occupants of the car were hurt. The other occupants were John Button (Jenson's father), Mike Collier (Jenson's physio) and Richard Goddard (Jenson's manager). "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes had provided both Jenson and team-mate Lewis Hamilton with reinforced armoured vehicles driven by police drivers, who had been trained in avoidance techniques and were armed. "The police driver of Jenson's vehicle reacted swiftly and, using avoidance techniques, rapidly forced his way through the traffic, taking Jenson and the other occupants of the car immediately away from any danger and back to their hotel. "The Sao Paulo authorities have also acted efficiently and will be providing additional security to transfer Jenson and other senior Vodafone McLaren Mercedes personnel to the Interlagos circuit for Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix."
  20. Roller brake testers operate at about 5 mph and the speed is not a testable item
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